Dr. Nicola Abu Murad presents part of her doctoral thesis on the Book of Hosea

Researcher Dr. Nicola Abu Murad, who has a doctorate from the University of Erlangen in Germany, presented a study in the Book of Jose, part of his study under the slogan “When God Becomes a Mother”.

He said: “In the Prophet Hosea (chapter 11), we find a beautiful and powerful text in his expression, in which two parties fight in God: God is the Judge, Judge and Avenger, and God is the Mother, the Merciful, the Merciful In its Hebrew origin, it is difficult to find words in it, which we do not often find in the books of the Old Testament, and because of the grammatical and compositional difficulties in it, and for this reason the translations came in various forms. , and most of them are inaccurate.

He added, “When Israel was a boy, I loved him, and from Egypt I called my son” (Hosea 11: 1), in verse (1) there is a contrast between the action of God and the actions of Israel, and to highlight This contradiction, Hosea speaks of God as a mother: “God is a mother who loves her child and calls her The verb ‘I love’ with God as a theme occurs in some places in the Old Testament, but Hosea is the book that sums it up. but every time I called to them, they went ahead to Baal and offered sacrifices and incense to the carved statues ”(Hosea 11: 2).

He continued: “In verse (2) there is a contradiction between this love and Israel’s response to it. Unlike the love of God, Israel displays a rebellion that betrays love, neglects it, responds to the call to flee from it, and addresses Baal, the engraved images, namely the work of his hands, his selfishness, his whims, and I taught Ephraim to walk and hold them by their arms, but they did not know that I Hosea 3:11).

And he added: “In verse (3) Hosea explains this love, that it is the love of a mother for her child: With this love the Lord taught Israel to walk, to hold him by the arm, to bind him with kindness, with love . and in spite of betrayal, in spite of negligence, in spite of lack of gratitude, God remained in his love. Just as a mother does not cease to love her child, and if he neglected, abandoned and abused her, I would be related to them. the cords of goodness, with cords of love, and I will be to them as those who raise a baby in their cheeks, I bow to feed them ”(Hosea 11: 4).

And he continued: “In verse (4) Hosea crowns this speech by comparing God to mothers when they hold their baby and place it on their cheeks and when they bow to Him to feed it from their breasts. This is the most powerful illustration of divine love, not only in Hosea, but in the whole Bible: this moment when the baby is in his mother’s breast is the greatest translation of the mother’s love that no expression can contain and no relationships between people. is stronger and truer than that. It is a free act and remains true and this act is the most authentic form of love: the baby understands nothing, without the mother does not live, and the mother knows this, and therefore gives, love, kindness and tenderness, she gives life, free. Thus the answer of God, in Hosea, to the rebellion of Israel, will not return to Egypt, but Assyria will be his king, because they refused to repent and a sword would rage in their cities, destroying the sticks of and devouring them because of their thoughts ”(Hosea 11: 5 and 6).

He continued: “In verses 5 and 6, God appears in his face as the judge of a sinful Israel, and the Lord, a judge, punishes and expels Israel. He sends him to Assyria to be enslaved and to suffer more than his misery in Egypt. It brings him death, murder, destroys his cities. He does not answer when he calls. Neglect him in his downfall, in the chaos of his existence. He declares his judgment as his actions deserve. and continues. God will do this, if he will act as a judge, and my people grieve, depart from me, cry out to the Most High, and there is none to raise them up ”(Hosea 11: 7).
And he continued: “In verse (7), God does not answer his people when they call to him. He neglects them in his ruin, in the chaos of his existence. He proclaims his judgment as the deeds deserve. of his people .and he continues.This God does this if he wants to do as a judge, what can I do Ephraim? What can I do, O Ephraim? Israel? How can I make you like Admah? How can I do Do you like Sebaim? My heart is turned against me. All tenderness in me is kindled. I will not run away from my fierce anger. I will not come to thee in wrath: they walk after the LORD, he roareth like a lion: in their houses, “thus saith the Lord” (Hosea 11: 8-11).
And he concluded: “In verses (8-11) the face of the mother, in this wonderful text, dominates the face of the judge. God does not administer his judgment on people, but his love for them. The heart of God turns against him in us. instead of the sword revolts in it, instead of the sword kindness And instead of revenge gentleness The robe of justice comes down from the bow and goes to the people running like a mother to it. heal the wounds and feed him.The Lord brings forth His judgment with suspended execution and runs for the people, instead the mother’s love for her children, her kindness and devotion.With this tone, Hosea concludes with mercy his book is given to Israel, it is given to all people on earth.
God, in the Bible, is essentially a judge. This is his most intense presence. And when he calls to follow him and learns his will and word, he calls and learns like a father. Yet when He returns to be held accountable if His will and His Word are followed, He comes as a merciful, healing, and life-giving Mother. This is his face forever.

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