26 students design 9 projects inspired by “Expo” and Union Day

Expo 2020 Dubai: The Salvation of the Knights
Twenty-six students from the Abu Dhabi University Interior Design Program designed 9 projects inspired by Expo 2020 Dubai and the country celebrations of the Union’s 50th National Day. It is worn by men, in addition to the many pieces of heritage furniture that were previously used in the Emirates.

Al-Khaleej met with the coordinator of the Interior Design Program at Abu Dhabi University, along with a number of program students, who confirmed that they designed projects to participate in the country’s 50th Day celebrations. of the Union, and they also completed a study on organic fabrics and their impact on the health of users when used in interior design in indoor spaces and proved that the percentage of fabrics used in indoor spaces is high, explaining the need for specialized places for selling furniture made of organic fabrics for their health and safety.

4 years

Dr. Seddiqa Abdullah Abdel Shakour, professor at the College of Engineering and Coordinator of the Interior Design Program at the University of Abu Dhabi, says: The Interior Design Program at the University of Abu Dhabi is accredited by higher education in the country and requires 4 academic years .The student first learns the basic courses for interior design and learns how to draw Free by hand, then moves on to drawing through computer programs, so learns all the skills that develop and refine his experience in the field of interior design. in interior design engineering he can work in furniture factories as a designer, or in architectural offices in interior design, in banks and others.

Dr. Abdul Shakour adds that the students of the Interior Design Engineering Program at the University of Abu Dhabi share the great joy of the state on National Day and express the measure of gratitude, thanks and appreciation for the beloved Emirates through an exhibition in which they present a set . from their works and projects, which reached 9 projects with the participation of 26 students, and the students were inspired by all the project ideas From the organization and reception of Expo 2020 Dubai, as the first Arab country to host this event, Students were also inspired by the ideas of the country’s 50th Anniversary and decided to design their own projects from these two important events in the country, and the exhibition included lots of furniture that was designed and decorated with drawings and fabrics that were previously used and usable . Work on the projects lasted 6 weeks. The projects were presented to members of a jury composed of professors from other universities and plastic artists. In the next phase, the projects will be auctioned off and all the exhibits will be sold under the auspices of a charity foundation; Part of the proceeds from the sales will be female students and another portion will be donated to charity.

skifter shamoukh

Third year student Ola Mahmoud Suleiman in the Interior Design Engineering Program at Abu Dhabi University says: I designed the project with my colleagues Farah Khamis Bakr, Sarah Aladdin and Yasmine Hazem, and it is a chair decorated with a hawk wing of fabric and another. chair decorated with the logo of Expo 2020 Dubai, and this symbolizes that the UAE flies with a hawk wing and rose up until they arrived at the reception of an important and magnificent event such as Expo, and this project we started through a course we taught in the third year in the Interior Design program about fabrics.

He adds that we have collected samples of previously used and usable fabrics, and they have made a “barcode” with them; In order for the viewer to see them as real fabrics and they are one of the most used fabrics in the field of interior design, and we have completed a study on organic fabrics and their impact on the health of users when used in design indoor spaces, and we wanted to give a message to the community, that furniture stores should have a department for selling furniture in which organic fabrics are used; This is to encourage consumers to buy this product, to encourage sustainability and for the health and safety of individuals, society and the environment.

Organic and industrial

Regarding the difference between organic and synthetic fabrics, student Farah Khamis Bakr adds that the difference is very wide, the former is organic from the beginning of agriculture and there is no chemical substance in it, neither in dyeing nor in knitting. neither in the plant, nor plant fertilizer and it is one hundred percent natural. And they have no negative impact either on people, animals or the atmosphere. They are ecological fabrics and after a long life they are reused differently from the produced materials, which include chemicals in all their production, dyeing and weaving processes, and have a limited life and digestion, and are used for a very long time. which can reach 8 years and more, and this tendency is in line with the UAE directives to nature, especially in the present time in the time of the Corona, as for the fabrics produced and the chemicals they contain may have a negative impact, noting that the most important recommendations they reached in the research, encouraged people About the tendency to organic and green, and she says: Recently we have noticed that most people have turned to healthy foods, like vegetables and fruits that are not sprayed with pesticides, so we must also pay attention to these fabrics that affect us. bodies and interact with heat. Moisture absorption.

The importance of women

As for students Nour Barshid, Raja Mahmoud, Hessa Al Rayes and Aya Rifaat, third year students in Interior Design at Abu Dhabi University, they presented an Emirates yarn project, which includes pieces of heritage furniture in addition to a chair in which they also used organic fabrics and dyed it with organic watercolors, explaining that their project reflects and emphasizes the importance of women.In Emirati society and its contribution to the past and present, as well as includes drawings illustrating the development of civilization in the Emirates from the day of diving and pearl fishing to the arrival of Hope Probe, Burj Khalifa and Expo 2020 Dubai. Traditional and traditional Emirati jewelry, between the past and the present, to show how Emirati women adhere to the customs, traditions and beautiful dress so far.

greatness and strength

Among the featured projects is a project designed from tail colors and fabrics, which is the traditional menswear in the UAE, designed by students Dana Yousef Oqab, Fatima Al-Zubaidi and Lujain Walid from Abu Dhabi University. used a number of headbands to design project furniture, in addition to lighting inspired by the Expo logo. Dubai 2020, and the students explained that they chose the Emirati man’s dress because of his strength, grandeur and grandeur.

Another project designed by students Mira Ayman, Sarah Sami, Nour Al-Huda Darwish and Salam Qaraan, in green, reflecting the greenery of the UAE and its fight against desertification, and in gold, inspired by the colors of Expo 2020 Dubai.

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