Extremist bodies under “soft fire” .. Yemeni leader sues Brotherhood newspaper

The “soft fire” is blowing the horns of extremism in Yemen to expose the falsity of malicious defamatory campaigns against the feminist movement and freedoms and to expose the reality of a radical organization.

Yemeni leader Olfat al-Dabai confirmed that she had already filed a case before the competent court against the newspaper “Akhbar al-Youm”, one of the most important media wings of the Brotherhood, against the background of its approval of an open incitement war. against Yemeni women, especially those working in human rights organizations.

Recently, Al-Dabai, a member of the “consultative body” of the Yemeni Presidential Council, was subjected to a wide-ranging media campaign from mosque pulpits, which were quickly moved to social media sites before the Brotherhood newspaper approved the attack. from an ex. secretary of hardline Yemeni preacher Abdul Majid Al-Zindani.

And in its number with no. – The writer of the line named “Mohammed Mustafa Al-Omrani. Al-Dubai was accused of targeting the religion and Islamic law through civil and political activities.

This sparked the anger of social media activists who launched a wide-ranging solidarity campaign, in what Al-Dabai considered a dangerous incitement and malicious slander aimed at the Yemeni feminist movement, a criminal attack and elements of a full-blown criminal crime. and political.

Preservers of religion

Observers attributed the Brotherhood’s attack motives to al-Daba’i’s stance following the “My Passport Without Guardianship” campaign, which succeeded in gaining strong support from the internationally recognized government and abolished arbitrary travel custody restrictions. which was confirmed by the Yemeni leadership as one of the main supporters of the women’s rights campaign.

In an interview with Al-Ain News, the full text of which will be published later, Al-Dubai said: “I have been a major supporter of ‘My Passport Without Guardianship’, but I am not its institution. as it is, it is believed, but this is due to the effort of a group of women and men from Taiz, and I have interacted with them and supported the success of the campaign by handing it over to the decision – making centers.

She added, “The nature of the issue addressed by the ‘Passport without custody’ campaign is mine and the issue of women’s movement in Yemen for a long time, and there is a cumulative effort in this area.”

Al-Dubai criticized what she described as “guardians of the religion” who are far from its meaning, saying a similar campaign constitutes “the most fundamental rights of women in the state and civil state” that are guaranteed. legally, as Yemeni. The law does not distinguish between men and women when issuing a travel document (passport).

She stressed that “all previous positions through the Yemeni Passport Authority and requests to restrict the right of women to obtain a passport, were against the law and occur in the interest of customs and traditions and under religious justifications that have not based on religion, in addition to marketing concepts that falsify religious consciousness and present Islam as a religion of backwardness and that it is against citizenship and human rights ”.

fake accounts

Speaking about the clergy’s stance on the Yemeni government’s directives to lift the restrictions, she confirmed that “religious extremists resorted to incitement by creating fake social media accounts to spread rumors about the deportation of girls through organizations and their corruption, claiming that the reason was to give them the right to obtain passports “to travel.

She noted that she had strongly confronted these false accounts and dismissed rumors promoted as causing domestic anxiety and aimed to create “greater social pressure on women after their failure to influence decision-making”.

Al-Dubai accused radical Muslim Brotherhood preacher Abdullah Al-Adini and his followers of endorsing these rumors, promoting them and supporting them, adding: “But when I responded to them and exposed their methods, the former secretary of Sheikh Al-Zindani and the Editor-in-Chief of Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper, which was backed by former Vice President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, appeared to me.

While Al-Dabai denied what was published by the newspaper, stating that it was “incitement, misinformation and false information”, she confirmed that what was published was evidence that there are organized campaigns for this current (Muslim Brotherhood), which aim to use social media to further social restrictions for women, especially those working in civil society organizations.

And she warned against “the danger of these rumors to society, its security and stability, especially in light of the use of religion and religious concepts in a superficial and provocative way that makes women and civil society organizations a key target for extremist groups.” .

Al Houthi online

According to Al-Dabai, “This case prompted me to decide to file a case before the competent court against the newspaper Akhbar Al-Youm, what was published in it and its editor-in-chief, so that we could have a role in exposing the forgery of the awareness they practice and the seriousness of the campaigns they undertake against the system of rights and freedoms in this country ”.

The Yemeni leadership was surprised by the coincidence of this speech and the miserable attack with strict restrictions imposed by the Houthi militia, which forbade any woman to travel between the governors by means of transport, except after having submitted the approval of her guardian, considering that it is a “frightening abandonment of citizenship rights”.

She noted that the hard lines in Yemen (Houthis and Brotherhood) believe that “the wheel of change will turn back, but it is a dream for them that we will never allow them to turn. Civil state, state of order, law, rights and freedoms is our choice from which we will never deviate ”.

Dr. Olfat Al-Dubai; A professor of sociology at Taiz University, she was a member of the National Dialogue Conference and a member of the committee drafting Yemen’s new constitution. She is also a member of the “Consultation and Conciliation Committee”, the most important supporting component of the Presidential Steering Council, and is considered a prominent leader in the Women’s Solidarity Network.

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