Eating “Maqlooba” in Al-Aqsa .. Another reason for the persecution of the Jerusalemites

The Palestinian cities, and in particular the city of Jerusalem, are famous for a popular dish called “Maqlouba”, which is the cooking of meat or chicken with rice, with the addition of many vegetables, especially eggplant, potatoes and cauliflower, and then . its maturity, stir the pot inside the flat container in the form of Seder, Maqluba is ready to be served hot.

This popular dish, whose roots date back to the era of the leader Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, where the Jerusalemites introduced him when he conquered Jerusalem and liberated it from the impurity of the crusader conquest at the time. For years and centuries, “Maqlouba” became the most prominent food that adorns the tables of collective banquets, conquering the six continents of the world. And near and far will enjoy its taste, which was opened from the first by the two kisses and the third by the Two Holy Mosques.

Successive generations over time inherited the Jerusalem cooking of Salah al-Din, which became a title of challenge and perseverance on the thresholds of the gates of Jerusalem and inside the courtyards of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, where the Jerusalemites introduce it to anyone who introduced it. Al-Aqsa praying and praying on Fridays all year round, and throughout the month of fasting.

As a result, this traditional dish of Jerusalem has become the main cause of terrorizing the invaders and settlers. Inside the basements of Israeli detention centers and intelligence, occupation officers question Jerusalemites for the “overthrow.”

upside down for everyone
The two Jerusalemites, Hanadi Halawani and Khadija Khweis, are most prominent in cooking large quantities of macaroni and serving them to anyone who set out from the West Bank and the occupied Palestinian hinterland, to visit Jerusalem and to praying in the courtyards of her blessed mosque.

And not only that, Halawani and Khweis, along with their female friends in Rabat inside the Temple Mount, and forcibly removed from it, offer the popular dish of Jerusalem to its inhabitants, who submit to Israeli rules, demanding that they be kept away from Al-Aqsa for periods ranging from two months and more than a year, so that they pray next to each other. , they were surprised by a hot “upside down” that wrapped them, with the expression “Welcome to the hospitality of Al-Aqsa”.

Al-Maurabit Khuwais has been ordered to leave the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and not enter its courtyards for a period of six months, which was launched against her by the occupying forces last February, but she nevertheless insists on preparing e upturned throughout the days of the month of fasting and being near Bab al-Silsila to feed everyone who passes by Al-Aqsa, where he is barred from entering and praying inside his courtyards during the days of the month of mercy and forgiveness. .

symbolic messages
The cooking of the overturned Jerusalem inside the houses and its presentation to the worshipers and pilgrims is a merely Jerusalem custom, with some purposes, the most prominent of which are the preservation of the historical heritage stretched thousands of years ago, over time and eras, according to the scholar on the affairs of Jerusalem. and the story of Fakhri Abu Diab.

Abu Diab told Emirates Today, in an exclusive interview, “The next goal is the symbol that holds the ‘overthrow’, to give a message to the occupier and his leadership, that the people of Jerusalem will reverse your decisions and plans for your aggression and aggressive practices upside down, and that they are ready for challenge and resilience in the face of all arbitrary attacks, to defend our blessed Aksa and our historic shrines, and to address all decisions of closure, arrest and eviction.

He added, “The symbolic messages of the people of Jerusalem about the invasion do not end. If you keep hundreds of Jerusalemites away from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and praying and itikaf inside its courtyards, we support them and gather around them, so that they to become more powerful and able to face all the decisions of invasion against them, and we prepare for them what our forefathers offered for justice. ” The first name was “Al-Badnajia” because eggplant is the main ingredient in the cooking of our Jerusalem dish. “

Maqlouba Al Jakar
Moving to Bab al-Amoud, the most important gate of the Old City to the Holy City, the Jerusalemites gather inside its green outer courtyards and sit on its historic terraces. , who turn around them from all directions.

Therefore, this popular dish of Jerusalem was called “Maqluba al-Jakar”, as a sign of the resilience of the people of Jerusalem in the face of the practices of occupation and their indifference to all attacks carried out against them.

The scholar of Jerusalem affairs and history says: “The Maqlouba dish is associated with the existence and heritage of the Palestinians throughout historical times and eras. The Jerusalemites presented it to Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, the dish of victory when he came to them as an invader, but today appears to all the pilgrims of Al-Aqsa, as it symbolizes the anger “Jaker.” The invading forces, which pursue the Jerusalemites everywhere, especially in the courtyards of the Temple Mount.

He points out that eating upside down inside Al-Aqsa courtyards every day has been clearly and unequivocally shown since the donation of Bab Al-Asbat to Jerusalem on July 14, 2017, when it was considered inside the homes of Jerusalem. , and was introduced throughout the Old City and the courtyards of the blessed Al-Aqsa, to support all participants in the protests, in order to strengthen the presence of Jerusalem.

prosecution and investigation
The creators of “Al Maqluba” are being questioned by the occupying intelligence officers, for the reasons of preparing Maqluba and its appearance inside the alleys of the old city leading to Al Aqsa, and there are those who are pursued by the Israelis. the forces in the background of this, and among those who are constantly exposed to this is Jerusalem Hanadi Halawani.

The occupation has arrested Halawani dozens of times since 2012, and she has been behind bars several times in Israeli prisons, and she was considered upside down inside the prison, which angered intelligence officers as one of them shouted at her: ” You turn your head upside down in the prison, at the gates of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and inside it !? ”.

The scholar of Jerusalem affairs says: “After the gift of Bab Al-Asbat, the symbol ‘inverted’ became a symbol for the Jerusalemites, while the conquest viewed it as an accusation against Mourabitat, as it is one of the types of Jerusalemites. Resistance to the practice of its arbitrary.

Abu Diab goes on to say: “Maqlouba” terrifies the invasion, so it pursues and arrests all those who prepare, bring and eat this food, so that its forces are confused as a result, claiming that the gathering on the thresholds of Al . -Aksa and inside its courtyards to eat the food of Jerusalem, the gatherings of terrorist cells, are planning something, these gatherings are still frightening them, forcing them to pursue and arrest the Jerusalemites hysterically.

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