Expo Dubai breaks the barriers of the pandemic

The Executive Director of the Austrian National Tourism Office, Lisa Lisa Vidig, praised the “Expo 2020 Dubai”, which attracted millions of visitors from all over the world, and the combination offered by the exhibition by uniting the world in one place, and offering building blocks for each place to highlight its best, is a form The most successful way to break the barriers set by the Covid-19 pandemic and pave the way for life to return to normal.

She added, “Since the opening of the global event, our country’s pavilion has received hundreds of thousands of visitors, which is a positive thing that pushes us to be optimistic for a fruitful upcoming tourist season. The exhibition activities and will definitely be an incentive for them to visit it in the future. ”

The Executive Director of the Austrian National Tourist Office confirmed to Emirates Today: “We see (Expo Dubai) as an ideal platform to attract many young tourists, as well as to remind those who have previously visited the experiences of rich people they have experienced during their previous vacations there “, noting that the unique way it defines the pavilion and its staff in Austria will help its visitors imagine what their next vacation will be like in this country, offering many experiences, under the slogan: “Austria awakens the senses.”

forest fragrance

Lisa explained that visitors to the pavilion have the opportunity to inhale the aromas of Austrian forests, enjoy the flavors of its diverse cuisine, listen to its music, travel to it virtually and learn about its monuments, as well as many other experiences. created to cool. the senses.

She stated that the GCC markets occupy the first place among the largest exporting markets of tourists in her country outside the European Union, emphasizing that Austria attaches great importance to this market and is coordinating the establishment of more initiatives in it, with the aim of to introduce the rich. experiences available in Austria in the largest possible segment.

And she continued, “In 2019, before the pandemic, travelers from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries registered 1.3 million hotel nights in Austria, and this number tripled in the years before that year and we hope that the number of visitors from this market will returns to what was before the pandemic. We hope to see more recovery in the coming period. “

She added, “Since the return of tourist travel between Austria and the GCC countries at the end of June, travelers from the region began to flock more and more to Austria and the number of nights they recorded over the next three months reached 263,000. last year, the number reached about 80% of the number recorded in september 2019 before the pandemic, which makes us optimistic.

The Executive Director of the Austrian National Tourism Office added: “One of the most important things we do is to study what the Gulf traveler wants in the field of services, tourist facilities and food, in terms of attracting more visitors. Understanding these aspirations enable us to offer more enjoyable holidays for our Arab visitors, so that they feel at home while traveling to our country.We have understood through our past experiences that these travelers love culture and nature , and the best thing is that the two ingredients are available together at their destination, and that is what Austria is famous for. ”

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The Austrian Pavilion, located in the Opportunities area at Expo 2020 Dubai, is a place where innovative and creative ideas meet, in addition to a connection between different visitors, through a series of events. The various stations within the pavilion offer visitors the opportunity to experience Austria directly, through experiences that simulate the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch, using interactive technology techniques.

The pavilion consists of 38 white cones, made of prefabricated concrete pieces, erected in different lengths. Inspired by traditional Arabian-era towers, the building is an innovative example of how traditional Arabian building methods combine with modern Austrian innovations.

Nights of friendship .. between Salzburg and Vienna

The Executive Director of the Austrian National Tourism Office, Lisa Lisa Widig, found that Salzburg tops the list of places visited by Arab visitors to Austria, as about 45% of them go to the village, from where they go to the village of Zell am. See, and Vienna comes in second place after Salzburg with 25%, and then the state of Tyrol with 15%, noting that most Arab visitors go to Austria during the summer season and 15% in the winter, and for that reasons they will want to get to know more about the richness of the winter holidays, and the various adventures that await them during the cold season in that country.

• 38 white cones, made of prefabricated concrete parts, of different lengths, that make up the Austrian Pavilion.

• 1.3 million nights, recorded by travelers from Gulf Cooperation Council countries in 2019 before the pandemic in Austria.



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