“Celebrating Divorce” .. Negative culture and foreign behavior in our society

The forensic clinical psychologist, Dr. Abdullah El-Vaili that divorce is one of the results of the language of feelings in which a person expresses his multiple, varied and different potentials, be it positive or negative expression, and whether it is personal, collective or social expression. an emotional feeling that refers to psychological victory through liberation, gain, or achievement of a goal, or a goal, as if the parties to the divorce are a title of happiness, joy, and achievement on the one hand, and a title of challenge and challenge and revenge on the other. .

Divorce parties He explained that despite the spread of divorce parties in the world in general and in the Arab world in particular, they are still in the process of phenomenon, due to the lack of many in-depth studies in this regard, the celebration has started individually by researchers fame who use all their skills and abilities and all the means at their disposal are exciting and negative ways that do not correspond to Islam ever or to social norms often, because of the deceptive intellectual void in which they are unique for the sake of superficial appropriation, whether material or moral, and this means that it is a real and real problem, but that it returns in some isolated cases and does not require generalization.

He added that the pursuit of fame can turn into a mental illness for the weak suffering from a complex of inferiority, poor self-assertion and poor social relationships, especially a person who is committed to attracting attention and appearance, which shows the obsession with fame . , which expresses a state of emotion or high mood in an uncharacteristic way.Natural and psychological studies have confirmed that the human need to attract the attention of others is very natural; Because it is innate, it is one of the emotional and social needs of man, but its exaggeration to the detriment and revenge of the environment indicates the glorious disease, which is called the obsession of fame; Because the one who celebrates divorce usually seeks to attract and attract attention, and thus falls into the circle of obsession with fame. Social norms It should be noted that the most interested and obsessed with fame are the psychiatric personality “antisocial” and hysterical. and for this reason its owners are often diagnosed as suffering from bipolar disorder, and from this point of view, boasting and celebrating divorce, especially what is currently happening on social networks, does not deviate from two important aspects; The first is the “insinuation of happiness” despite the bitterness of pain for fear of stigmatizing others, while the second is: “to feel real happiness” and this is a negative behavior that does not conform to human principles and values, but rather opposes all. social norms.

Marital suffering

He explained that the slander of divorce is usually on the part of women, especially those who have marital suffering, as they consider the celebration process as a very natural thing and a victory for them, while men are often less interested and celebrate it. this issue. and “social exchange theory” explained that the couple They often interact in their marital relationship, and as a result they continue the process of interaction, especially if it leads to benefit and benefit, while that interaction is weakened and absent when both spouses or one. of them finds himself a loser, which makes the relationship between them violent and hostile, and this often explains divorces.

The permission of privacy, and he continued: In the same context, it is natural for the human soul to be affected by divorce, and accordingly, the slander of divorce through social networks does not go beyond the framework of superficial benefit, be it artificial and. representative or real, and its celebration is the rooted evidence of an inferiority complex. lack of self-confidence; Because it only leads to the pursuit of fame, but rather is a reason to allow personal privacy unconsciously and unconsciously of the psychological and behavioral dimensions that flow from it, especially in the presence of children, whether temporary or future. So what is the desired benefit of spreading the washing of divorced people to the general public, and why is this done for whose benefit? To answer this, I can say that it is endless irrationality in the pursuit of false sympathy and ignorant gain, it is not possible for the divorced person or one of them to be responsible and incapable of respecting himself, and by a other corner, there. there are some factors that lead to divorce but there are weak reasons for the spread of divorce Divorce parties because they are a negative imported culture. Divorce, despite the positive sides, has more negative and serious consequences. Therefore, its celebration is evidence of poor foresight. , lack of awareness, low self-esteem and narrow-mindedness.

Precautions and added: As a result of the above, the treatment mechanism begins and ends with taking preventive and preventive measures by activating the preventive role of individuals and relevant social institutions, to root the message of punishment and social rejection of those behaviors foreign negatives. in our society, and then work to implement awareness and guidance programs through the media, seminars, conferences, lectures and all social media, with the main goal that “we are not with divorce and we are not to celebrate it. . ”

The privacy of the relationship is explained by interest in administrative and legal matters d. Abdulaziz Al-Zahrani, that the marital relationship has a privacy difficult to penetrate, and is the most dangerous and difficult forbidden area that can be discussed with spouses.Therefore, one of the most important reasons to celebrate divorce may be the presence of a previous emotional divorce, because in some marital cases there are major cultural and social differences between the spouses, but after a period of time, the educational difference that arises from the conflict between the spouses becomes clear, which leads to stubbornness between them and the lack of compromise from each other, and consequently, the cultural, social and economic level, the way of thinking and the way of coping with situations and events are the most important factors that cause psychological and social pressures between spouses. , and over time they discover weakness and lack of acceptance, which leads to successive crises that can make them feel psychologically burned, so divorce is the first and last solution to that marital relationship.

Sarcasm and irony, he explained that what sometimes explains the celebration of divorce is the belief in the saying “God is helpful”, as a result of the feeling of injustice and slavery and the desire to correct the mistake, which makes the joy great. especially for the woman who claims that divorce is like a lifeline from drowning and that by celebrating it she rewards herself and sends a message of a challenge to her ex-husband and all of this is unhealthy. necessary evil, divorced women should stay completely away from the methods of sarcasm and ridicule that will surely appear in the manifestations of celebration and slander, which adds to the pain and deepens the wounds and proves in the memory.

The phenomenon was launched only by fame seekers with a deceptive intellectual void

Defamation of divorce is usually caused by women who suffer in their married life and consider it a victory for them

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