Launch of the 11th generation Honda Civic in the UAE

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Al-Futtaim Group Trading Enterprises, the exclusive distributor of Honda cars in the UAE, announced the launch of the all-new, technologically advanced Honda Civic sports car in the UAE. The Honda Civic is a symbol in the company’s history since it was first introduced nearly 50 years ago, as it has maintained its identity over the years, despite its continued development and keeping pace with technological innovations to ensure a exceptional driving experience.

The eleventh generation Honda Civic 2022 features a modern and luxurious interior design that includes a high-tech man-centered interior equipped with advanced active and passive safety systems. This new model reflects Honda’s design innovation and class-leading dynamism, which together have contributed to the all-new Civic being named the 2022 Car of the Year in North America.

The car features a modern and unique exterior design, a human-centered interior and is equipped with advanced active and passive safety systems. The specifications of the car include a full set of wide-beam LED headlights with daytime running lights and dual chrome exhaust outlets that give the Honda Civic Sport an elegant look that expresses its distinctive performance.

The latest LED taillights give the new design a sense of excitement, glossy 17-inch black aluminum wheels for a bold look and a distinctive and elegant character, the curved roofline, elongated hood and lines of effective body give the car a sporty look, and the sleek sporty design The car includes glossy black shark feather wheels, black rear wings, door handles and door mirrors all painted black.

The distinctive and meticulous interior design of the all-new Honda Civic offers ample and comfortable passenger space throughout the cabin. It includes spacious suede leather cabin seats and luxuriously styled luxury leather seats, and retractable front A-pillars, low hood, flat panel and concealed windshield wipers allow for panoramic views, sport pedals that add a racing sensation to the interior, and a dashboard pierces the front car A honeycomb grille panel extends from the front doors to the second along the instrument panel An interesting visual divider between the audio system display, information display and controls Climate control ensures smooth airflow without distorting the appearance, giving the Civic a harmonious look.

For the first time, the Honda Civic has a 10.2-inch digital information display and a 9-inch audio display with the ability to connect to smartphones.

Some of the following advanced technology features are included in the car: The new 9-inch touch screen audio system is the largest ever in a Honda brand car, includes a control button and large, easy-to-use icons. ‘was introduced to an easy way to navigate the various options. Touchscreen systems are standard compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications.

In the UAE market, Honda Civic audio screens include a new feature known as Digital Audio Transmission (DAB), which provides crystal clear sound and enables the display of most information on the music or radio screen. .

The all-new Honda Civic is built with a sport suspension and a 1.5-liter engine with a continuously variable transmission that produces 180 horsepower and 6000 rpm. The all-new Honda Civic is paired with a continuously variable transmission, tuned with comprehensive technology to improve engine power and sound.

As well as increasing fuel efficiency. The car is characterized by fuel efficiency: 19.3 km / liter, maximum power is: 180 horsepower at 6000 rpm, and maximum torque is 240 Nm at 4500 rpm.

The all-new Honda Civic offers transmission control with the help of steering gear shifters.

In addition to the normal and economical driving modes, the Honda Civic includes a user-selected sport driving mode. Using the shift key on the center keyboard, the device changes color to red and the new mode gives a sporty feel. Eco mode reduces transmission and choke sensitivity, as well as pushing air conditioning to help maintain fuel efficiency.


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