Kuwaiti Newspaper | KFH: Extensive participation in the program “Contact with Kindness”.

Al-Ruwaih: Various activities and initiatives based on technology and virtual reality

The Kuwaiti House of Finance (KFH) concluded the Ramadan program “Connect with Kindness in the Month of Giving” for the current year 2022, with various community and voluntary contributions, awareness initiatives and daily communication with the public, competitions, Gergean events, sports and young people. activities and broad participation of individuals inside and outside Kuwait, in a new confirmation of KFH’s leadership in social responsibility and its desire to promote the goals of sustainable development.

Yousef Al-Ruwaih, Deputy General Director of the Public Relations and Media Group at KFH, stated that KFH’s difference in social responsibility reflects its position as a leading financial institution in the private sector, noting that KFH was keen on drafting of her Ramadan program, “Connect with Kindness in the Month of Ramadan.” Al Khair “to be integrated, rich in activities and events, and inclusive of all segments of society and for young people by keeping pace with technology and relying on innovation in a range of events in which mobile applications were used and virtual reality technology.

He stressed that KFH activities during the month of Ramadan witnessed wide participation and great public interaction.

Distribution of thousands of breakfast meals to fasters

He added that the first of the Ramadan program was the iftar campaign for the fasting person, through which the volunteer team prepared and distributed thousands of fasting meals on a daily basis to various governments of Kuwait, emphasizing that this initiative, which KFH has implemented every year, enhances the volunteer spirit and contributes to rooting and deepening the concept of giving.

Cooperation agreement with the Red Crescent

Al-Ruwaih pointed out that KFH signed, within the program “Contact with Kindness in the Month of Giving”, a cooperation agreement with the Red Crescent Society, which included a fasting breakfast project, “Ramadan Magellat” and food and food items. consumption during the holy feast. Ramadan month.

He stressed that this agreement is an extension of the partnership with the Red Crescent Society, which has resulted in the implementation of many community and humanitarian projects and initiatives inside and outside Kuwait.

A collective breakfast initiative for 1,000 families in Jordan … and 15,000 breakfasts

He said the KFH volunteer team was present in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to prepare and distribute iftar meals for fasting people, in co-operation with the Kuwait Red Crescent Association, which established a collective iftar initiative involving 1,000 families. in Jordan with support. of KFH in the framework of the agreement between the two parties.

He said that during this initiative, Eid clothes were distributed to refugees and the needy, as well as recreational and educational activities were organized for children, in addition to distributing food baskets, indicating that about 15,000 breakfast meals were distributed to refugees in Jordan. fasting. Ramadan month.

Hospitality service in the mosque

He stressed that KFH provided the hospitality service in several mosques in different regions in Kuwait during the Tarawiya prayers and during the Qiyam prayers in the last ten days of Ramadan. The initiative was praised by the community and applauded by the faithful, security staff and those responsible for organizing in the mosques.

Great participation in the V-FIT Virtual Walking Challenge

He stated that KFH, in collaboration with the V-Thru app, has launched a walking challenge for the public at Avenues Mall and Mushrif Oasis, and for Gulf University students to encourage them to exercise in general and walk in particular. Gifts were distributed to the winners and participants, as the challenge continued throughout the month of Ramadan with high turnout.

This partnership comes for the third time with V-Thru, within the “Better Health..Better Life” campaign. The challenge of walking through the V-FIT feature allows you to get a credit in the application, in the amount of one dinar for every 1500 steps, which can be used in purchase orders or contribute to the Kuwait afforestation and greening campaign within the Initiative ” Keep it Green ”to achieve a sustainable environment.

Gergean Activities and Clinical Aspirators

Al-Ruwaih added that KFH organized a Gergean party for children at Avenues Mall and various other venues, as well as provided equipment for pulling clinics in a separate suite for KFH on Avenues.

KFH’s participation in the Gergean celebration contributed to the joy and happiness of the children, which reflects the bank’s desire to interact with all segments of society and to participate in various events.

Valid contests and prizes

He noted that the program “Contact kindness in the month of giving” was not without competitions and awards that increased interaction and connection with the public and customers through communication platforms, and competitions varied including various religious, cultural and interactive questions. and a valuable racing program via a live stream on Instagram for customers and employees, where an interaction was recorded.Registered by followers.

Great participation in the Challenge Cup with Flare Fitness

He said that out of the desire to pay attention to health and sports activities, KFH organized for the fifth year in a row the event “May the Challenge” in cooperation with Flare Fitness Fitness Club, which is the Calorie Burning Challenge event, which offers awards and breakfasts of fasting in exchange for burning calories. . The event had a wide participation, as the competition was organized and judged by the Flair Fitness Club, showing that the participations contribute to the spread of health awareness among young people and motivate them to practice sports in a modern and advanced way.

