Emirates News Agency – Delicious Emirates dishes and the most famous international dishes decorate the table “Dubai Food Festival 2022”

With the participation of more than 12 thousand restaurants and cafes from around the world.

The festival contributes to the confirmation of Dubai’s growing position as a major tourist destination and one of the most important cities on the global map of food tourism.

A variety of activities created to please all family members of different ages within the festival during the period from 2 to 15 May 2022.

Booking availability to attend events held throughout the city, mostly “Dubai Restaurant Week” and “A Trip to the World of Tastes”.

New events on the festival calendar this year include “Eid Breakfast”.

Gourmets are on a date to win the financial prizes offered by the “Hidden Stones Contest”.

Musical and humorous performances and activities for the little ones add to the festive atmosphere of the annual festival.

DUBAI, April 29 / WAM / The Dubai Food Festival, the annual event specializing in food and the unique celebration that enhances Dubai as the region’s culinary arts capital, returns to attract gourmets from everywhere over a period of 14 days, starting from May 2, 2022 until the fifteenth of this year, in the same month displayed the special culinary arts within a program filled with various events and activities.

Through this big celebration, Dubai will gather more than 12,000 restaurants and cafes from all over the world, so that food lovers can enjoy the most varied and unique delicious flavors. to street food and dishes from the traditional cuisines of more than 200 nationalities residing in Dubai. , while this year’s festival highlights the rich diversity of Dubai cuisine, authentic local cuisine and the most delicious Emirati cuisine dishes along with various innovations in the culinary world from different regions From east and west of the world, the festival continues its role. in confirming Dubai’s position as a major tourist destination and its position as one of the most important cities on the global food tourism map, with the great diversity of restaurants including the biggest international names that have tended to have a presence in Dubai, as well as the most prominent international food chains, where these elements are integrated into the improvement of the strong tourism infrastructure owned by Dubai and includes a variety of options of hotels, restaurants, cafes and world-class leisure facilities for to suit different tastes and budgets.

The Dubai Food Festival will be held this year in connection with the “Eid in Dubai” celebrations with the advent of Eid al-Fitr, where families and friends can celebrate the Eid atmosphere by eating a variety of delicious dishes included in the activities. and special experiences within the festival, including the “Eid Breakfast” event, which offers a tasting experience. Breakfast from 2 to 6 May, and Time Out Market, which celebrates its first year of existence, and holds three consecutive days of celebrations in May. 2, 3 and 4.

Dubai Restaurant Week May 6-15.

In partnership with 40 of Dubai’s best restaurants, Dubai Restaurant Week returns from May 6 to offer specially curated 3-course dinner menus, starting at AED 150 per person, or two-course lunches starting at 95 AED. The public will have the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, at reasonable prices and discounts of up to 50 percent. Reservations are currently available for the “Dubai Restaurant Week” event via the website https://www.opentable.ae/promo.aspx?m=319&pid=11386, with the need for advance reservations for limited places. The full list of participating restaurants can be found at www.dubaifoodfestival.com A trip to the world of tastes (May 2-15).

The Dubai Food Festival will host a “Journey to the World of Tastes” event from 2 to 15 May, which offers a range of unique culinary experiences with menus prepared by the best chefs in addition to cooking / Master classes Classes / and many cooking partnerships In addition to the exclusive tasting experiences included at the Dubai Food Festival. To participate in the Journey into the World of Gourmet Experiences, advance reservations are required by contacting the selected restaurant directly.

Hidden Gems Contest May 2-15.

Dubai is home to many excellent little-known restaurants, so this event focuses on low-cost food, which is one of the highlights of the festival. What is new about the Hidden Gems Competition as part of the Dubai Food Festival 2222, is the participation of food gourmets across Dubai in presenting their favorite options from these restaurants through their participation in the competition.

