Youssef Wehbe went bankrupt after a secret affair with this princess .. I love gambling and a famous actress who did not marry because of her

Youssef Wehbe is an Egyptian author, actor, theater and film director and one of the pioneers of theatrical art. Critics called him the “dean of Arab theater,” and his theater group presented more than three hundred novels and brought to the fore the talents of theatrical art, and he became one of his most brilliant teachers. His personal life was no less rich than his works and his artistic life, filled with many women and numerous marriages.

His Italian wife threatened to kill Aziza Amir

While in Italy, where he was studying acting, Youssef Wehbe met his first love in 1922, the Italian actress Elena Lunda. Additions for supporting roles.
Jealousy began to creep into their lives, causing serious disagreements and his wife was jealous of his relationship with Egyptian actress Aziza Amir, who shared the lead roles with him at the time and appeared with him in the fourth season. of the Ramses group. , and the issue came up with death threats, so she entered the theater holding the pistol in an attempt to remove loved ones for her. After the incident, she traveled to Genoa and asked her husband for alimony through a lawyer, but he sent her a divorce letter and he separated from her in 1925.
Rumors followed Youssef Wehbe and Aziza Amir, and it was said that some stars were jealous and spread rumors because of his interest in Aziza and giving the lead role, despite her being a beginner, but he did not care and insisted on supporting Aziza. who apologized for the theatrical works and focused on cinema.

Aisha Fahmy .. A secret relationship that ended in bankruptcy

At one of the parties at his house, Youssef Wehbe met Aisha Fahmy, her father is his father’s friend, and a love story was born between them that remained secret and its contents were known to his friend, the musician Mohamed Abdel . Wahab, who encouraged her to end her marriage to him.
Youssef Wehbe obeyed and married him despite the age difference between them, she was 16 years older than him, before, so she offered him a 500 hectare property but he refused and decided to travel for a while and upon his return learned that she had raised the alimony case and her lawyer had booked her and declared his bankruptcy, so his girlfriend, actress Amina Rizk, went to his wife and asked her to withdraw from the lawsuits.

Fight with Chokokon because of Aisha Fahmy

After his separation from Aishe Fahmy, she became associated with the artist Mahmoud Shokoko. for this marriage as an insult to the daughters of large families, for her marriage to a monologue, after her marriage to the dean of the Arab theater.

Third marriage with bankruptcy declaration

Despite his financial circumstances and after declaring bankruptcy because of his wife, Aisha Fahmy, he fell in love with Saida Mansour, who tried to reconcile the disputes between him and Aisha, even after the divorce.
Saeeda Mansour loved her despite his difficult circumstances and was from a wealthy and married family, but she separated from her husband to marry Youssef Wehbe, despite threats from her brothers and husband, and stayed with to until his death in 1982, despite his marriage 3 times, but he had no children.

Amina Rizk loved him and did not marry

From the beginning of her work in the Ramses group, Amina Rizk’s relationship with Youssef Wehbe became strong, and he was her teacher and close friend, and he was always rumored that her love for him was the reason for not married her until her death in. 2003, but she revealed during a TV episode that her love for him was not a woman’s love with a man on the contrary, she felt she was happy if he was happy and what united them was love, respect and appreciation, and that she was a party to his marriages.

his large palace

After separating from his second wife, Aisha Fahmy, who lived in her large palace in Zamalek, Youssef Wahbi decided to build a palace in the Haram area, where he lives with his wife Saeeda Mansour.Aida, the daughter of his wife, lived in one of them.The second villa was in the French style and another belonged to all his performances and memorial corners for his art.The fourth was for their residence.He combined the four villas with a spacious pool, full of trees and roses.
But in the last ten years of his life, he moved with his wife to the smallest and simplest villa, having lost most of his property, and the large iron gates had been replaced by two stones. large, who raised one of the workers.

I like gambling and stay away from alcohol and drugs

Youssef Wehbe admitted in his memoirs, published in 1937, entitled “I have lived a thousand years – the memoirs of the dean of the Egyptian Theater”, saying: “Adventures with women are beyond imagination, the desire to establish relationships with people of celebrities, curious tastes and experiences, butterflies lured by the lights that fall inside I did not pretend to be a saint or a monk in a shrine, or a mystic, or infallible by mistakes and desires, but – like others in youth and youth “I sometimes responded to temptation and beauty with a little gluttony, but I did not drink wine, I did not take drugs and I did not commit crimes, except for my former love of gambling, which robbed me of tens of thousands.”
It was well known that Jusef Vehbiu at that time had a great love for gambling and did not get tired of gambling and horse and dog racing until he lost his money.

His belief in the preparation of spirits and the messages of the afterlife

Youssef Wahbi strongly believed in the preparation of spirits and messages of the other world, and the writer Lotus Abdel Karim revealed in a book about his life story, that she was with him in one of the preparations of the spirits. Two days later, the doctor told him he had pus and fell into a half-coma, and Lotus said Wehbe discovered he had been visited by an English biographer on behalf of “Harry Edward”, the famous spiritual doctor, and after touching the wound from the outside , the nurse told him that there were no more traces of pus.

A fracture in the pelvis that led to his death and an association bearing his name

Youssef Wehbe died on October 17, 1982, at the age of 84, after suffering a pelvic bone fracture as a result of falling into the bath and entering the hospital, during treatment, he suffered a heart attack and his wife next to him.
In honor of his memory, the Association of Friends of Youssef Wahbi was formed in his hometown of Fayum, and a statue was erected to him in front of the association’s headquarters at the top of the street, which bears his name there.

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