Beast of the Gulf .. Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 wipes the markets .. its new price and most important specifications!

Now you are following the news of the Gulf Monster .. Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 wipes the markets .. its new price and most important specifications! And now with the details

Riyadh – Ahmed Salah – Toyota Land Cruiser 2022, whose features were announced by the Japanese company Toyota, falls under the category of SVU sports cars.

As this car has the quality of production and design capabilities to fit perfectly off-road, the Land Cruiser 2022 showed smooth driving on all types of roads.

It also enables the driver to fully control all operating and security systems in order to provide an amazing driving experience. The Land Cruiser category is one of the best-selling categories in the Arab world, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company has sought to develop the performance of Land Cruiser vehicles to provide a unique user experience in terms of ease of use, smoothness, controllability and safety and security systems.

The car has also been developed in its latest models adding many improvements, and therefore offers the user both comfort and safety.

[toyota land cruiser 2022] Toyota Land Cruiser 2022

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022

Toyota Land Cruiser has achieved amazing sales in more than 170 countries around the world, with more than 10 million cars, due to its amazing specifications and elegant design characterized by luxury, in addition to the interior design of the cabin. user favorite.

[تويوتا لاندكروزر 2022] Toyota Land Cruiser 2022

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Specifications

The car is designed with elegant touches that suggest luxury and strength, and the car developers managed to balance elegance and practice with strength in performance, softness and ease of use. By choosing Toyota Land Cruiser, you chose to take the adventure and emotion out of the way. overcome it safely and securely.

The car is powered by a very powerful 7-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters, the engine is able to generate 409 horsepower.
The car has a 10-speed automatic transmission that operates more efficiently and has excellent performance through Direct Shift technology, and the torque is 649 Nm.
In the exterior design, the car has a number of features that enhance its strength and beauty, and this is highlighted by the prominent and wide lines, in addition to the wheels that are equipped with prominent arches for a more powerful look.
The front grilles or fenders highlight its strong and aggressive features as well as increase the level of front and rear lights.

[لاندكروزر موديل 2022] Land Cruiser 2022

Land Cruiser 2022 Features

In the new model there were many advantages that were not available in the previous model, which is convenience. The car developers worked to redistribute the weight and internal structure to become more robust, stable and lighter in weight, which provides the user with his need for a lightweight and lightweight car. responsible.

The interior design offers more space, giving users comfort and ease of movement and use. The car also comes with a rear storage space.
The car is equipped with a 12-inch screen, which shows the driver many of the car systems such as the navigation system and radio, in addition to weather conditions, as well as displays some shortcuts that make it easier for the driver to move inside. a safe and cozy atmosphere.
The car supports a range of luxury systems that offer a pleasant time for passengers during the driving period, as it is equipped with 2 USB ports, in addition to 2 AUX inputs.
The car is compatible with the operating systems of the Android Auto and Apple Car PLay smart device.
The car is equipped with 3 different steering modes, in addition to the intelligent driver entry and exit system, and supports the Smart Key function.

Safety features of Toyota Land Cruiser 2022

The car has modified safety systems to increase protection and has added many safety measures to maintain passenger safety, and one of the car safety systems is the anti-lock braking system, which maintains the stability of the car on the road regardless of the circumstances. thus giving the driver more control over the movement of the car to avoid collisions.
The car is supported by the electronic stability system known as ESP, which makes the driving process more enjoyable and safer, while increasing the stability control of the car in a way that helps the driver drive safely.
The car developers added many safety features, including a drag system, which helps it operate in different conditions on many types of roads.
The car also has a steering system that operates according to the terrain of the roads to be navigated, thus increasing the quality of the car in terms of safety and security standards.

The Land Cruiser 2022 remains one of the best cars on the list of family sports SUVs, which has strong specifications that help the driver in complete control, providing comfort for him and all passengers with him. The car won the approval of its users after it captured the hearts of buyers with its strong and bold design, while combining strength Practicality and excellent performance throughout the period of use, follow us to learn more about the details of the world of automobiles.

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