Between New Zealand and Peru .. Distributed 9 of the best health resorts in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Corona pandemic is still casting a shadow around the world. Therefore, engaging in stimulating activities is considered to restore a healthy life.

Here are some of the best Spas that will help you recover your lost relaxation.

Aru Ha, New Zealand

Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps, Aru Ha Resort has simple principles and concepts: rejuvenating the mind and body.

However, it is not easy for guests who have to stop drinking alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes before arriving, to take the suggested recovery route from the resort.

Here, visitors start the day with Tibetan music, dynamic “flowing yoga” and, in the background, a sunrise and breakfast of carrot bread dipped in apple butter and berries from the resort garden.

To keep the mind, body and soul clean, the kitchen relies on plants produced from the garden. Staying in shape is an essential component, so it is highly recommended that you enjoy a walk in the area before it is time to go to the spa and get a therapeutic massage.

Wilca Tica, Peru

Credit: Willka T’ika

This eco-friendly resort is located in the Andes Mountains. In addition to the most amazing landscapes in the world that surround it, it is located between the ancient castle of Machu Picchu and Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire.

The Seven Chakra Gardens are located between the buildings of this boutique hotel, which are pink in color and form a retrospective space for the embodiment of the classic seven chakras, which some believe are the energy centers in the human body.

Badholiday, Santa Lucia

From New Zealand to Peru .. Here are 9 of the best spa resorts in the world
Credit: Body Holiday

The idyllic Caribbean landscape with soft sandy beaches and tropical rainforests builds faith in BodyHoliday’s promise: “Give us your body for a week and we’ll get your mind back.”

Depending on the program, guests can practice yoga or explore the island with exciting activities, such as diving and archery, throughout their stay.

This resort has a comprehensive Wellness center that includes a dermatological clinic, which boasts of “restorative beauty” in addition to spa treatments and more.

Known by guests, the Swedish “Serenity Massage” uses a special blend of oils to aid breathing and sleep.

Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa from Anantara, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

From New Zealand to Peru .. Here are 9 of the best spa resorts in the world
Credit: Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi

Overlooking the beautiful mangroves located on the edge of the city, the Anantara Department uses its natural environment to create a therapeutic oasis that combines oriental medicine with Arabic medicine. Exclusive treatments here include “Vichy Desert Sand Body Scrub” and “Neome De-Stress Candle Massage”.

Depending on the mood of the guests, they can try the Turkish bath or go for a walk on the coast where they can take part in one of the many water sports available.

Ananda in the Himalayas, India

From New Zealand to Peru .. Here are 9 of the best spa resorts in the world
Credit: Ananda in the Himalayas

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas and surrounded by forests and salads, Ananda calls herself the “spiritual path”. This resort offers treatments tailored to the needs of guests.

The visitor benefits from comprehensive medical examinations, in parallel with spa consultations, to ensure that activities such as yoga, meditation, pranayama (refreshing breathing) and refreshing snorkeling offer the maximum benefits.

Stanglwirt Green Spa, Austria

From New Zealand to Peru .. Here are 9 of the best spa resorts in the world
Credit: Stanglwirt Green Spa Resort

In this large grass-roofed house, located in the Wild Kaiser Alps in Austria, the Hauser family runs this environmentally friendly shelter.

Environmental credentials promote home-grown food on the Stanglwirt organic farm, while the resort’s eco-sauna is made from local Arola pine.

Activities on offer include golf, horse riding and skiing. There is also a 500 m² indoor fitness garden.

Pallati Fiuggi, Italy

From New Zealand to Peru .. Here are 9 of the best spa resorts in the world
Credit: Tyso Sadlo / Palazzo Fiuggi

This medical resort claims to follow a 360-degree well-being program and offers a recovery period for those suffering from illness, including long-term Covid disease.

The place is quite poetic. And to enjoy the healing waters, gaze at the background of the natural beauty of the Italian mountains of the Apennines.

Palace of Fuji offers specialized treatment programs for recovery, including comprehensive therapies and medical services designed by a team of physicians and experts.

Guests can choose between ‘medical and diagnostic’ treatments, such as the ‘Post-Covid’ program, or a ‘rejuvenation’ plan, such as the ‘Reset and Balance’ program.

The best types of wellness treatments also include good nutrition. Here guests can enjoy a menu prepared by a three-star Michelin chef.

Euphoria Retreat, Greece

From New Zealand to Peru .. Here are 9 of the best spa resorts in the world
Credit: Euphoria Withdraws

The charming town of Mystras on top of the hill is a fresher refuge from the interior plains of the Greek Peloponnese and a gateway to the ancient archeological wonders of the Byzantine castle from that view.

It is also home to another shrine: Euphoria, a classic-style spa complex that offers guests tailored treatments to help recover from the pandemic.

Euphoria “Feel Alive Again” aims to free guests from repressed negativity through a range of activities such as hilarious yoga, breathing and music.

Joali Being, Maldives

From New Zealand to Peru .. Here are 9 of the best spa resorts in the world
Credit: Being Joali

Surrounded by soft sand and ocean winds, this island is centered around the concept of “weightlessness”. However, none of the laws of attraction is broken in Being Joal.

Spa combines modern science with ancient healing arts to create an attitude inspired by the four pillars of well-being: Mind, Microbiome, Energy and Skin.

The offer includes programs created to rebalance the well-being of guests, including abyanga full body massages and invigorating water treatments in the hydrotherapy room.

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