Algerian breakfasts … a special sweetness in the open air

Collective Ramadan morning outdoor initiatives have returned strongly to Algeria this year, as they were missing in the last two years due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the government implemented very strict precautions, including preventing rallies during the month of Ramadan in particular. Families and associations are trying to break the daily routine, and keep people away from iftars at home, by organizing collective tables that enjoy a special taste and sweetness.

In quiet places away from the noise of population centers, they are often settled in the woods or by the sea. Families, some friends and some associations that carry out youth and tourist activities prefer to organize separate breakfast tables on weekends. , which are good opportunities to meet these people and enjoy the sweetness of eating meals in the open air.In the woods amid the sounds of birds and wildlife, or on the beaches where they enjoy the sea breeze and the sound of the waves opening the chest and giving a greater appetite, paving the way for strengthening bonds of love and cohesion between members of society.

On weekends, Mohamed Chaouch, Zuhair Haj Koueider and Sherif Bouznasha, who are all government employees, prefer to have breakfast with their friends in a forest located in the Hassana area of ​​Tipasa province. Bouznasha told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “We arrange the breakfast table in advance by calling friends, who can count to 15. We agree on the place of departure and the time, which is preferably early to prepare some food in it wild, instead of bringing it from home, we try to eat what we cook. And we have more fun cooking in the woods. “

Bouznasha adds: “We prepared a special place to organize iftars inside the forest, where we gathered branches and tree remains to be used in cooking. We try to use the traditional tools available to live a wonderful experience in the desert, and “Divide the tasks between bringing firewood for cooking, cutting vegetables and meat, preparing pots and tables, and preparing traditional bread. Sometimes.”

Iftar gathers friends in a beautiful place (The New Arab)

For his part, primary education professor Adel Badani told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “I became addicted to having breakfast in the woods over the weekend after a friend once invited me to live this experience, which liked it as I liked it a lot. and I could get away from the daily routine and pressure I suffer from at work, come early to the place and look at the city from the top of the mountain and enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of birds and animals in the forest, which gives me a wonderful feeling, the value of which only those who live it know. ” He adds: “The group prays the evening prayer, then plays cards, dominoes or the popular Lugaro pastime in the presence of a large group of friends after breakfast. We stay until dawn, then return to our country. next for a new group meeting. “

On the other hand, Miloud Derai, who owns an engineering studies office, prefers to take all of his family members living in the Wadi Jar area in Blida province to the beach for breakfast over the weekend. He told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “I gather all the members of my large family to go with three or four cars or a tourist boat to the beach of Shenwa area, and I invite my brothers, wives and children and “I encourage them. to meet so that the big meeting is over and the fun is greater. Better once we get to walk in the sand.” tables, tea and coffee There is nothing better than the taste of eating enjoying the sea breeze and drinking a cup of coffee with a cigarette afterwards, knowing that the opportunity allows children to play even on the sandy beach or on that artificial. grass inside the boat. ” .

One of Miloud’s brothers reveals that he makes a table and a large circular sand ditch that houses all the members of the family and covers it with a white cloth with lighting fixtures and lamps that run on batteries, which gives it a wonderful aesthetic view of the country, and a kind of poetic, especially when we eat food at the rhythm of the sea breeze and waves.

Amin Sekal, a young man in his thirties, owns an institution specializing in tourism, parties, hotels and food services in the Nador and Cherchell regions of Tipasa State. He announces on social networks in preparation for the start of registration and reservation of places, as well as setting the date of the meeting and the trip that ends with the organization of a collective breakfast table to come from various neighboring governments and municipalities.

Amin told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “Documenting the interesting moments of these trips through photo clips posted on social media that encourage young people and families to take part in them. The mechanism to join these trips is to contact us. and see the dates, places and foods we order or suggest, noting that we often try to impose popular foods that our region is famous for, to introduce and promote it as a tourist. ”

Amin continues: “Our clients especially prefer the Shenwa Mountain area, which offers an opportunity to see the sea and the city from the top of the mountain. Our activity during the summer and summer season with many associations and travel agencies has allowed us to gain many clients. “who come to us to organize tables for Ramadan iftars, knowing that many people prefer to find everything ready, and they try to use their time wandering in the woods instead of wasting it cooking and preparing.”

Collective tables strengthen love ties (Al-Araby Al-Jadeed)

Likewise, the Association for the Development of Palaces, Oasis and Desert Tourism, a pioneer, includes in its annual program tourist meetings and collective breakfast tables in various areas that may include beaches, oases, mountains and nature reserves for the purpose the introduction of the Algerian Tourism Treasures and the strengthening of fraternal ties and social ties between young people living in different regions.

The head of the association, Mohamed Abdel-Laoui, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that he is collaborating with other members of the association and other institutions to organize collective iftar tables, whether for young people living in the province of Tipasa- s or they. coming from other provinces Also organizes breakfast tables on the beach, which attract families and student organizations to universities across the country, and is continuing coordination with offices located in southern Algeria to organize breakfast tables in the desert sand and under oases of palm trees.

Abdellawi emphasizes that collective iftar tables have been forcibly restored and are an extension of the tendency of young people and families to camp at night in the woods in light of the security stability the country recognizes and the desire of people, especially them. who live within the big cities, to escape from the noises and negatives of everyday filling to enjoy the tranquility and splendor of nature and breakfast in a special and special atmosphere.

Algerians have been trying for years to get rid of the routine of new modern life with all its pressures and problems, by organizing these meetings, trips and outdoor tourist adventures outside the cities, which in some provinces have become suitable for everything except convenience. housing, with the effect of the new style of housing imposed on Algerians in recent years.Buildings and residences that do not fit their social specifics.

The name “Resurrection of the Awayed” is given to the customs of the month of Ramadan in Algeria, which means to show the rituals of joy from the holy month that distinguish it from other days and give joy to families and allow their members. to change their daily habits specifically outside the month of fasting, although some of these rituals began to fade over time due to new social and economic conditions.

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