Talabat completes its trip to Expo 2020 Dubai and records unprecedented levels of performance on closing day

Kryesore The main platform showcased its latest technological solutions during Expo 2020 Dubai in line with the position of the event as a prominent destination to explore the future of the food delivery sector

● Ship managers and ‘talabot’ distribution robots completed a stunning distance of 42,500 km during the six months of the event, the equivalent of traveling around the perimeter of the Earth!

Ala Talabat reveals the most popular food during Expo 2020 Dubai and the largest order received from Talabat Kitchen, which included 290 pieces of pizza

Dubai, UAE: Talabat, the region’s leading local technology platform, unveiled a summary of its participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s most prominent event, highlighting the most outstanding achievements and trends recorded during the six months of recently completed event. Talabat’s innovative and sustainable two-story kitchen welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors during the event, which demonstrated the future of food delivery experiences, in addition to preparing thousands of meals at the scene every day.

For their part, Talabat drivers, shipment robots, and shipment staff made great efforts, traversing a distance of more than 42,500 km during their mission to provide a wide range of food to event visitors, knowing that this distance is equal to the travel around. the perimeter of the Earth!

Commenting on this, Tommaso Rodriguez, CEO of Talabat, said: “Expo 2020 Dubai was an ideal platform for our company. We are proud to be part of the biggest event in the world and to contribute to the service of its visitors, as we had the opportunity to showcase our technology-based solutions.We gave visitors the opportunity to choose from over 40 famous restaurants and 15 cuisines from around the world – all under one roof.It was great to see what they ordered more our visitors during the event. “

Rodriguez added: “The last six months have given us the opportunity to develop a range of new partnerships, test innovative technologies and solutions and actually adopt some of the extras we intend to introduce after Expo 2020 Dubai, so we are very excited for what it holds.

the future. We hope everyone has enjoyed our futuristic food delivery experience and encourage them to look forward to more of our innovations to come. “Besides, it was great to be part of the bright and ambitious photography he painted at Expo 2020 Dubai.”

Extended experience with the latest technology solutions

As Expo 2020 Dubai was a destination to exhibit and experiment with the latest technologies and innovations, Talabat pioneered these efforts by offering the first experience of this type of dining in its cloudy two-story kitchen, where it gave visitors the opportunity to order food from various restaurants and enjoy eating it in one place or on site throughout Expo 2020 Dubai through delivery service at pre-arranged points. On the other hand, visitors got a glimpse into the future of food delivery services and technology through robots specializing in ice cream production and beverage serving.

In addition, Talabat has succeeded in providing innovative ways to manage food delivery tasks across the global event through the introduction of intelligent 3D locker systems, which provided the ability to deliver food to non-contact customers for the first time in the region. of the GCC, as well as the provision of autonomous delivery robots. Which specializes in distributing food among the various points spread throughout the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

The most prominent food trends during Expo 2020 Dubai

Extraordinary trends have emerged in relation to food preferences, especially in light of the freshness of all foods prepared in Talabat cuisine. It should be noted that the largest order registered in Talabat Kitchen was for 290 pizzas, worth 8 thousand dirhams! In addition, Expo 2020 Dubai revealed how much locals love coffee. The famous coffee-producing robot has recorded more than 8000 orders, each of which features a unique artistic design in the foam at the top of the cup.

Delicious foods witnessed a large turnout, as the chicken biryani dish was the most sought after meal during Expo 2020 Dubai, followed by the most famous chicken shawarma meal in the region. American cuisine came to the fore as the most liked and preferred meal by visitors, followed by Arabic cuisine, which proved how much we love the region, and healthy food options like salads and wraps came in third. .

Reducing food waste and increasing sustainability efforts

During Expo 2020 Dubai, Talabat hosted a series of events designed to highlight important initiatives in the areas of food waste reduction and sustainable practices in the food sector, such as the #StopWaste initiative of the United Nations World Food Program ( WFP), which introduced a range of practical ways to buy, store and consume efficiently, sustainably to reduce food waste. In addition, requests for 450 kg of surplus food available from its cloud kitchen were donated to the Expo 2020 Dubai food storage program in partnership with Cisco, to be distributed to local charities with logistical support from Emirates Food Bank.

As part of its efforts to promote sustainability, Talabat has experimented with its durable packaging products and switched to the use of biodegradable plastic bags in Talabat Mart stores, as well as the adoption of distribution robots and electric scooters to increase efficiency of delivery operations.

Celebrate important moments and food!

During the 6-month Dubai Expo 2020, Talabat also celebrated many local, regional and global events during the world’s largest event, creating unforgettable moments and memories for its visitors. Among these celebrations is the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates, celebrating the unique journey of the first fifty years of the history of the United Arab Emirates. In addition to honoring the traditions followed during Chinese New Year and celebrating people’s love for food during Valentine’s Day.

Focused experiences on creating and creating food have also been an essential part of the Expo 2020 Dubai’s visitor experience, from interactive lessons with chefs in Talabat cuisine, to attending an art exhibition of local artists who have been in charge of decorating the helmets of the Talabat shipment. drivers with their artistic creations related to the arts.The world of cuisine and its innovations. All visitors had the best food and cultural experiences during their presence at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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About “Talabyat”

Since we started sending our first meal to Kuwait in 2004 and over 18 years we have grown a lot and the company has doubled in size many times over. Today, we are proud to offer our customers hundreds of millions of orders for food, groceries and other products in 9 countries in the region.

Currently, the Talabat app works with more than 25,000 brands of restaurants and shops and nearly 50,000 branches, while the Talabat Mart service has started; An express trading market, delivering groceries to customers in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE in 20 minutes or less!

Our clients and partners, our employees and executives, and the communities in which we operate are at the heart of all our plans and goals. In 2021 alone, Talabat contributed more than 900,000 meals to the needy, in addition to donating more than $ 2.2 million to charity with the help of our partners and clients. Talabat is a subsidiary of Delivery Hero; The world leader in fast food distribution and trade.

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