Foreign tourist destinations attract the Emirates to Eid

Emirates travelers asked those who plan to travel on the feast of Eid al-Fitr or travel in general to study the destination that should be visited long before traveling, noting that a good study contributes to the reduction of budgets set for the reservation of airline and hotel tickets and transportation usage by rates that can reach 50 or 60%.

Travel and tourism companies offered offers to travel to several places during the Eid holiday for a period ranging from two to seven days, with prices ranging from 1800 to 4200 dirhams..

These countries included Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Istanbul, Maldives, Georgia, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, Zanzibar, Sri Lanka, as well as Azerbaijan..

On the other hand, tourist reports from domestic travel companies revealed the most preferred destinations for the country’s citizens over the recent period, which include the Maldives, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Zanzibar..

The opinions of the citizens met by the “vision” varied for the destinations they prefer to spend the Eid holidays and summer vacations abroad..

Young Emiratis stressed that traveling is a special pleasure and gives them the opportunity to explore the world themselves and learn about civilizations, customs, traditions and heritage of the people, as well as to experience recreational activities outside the ordinary and enjoy the most delicious dishes. international with a special taste..

They mentioned that many of these tourist destinations have a beautiful nature that pushes them to practice their hobbies and pursue their passion closely, as well as the opportunity to buy the best fashion and other collections of quality international brands high at reasonable and competitive prices. those offered locally or in Arab countries..

Unique environment

The Chairman of the Tourism Media Committee and Vice President of the Emirates Journalists Association, Hussain Al-Mannai, who previously served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Center for Tourism Media, believes that European countries are among the tourist destinations that most tourists from Emirates prefer abroad..

He continued: “London enjoys an extraordinary turnout from the Emirates every year, especially those who want to enjoy its unique natural atmosphere and those who seek to gain fashion from the world’s leading brands, due to the large number and diversity of offers for private collections in London.. “

He continued, “Egypt is still one of the Arab tourist destinations that attracts more Emirati tourists over the years, as it has many unique natural tourist areas, especially as it celebrates tourists well and offers them a special atmosphere.”

Al-Mannai noted that the Association’s Tourism Information Committee is working to arrange tourist trips periodically for media professionals to visit tourist areas locally or globally to shed light on them in the media and to increase Emirates knowledge of attractive things. areas in the world.

preliminary planning

Emirati traveler and travel and tourism expert Ibrahim Al-Dhahili identified a number of guiding tips for travelers, in which he stressed the importance of good and prior planning for travel and good company, emphasizing that this step contributes in reducing the budget by 50 and 60 percent..

He called for a good knowledge of the place to visit before going there and read all the news published about it recently, and be inclined to save money and IDs when traveling , as travelers and tourists are often exposed to theft and suffer until they can recover those letters again..

Al-Dhuhli said: “The experience I have gained in terms of travel and tourism and the guidance I give summarize my experiences with visiting more than 170 countries around the world during my lifetime, knowing that each country has its own characteristics and diversity. special in the history and tourist structure of particular roads, hotels and places.. “

Al-Dhuhli believes that travel has become a “fashion” in the current era. Each period the country leads the entire tourist scene, which pushes the people of the country to go to it, explaining that among the most prominent places that attract visitors tourists from the UAE and the world in the recent period are Australia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. .

The Emirati traveler stressed that European countries continue to be the center of tourism and the destination of most tourists, headed by the Emirates and the Gulf. In the list of favorite countries are Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Albania and France, while Egypt and Morocco. tops the list of most popular Arab tourist destinations by tourists from the UAE as well as Lebanon, but due to the unrest the country is going through, travel rates to it have dropped.. “

On the other hand, he called for the importance of promoting domestic tourism and highlighting the most distinctive regions and destinations in the country through media institutions..

Jeddah season

Young Emirati entrepreneur Moza Al Zaabi believes many young people from the Emirates tend to travel to European countries during the holidays and summer to enjoy the mild weather, but she plans to travel in the coming weeks to visit the Jeddah season in Saudi Arabia to enjoy the special features. fun and artistic atmosphere.

And she continued, “Jeddah season includes many activities and entertainment shows, and Jeddah is witnessing a qualitative step and a great development in the field of organizing artistic, cultural, sports and entertainment events that I would like to explore. from near.”

Al Zaabi added, “I also plan to visit the circus, zoo and amusement parks, which are suitable for families and all ages, and our visit to the Kingdom is an opportunity to perform Umrah before returning to the Emirates.”. “

historical sites

The young artist, Fares Al Hammadi, is planning to visit Switzerland during the upcoming Eid holiday to enjoy its special atmosphere and to visit the unique and most famous historical places in its cities like Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and cities others..

He said: “My trip to Switzerland will last for about a week, and it is my desire to paint on a hill and in the light of the picturesque and charming nature, so I plan to visit a village called ‘Grindewald’ during my visit. in Switzerland, which tops European tourist destinations, while that village embraces the highest peak in the world.Europe is known for its cold and rainy weather, even in summer.. “

Al Hammadi stressed that traveling to countries around the world enhances the individual’s experiences in various areas of life and also gives him the opportunity to purchase purchases from the most important international brands..

spiritual atmosphere

As for the young writer from the Emirates, Hamdan Mohammed, who is known for his love and great desire to travel from one place to another to explore the world around him, he mentioned that his new destination during the Eid al-Fitr holiday aims to visit the Kingdom. of Morocco..

He stressed that his visit to Morocco will begin with the last days of the month of Ramadan to enjoy the atmosphere of Ramadan in that place known for its ancient Islamic history..

For the reason of choosing Morocco specifically, Muhammad explained that he prefers to visit one of the Arab Islamic countries every year at the end of the month of Ramadan and during the feast of Eid al-Fitr, in order to enjoy the spiritual and religious atmosphere with the peoples of those countries and learn about their special customs and traditions of Ramadan.

He continued, “I also make sure that every year and during my birthday I make myself a special gift, which is to travel to one of the countries of the world.”

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