Kuwaiti Newspaper | Al-Sanea: The completion rate in Daman hospitals has exceeded 70%.

Arab: Increasing the commercial operation of the company and increasing operating income

At the company headquarters was held yesterday the Ordinary General Assembly of the Company of Health Insurance Hospitals (Daman), with a attendance of 74 percent, which reviewed the most important developments in the development of the company’s business, the implementation of plans its annual performance results and financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2021. and the approval of the agenda.

Mutlaq Al-Sanea, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said in a speech at the beginning of the meeting that the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic continued to affect many aspects of life, including the economic aspects and the business sector in Kuwait. and the world at large and its strategy with a dual effort to complete the first phase of its integrated health care system, which includes 5 primary health care centers spread across different regions of Kuwait, in addition to two hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra with a total of 600 beds. In 2021 work began on preparing and equipping the other two centers in Jahra and Fahaheel, to complete the first phase requirements for primary health care centers during 2022.

Al-Sanea added that the Daman company continued to build hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra at an accelerated pace, in preparation for their acquisition at the end of 2022, with the start of necessary preparations for operation, including the selection of equipment and facilities withdrawal of the necessary medical staff and so on and the completion rate of hospitals has exceeded 70 percent to date, while the cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Health continues to start the transfer of beneficiaries of residents working in the private sector in the Daman company. system after its operation.

Financial indicators

Although the company continues to bear the burden of costs of establishing and building hospitals and primary health care centers, with the start of the company’s operational activity in 3 primary health centers during 2021, operating revenues increased by 326 percent, while the value of long-term assets increased from 78,995,601 k days in 2020 to 113,726,046 in 2021 by 44 percent, and total property rights reached 181,337,241 dinars in 2021.

It is expected that with the completion of the first phase and the start of receiving the beneficiaries of the compulsory insurance service, there will be a qualitative leap in the financial indicators of Daman Company. The phase of full operation begins.

Al-Sanea stressed that in preparation for achieving the completion of the system, as specified in the offer brochure during 2022, the Board of Directors is collaborating with a global consulting firm to attract an operator specializing in the operation of the HMO system, and has experience wide. on the ground to take over with the executive management the responsibility for achieving the efficient functioning of the system in accordance with the latest and best professional and administrative practices.

For his part, CEO Thamer Arab reviewed developments in the construction and equipping of Daman hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra during 2021, saying that efforts continued to adhere to the approved schedule with the aim of delivering at the end of 2022, to completed the first stage. while the rate of completion of design work has reached 100%.

In parallel with the completion of construction operations, work has begun on equipping Daman hospitals, through the selection of medical equipment and devices, the intelligent health care application plan, and the completion of an integrated recruitment plan for the provision of medical and administrative staff. necessary. to operate hospitals.

Arab explained that in preparation for the start of work at the company’s hospitals, which is expected in 2022, the relevant departments began to develop the administrative and technical systems and procedures necessary to manage and organize work at Daman Hospitals in a smooth and orderly manner. . the registration system was implemented, which increases the possibility of improving the process of data collection, classification and publication in two phases: the first is in the primary health care centers and the second is in the Daman hospitals in Ahmadi and Jahra, and are made big contracts. signed for the hospital stage infrastructure for the digital healthcare system, including a contract for the operation of a network for the transmission of data and the Internet between the premises and facilities of the company, as well as a contract for the supply, installation and operation of servers and networks for data centers in Jahra and Ahmadi hospitals.

He noted that the presence of three primary health care centers operating in the Hawally, Farwaniya and Dajeej areas providing services of family medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, radiology and laboratories, as well as plans to open more centers in the future. close, is crucial. factor in building a network of primary health care centers covering a wide range of population and many health care needs, and work is underway to prepare primary health care centers in Jahra and Fahaheel, and procurement procedures for all medical equipment and supplies have started and the two new centers are expected to be ready during the second and third half of 2022.

Hessa El-Mutairi

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