How I respect those brave and courageous!

I do not like any difference between people of black, white or brown skin and I stand against any racial discrimination because of color, even if it is a Hollywood party on the “Brunettes” holiday and is held there every year for about four decades and only dark-skinned people participate, such as the American star “Marsai Matin” ». I think the time that made the difference between people based on skin color, time (racist), has ended in the eyes of many writers and journalists, including me. And the time of Arabic songs like: “Ya Beida, O Sweet, O Set Al-Mallah. O pearls of my nights, o morning light ”in praise of whiteness, or the song“ Samra, o Samra, from time to time your love overwhelmed me. Your blood is lightness and the crown of chastity preoccupied me with you..Brown, Samra..Sweet, Samra, ”like a duel between lovers with white or brunette skin. This is over .. and we need new standards for human beings, both men and women, that have nothing to do with skin color, but with openness of heart and human behavior. The era in which some songs and evenings bring out racist blood and indirect behaviors that distinguish people based on skin color is over.


In an investigation I read in a popular French magazine (Ops – Number 365) and it was about western star pets, which range from cats and dogs, and I noticed that most western stars (adopt) a dog or a cat . (be careful to say they buy, as the name of owning a cat or dog in the West is He adopts it) as if he were a child! I was drawn to the departure of two Hollywood stars from power, and here is star George Clooney, who is married to a famous British lawyer of Lebanese descent, who adopts a pig to be his pet (!) Instead of cats or dogs. , and the magazine published a picture of him petting his beloved pig! Honestly, I do not share this romantic relationship with a pig, unlike my feelings for the beautiful star Salma Hayek, who is married to the richest businessman in France (billionaire François-Henri Beniot), who loves owls. And while the magazine published a picture of George Clooney with his beloved pig, she published a picture of Salma Hayek with her really beautiful owl (in my opinion, I am an owl fan) and hopefully the richest man in France do not waste money not to say that the owl is a bad thing, and how pessimistic about the beautiful owl I am from the Lovers of the “Owl People”!

As if no one else had children!

American star Rihanna (Rihanna?) Is behaving as if she is the first woman in history to get pregnant and her stomach swells, as she acts from this delusion! I’m sorry for the commercial use of photos of her pregnancy, as she no longer wears the dress, except for the naked belly, and her photos have been taken since her pregnancy with the focus on her bloating (as is the case with all women since the days of Adam and Eve! as a commercial justification? while wearing expensive innovative clothes to expose bloated belly? I wish her a comfortable birth to ease even the eyes of readers from these images that offend true motherhood and not think about how the boy (or girl) will feel when they grow up and see her one day.
Motherhood has sanctified it and is not an additional propaganda material for a rich star. And her pictures, in my opinion, are neither admirable nor respectable.

How much I respect them, women and men

In a forum whose news I trust, I read about a blind man who received an English doctorate in an Arab country (Morocco), and his name is Hamid Nabil. Others blind and blind received their doctorate, but in other languages ​​such as Arabic and French. Dr. Hamid Nabil is the first blind man to receive a doctorate in English. I have a special respect for those who overcome a handicap, which is not easy and requires respect.
In the early days of the epidemic (Covid), Parisians opened their windows at eight o’clock in the evening and applauded the brave nurses in the hospitals who were trying to treat patients with the epidemic.
After the discovery of the vaccine against it, we no longer hear applause from the windows of Paris for the nurses, whose lives are no longer in danger because of the vaccine. But many women work in dangerous fields.

Military television correspondence

I feel the same respect for female war correspondents, as is the case in Ukraine these days, as they report on the news of the wars that are taking place around them and boldly hold the microphone and camera.
For my part, I dare not do their job as I have lived through a civil war in Lebanon, so I am aware of the danger that their job is to their lives and their courage, which requires respect and admiration. And women (creatures) are mostly brave, they even go to the battlefield to report what is happening, and war correspondence is increasing in number, and we increasingly respect their courage on the battlefield. Woman is not, as some claimed, deficient in mind and religion .. She is a bold creature of God’s creation, and every work a man does, sometimes even surpasses it, and femininity is no obstacle!

Tourism is the daughter of security stability

When I go to Beirut, I come back as a citizen and not as a tourist, but I am afraid of coming back for fear of the reality of the situation: there is no electricity, no water and no fuel for the house engines that produce electricity. . Therefore, I do not expect Lebanon to have a prosperous tourist season this summer.Tourism is a product of security stability and prosperity, even festivals will look artificial in an atmosphere where there is no reason for optimism, especially after the explosion in the port. of Beirut, which was a safe place, where I met on a boat going (to Europe for treatment) with the great writer Taha Hussein, he was glad to meet me because of his friendship with my father .. All this has become a reminder, and I do not think a single tourist will come to Beirut this summer as the Lebanese tourist season was generating money for Lebanon, and many people (Arabian Gulf) preferred to spend the summer in “Eastern Switzerland” Lebanon. instead of Europe.
Once upon a time..Lebanon ..

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