Moroccan chef Asia Othman: Tastes of Moroccan cuisine The rhythms of a violin

A woman who came from France to the Emirates, where the renaissance of empowerment of women from the Emirates was at its peak, found herself nothing but cooking, which was her hobby that gave joy to the soul.The idea of ​​arranging food. She is the Moroccan boss Asia Othman, who seeks to shine under the flag of her country and dreams of smelling the Moroccan tagin in every Arab home.

I was one of the first to start shooting videos of your dishes, posting them on social media, what is the difference between the past years and what we have achieved now?

Indeed, it was social networks that inspired me the idea of ​​coordinating and presenting my dishes, photographing within the limits of my possibilities, but now I specialize, in a way that I am giving recipients one more. beautiful and clear picture.

Our kitchen is the main leader

The image of Morocco’s heritage and the aromas of its sweet spices

Your dishes embodied the image of Morocco’s heritage and the aromas of its sweet spices, what have you brought to this world?

I did not change a single touch in Moroccan cuisine; Since I am eager for its antiquity, the only thing I do is show the dishes of this cuisine in a refined and soft way, worthy of it.
What distinguishes Moroccan cuisine from other Arab cuisines and which cuisine is close to it?
It is second in the world and number one in Arabic cuisine, according to the international classification of cuisines, combines sweetness with sourness, rich in vegetables and fruits, a complex blend of spices rich in flavors like violin rhythms, like lemon blossom and water of flourishing, and saffron, the taste of food are those who enjoy Moroccan cuisine, but I consider that part of Arabic cuisine, perhaps the main leader, if you will.

The incident was not repeated

Your dishes are light and easy to prepare, how do you see the interaction of the young with them, what are the reactions you get?

Shef Azi Osman

I am inclined to facilitate Moroccan recipes for the recipient when I started as a young bride, through which I enjoyed every bride enjoying the entrance to the kitchen, until my recipes became the trend. There are one-size-fits-all recipes and recipes with 3 steps, or four ingredients, that attract attention, that I focus on the most.

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Remember the story of a chef who failed to prepare?

Moroccan chicken tagine

The first time I cooked at my husband’s house I wanted to prepare Moroccan chicken, that day I turned off the fire and I was surprised that the chicken was filled with blood, I remember it was the second day of Ramadan, but the incident never happened again.

I’m preparing for a new book

Are there any innovations in Ramadan 2022 after two years in which Ramadan lost its glory and splendor?

Ramadan is Ramadan, every year brings more splendor than the one that preceded it, and what distinguishes culinary rituals, every year I have new recipes, new trends and this I have been waiting for in this year Ramadan.

The story of a situation that caused you confusion in cooking “a feast, for example, or a certain guest”?

Once in Ramadan, I was preparing breakfast for my guests and there were only trays left, I put them in the oven and then slept, but when I woke up I discovered that the gas pipe was over and Morocco would be called the call to prayer and I had only salads and samosas to serve, it was an embarrassing situation that I will not forget.
What is your latest news in the culinary world “programs – campaign launches – participation – awards”?
I joined the Fatafeat group and I have a program, and I participate in cooking classes and awareness campaigns in Lebanon, and now I am preparing a new book.

We learn from each other

What are the problems of the new generation with cooking?

I do not find any problem in cooking the new generation, each generation has its own time and life distinct from the previous generation, chooses the dishes that suit them, even their food tendencies are very wonderful, and I usually try them, we learn from each other, it is true that the older generation focuses on traditional cuisine, but the younger generation has its own peculiarities.

What do you advise girls when entering the kitchen in Ramadan?

Moroccan sweets

Arranging and organizing time I am against those who enter the kitchen and get confused to prepare a set of dishes, I like that everything is regular and sequential and it does not accumulate jelly in the sink and the ladies enter the kitchen. , knowing what you are preparing, do not leave the matter to chance.
How do you find yourself in Saudi cuisine? What is the food you prepared in your own way?
I adore the nobility of Saudi cuisine and in its chefs, I like the fusion of Yemeni and Indian cuisine. All of these flavors are embodied in the ancient and ancient dishes that pilgrims brought with them hundreds of years ago. Their strength is meaningless, varying from city to city.

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kunafa noodles

kunafa noodles

Enough for seven people
Preparation time 40 minutes


2 cups milk
3 tablespoons oatmeal
3 tablespoons starch
mastic varnish
3 tablespoons sugar
Two tablespoons of rose water
A box of hairspray “possibly fresh”
A mixture of water and flour to close the grades
Heavy oil for frying
Crushed pistachio for decoration

How to prepare:

1 – Mix the milk in a casserole with oatmeal, starch, sugar and mastic, then mix well in the cold.
2 – The mass is boiled over people until it thickens, then left to cool completely, before being used with the filling.
Lay the hemp on the work surface, take a long strip, then coat it with half a spoon of cold cream and wrap it around yourself, to get the shape of the hair.
Coat with a little mixture of flour and water so that the fleet does not open during frying and the process is repeated until the amount of hemp and cream is used up.
Fry the cans in hot and abundant oil, then water with the syrups, garnish with pistachios and serve with happiness and healing.

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