The competition revolves around providing participants with the best content that follows the topic of their interest (such as the type of kitchen area, location, etc.), and the steps to participate in the competition are summarized in eating at 3 budget restaurants. no more than 100 dirhams, and by taking a short video of the various foods on it and distributing it through Social media platforms, referring to the @dubaieats site. Participants will have the opportunity to win a cash prize of several prizes amounting to 100,000 dirhams. The Hidden Gemstone Competition aims to discover and highlight the diversity of cuisine in Dubai by highlighting the unique, independent and limited concepts of local cuisine, and is held throughout the days of the Dubai Food Festival from 2 to May 15.

Eid breakfast, May 2-6.

This event brings together family and friends to enjoy delicious and special food during Eid al-Fitr, where diners at Dubai restaurants will have the opportunity to enjoy 18 Eid breakfast offers throughout the city from 2 to 6 May. which will offer authentic breakfast. suitable experiences for food gourmets of different nationalities and cultures. . Participating restaurants include Pull & Bear, Japanese Reh Koshiaki, Hill House Brasserie, Misery, Gastro Kitchen and others.

Made in Dubai, May 2-15.

Dubai’s thriving restaurant sector boasts a wide range of outstanding local restaurants and cafes, and during the festival, the city’s grocery stores will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive menus and prices, special dishes and educational sessions at some of the most famous restaurants of the city, where the menu of events includes lessons for children To teach them the art of making pizza by Akiba Dori, the festival crowds will receive a 20% discount at the Tresind restaurant and they will be able to enjoy an exclusive dessert menu, especially the famous mango dessert from Orfly. Bros.

Top 50 restaurants / 2-15 May.

Dubai has 16 restaurants listed among the 50 best restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa region. As part of the Dubai Food Festival activities, a special set of shows and experiences will be available to dine at a number of popular restaurants from 2 to 15 May. Outstanding restaurants participating in the Dubai Restaurant Week event include: Lowe’s, BB’s Social Dining and Indoshine, in addition to the Chef Reef Cuciani’s exclusive experience, and the delicious vegetarian menu available at the Il Borro Tuscan Restaurant in Citro.

Comedy Bazaar / May 13-20 /.

The Dubai Food Festival, in partnership with Comedy Bazaar, will be held at Blabla Dubai Corner, Jumeirah Beach Residence, from May 13-20, as part of the Dubai Comedy Festival. Gourmet dinners cater to a gourmet audience, including menus from around the world, as well as comedy shows by a number of talents such as Comedy Jam, Che-Larius Show, Notes and Roast, Beat the Song and Magical Laughter, as well. as a number of famous comedians.globally.

City activities 2-15 May.

During the Dubai Food Festival 2022, gourmets can enjoy a range of unique experiences throughout the city, including the Time Out Market event, which celebrates its first year of establishment for three days on May 2, 3 and 4, in addition to workshops and private. cooking courses at Ripe Market from 6 to 15 May. Break the Block will also host a Street Food Block party in the Dubai Design District on May 13-14, where gourmets in the city will be able to enjoy a range of Dubai favorites such as Periya Tacos, Cafe Isan, Chiqui, High Joint and Akibadori. , and others.

Cake lovers can enjoy the chocolate show at the Galeries Lafayette, from May 12 to 14, through many stalls, chocolate preparation workshops, cooking lessons and more.

Offer for purchase / 2 – 15 May /.

In celebration of the annual festival, shopping malls and tourist destinations throughout Dubai are offering unique and exclusive offers for the whole family.

Shopping and shopping offers during the festival include the “Share” rewards program at the Mall of the Emirates, City Center Mirdif and City Center Deira, in addition to a food photography seminar at City Center Deira and a range of in-store promotions such as Marks & Spencer , Nespresso and Starbucks.

Beach, La Mer and City Walk also offer many exclusive award-winning dinner shows, along with live music and entertainment.

Food connoisseurs will also be able to enjoy the “Buy and Win” offers at the Dubai Festival City Mall, in addition to the opportunity to take exclusive photos and try cooking lessons for children. As for Bluewaters Island, gourmets will have a meeting with personalized lessons that include teaching children to cook, in selected restaurants, in addition to special breakfast offers.

For more information and all the details of the Dubai Food Festival activities and events, please visit www.dubaifoodfestival.com and the @dubaieats sites on social media platforms.

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