26 contestants won the Holy Quran competition

He added that “Your House” has held the “Reciters of Your House” competition for the recitation of the Noble Qur’an, which was launched during the blessed month of Ramadan for the eighth consecutive year, under the supervision of His Excellency Sheikh Fahad Al. -Kandari with a distinguished group of reciters in Kuwait.

The race activities took place at the KFH vehicle fair, with a large turnout for participation, as the number of finalists reached more than 80 racers for the under 25 age groups, males and females. Twenty-six contestants won, who were honored after the final qualifiers.

Partnership with the TV program “Wissam Al-Quran”

Al-Ruwaih said that KFH sponsored the TV program “Wissam Al-Quran” presented by the imam of the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Fahd Al-Kandari, which appeared daily on Kuwaiti TV and YouTube throughout the month of Ramadan.

He stressed that KFH sponsorship for this program enhances the Ramadan program including religious programs, awareness sessions, medical and health advice and safety instructions.

The application of the Qur’an is a gift from “your home”

He stated that KFH offers to the public the application of the Holy Quran as a gift from KFH, showing that the application launched by KFH on iOS and Android devices has reached a record number of users, after crossing the barrier of 10 million users.

Awareness sessions on social networks

He added that in order to invest in the media that suit the holy month, KFH launched a series of awareness-raising episodes in several areas containing legal advice and guidance, in collaboration with His Eminence Sheikh Khaled Shuja Al-Otaibi and health advice in collaboration with Dr. Ghanima Al-Falih, and awareness messages in cooperation with the General Brigade of Firefighters, General Administration of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior, in addition to the daily Ramadan Imsakiah.

Your doctor is at your home

He stressed that “Your Home” launched the program “Your Doctor at Home”, in cooperation with Al-Salam Hospital, where the program gathered a group of doctors of various specialties, emphasizing that the media materials and awareness videos presented by “Your House” were quite interactive and welcomed by followers and the public.

Sharing with state agencies

He said that KFH has supported the championship of military beach soccer federations, emphasizing that KFH is inclined to support sports and cooperate with state institutions in such initiatives that increase communication.

A strategic partnership with the Badel Ramadan championship

Al-Ruwaih praised the success of the first Ramazan Badel Championship in Kuwait, which was organized by the Play Badl Academy in a strategic partnership with KFH, emphasizing KFH’s desire to support sports and athletes, noting that supporting the events of such is in line with “Better Health .. for a better life”, which was launched by “KFH” in order to promote a healthy lifestyle by taking care of various sports and youth activities.

Strategic partnership with the “Play” application.

He referred to the strategic partnership with the “Play” application, which organized many sports events for young people, which increases the program “Your Home”, “Health is better for a better life.”

Learn to cook initiative for KFH clients

He said that KFH offered KFH customers an exclusive and free cooking course with chef Faisal Al Nashmi in collaboration with Off the Menue. The course lasted four days and was widely attended by KFH customers.

Employee participation in Ramadan activities

Al-Ruwaih said that KFH participated in Ramadan activities with all members of the KFH family in terms of increasing functional interdependence, appreciating the efforts of KFH employees and congratulating them on the Holy Month, putting seemingly organizing various sporting events, e.g. like the Badel Ramadan Championship and the Employee Football Championship, and other events Contests via live stream on Instagram.

Keep it Green initiative towards a sustainable environment

He stressed that KFH was inclined to include the “keep it green” sustainability initiative in Ramadan activities, noting the effectiveness of the virtual walk in Avenues and Mushrif Oasis, through which a tree is planted every 1500 steps, emphasizing that During the initiative, KFH contributed to the planting of hundreds of trees, with their care for 3 years, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources.

Weekly offer for clients “My Account” during Ramadan

He added that during Ramadan, KFH has continued the weekly offers for my account clients, in cooperation with “Bayak” and Dhahia Juice, and has organized many surprises for clients and followers, such as “Iftar is sweet for us”.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Middle East

Al-Ruwaih concluded by saying that KFH’s social efforts were appreciated worldwide, noting that KFH won the Middle East-level “Corporate Social Responsibility” award from the prestigious EMEA Finance magazine, noting that it is moving forward with social and strategic contributions. The initiatives and support of all volunteer work initiatives based on KFH’s experiences in social responsibility lasted 45 years and formed a pillar in sustainable development.

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