Eid on the balcony – Nevin Massad

Posted on: Thursday, 28 April 2022 – 19:45 | Last Updated: Thursday, 28 April 2022 – 19:45

She did not arrive after seven in the morning until the concert began to shed carpets on Need Amal’s balcony in preparation for the small party reception. In these hours he neglects shortly after the Fajr prayer, but never, there is a schedule and it must be observed. The schedule starts with cleaning the carpets a week before Eid and boasts of washing everything that falls into the hands of the needy Amal from the fabrics from the curtains, the sheets and the first mattresses to the upholstery of the living room chairs. Old toys for grandchildren and even for children, so the place looks bigger and bigger than usual. Of course, it is not safe to do some of these housework all year round, but not with this continuity or with such great enthusiasm, there is an assistant with a strong structure who comes specifically to do the cleaning of Eid and we neighbors are done familiar with it because of the lesson. The funny thing is that a few days ago, the same disturbing early morning concert was coming out of Sitt Umm Bishoy’s balcony in preparation for Resurrection Day, his balcony is neither dogs nor birds because he suffers from allergies, and the balcony is more green and full of photos and icons that require special attention from his seasonal assistance. In any case, the joy with the arrival of religious occasions and holidays is a very pleasant feeling and has the effect of a butterfly, as they say, that is, it spreads and spreads in the atmosphere, and the end result looks really impressive and the effects can be clearly seen, but oh, if the task of dusting the carpets was particularly postponed until nine o’clock in the morning for example – it would have been the situation is much more comfortable.
• • •
It seems that marathon devices sweeping balconies are one of the few remaining manifestations to celebrate holidays and religious occasions, even Ramadan. Although decorating balconies with colored paper is an old and widespread custom, especially in popular neighborhoods, for to wait for the holy month. , recent years have witnessed a boom in Ramadan decorations that have invaded balconies at prices far exceeding the possibilities of the average citizen. Ropes of different colored rainbow lights catch the eyes of passers-by in the morning and spirits and hang from iron fences or are wrapped around them, large metal crescents embracing the word of God with prominent letters that are installed on the walls. , and bamboo seat covers occupied by large night figures with a distinctive view of the kunaf seller and the sheikh of the mosque with a rosary in his hand, even the lanterns that disappeared from the gatherings of the little ones in the street took place in corners and cracks, in short, balconies became seasonally open pleasure boxes. However, this ceremonial role played by balconies was not corroborated by what I read in balcony literature, which is very rich literature at the level of Egypt and the whole world, even if a writer like Adel Abu Zaid mastered talking about forms. others. of the joy that comes from the balcony when he wrote about “Egypt from the balcony”, he showed that the balcony can be a stage to sing and kidnap (Shahat Al-Gharam for Muhammad Fawzy and by order of love for Abdel Halim Hafez and tell me ” Yes “in Sabah – just a few examples), and a place for fun in your free time playing backgammon, dominoes and cards (you have ten cards on the balcony for Muhammad Abdel Wahab), an arena for gossip, gossip and recollection with people of good times (exactly as Jamil Matar wrote in his stylish article on the back porches), and can also be evidence of the beginnings of love stories – spontaneous and contrived (the famous scene by Fouad al-Muhandis in the film The Zizi Family, which is He explains to his fiancée very easily the different geometric shapes of the balconies), but I did not see Adel Abu Zaid a balcony work similar to the work of preparing for the reception of the feast, though nevo here is Amal and six or Bishoy two very real personalities.
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Some will find that everything I said about the joy of Eid on the balcony is hidden in front of the random stream of paint, building, enclosure and decoration that pervaded Al-Mahrousa balconies – there is no difference in that between the inhabited communities where the luxury apartments are for the upper and middle class, and popular and middle-class dwellings for the vast majority of people, and in this sense, critic Hanan Shoman wrote her article “Egypt on the Balcony,” which means that balconies are mirrors in which the economic and social developments that Egypt has gone through in recent decades have been reflected and architecture has lost its aesthetic taste that once distinguished it. This observation is correct and we are all witnesses to it, but from within this ugliness that harms the eye, some manifestations of pleasure and joy are created, or to transmit some signs of life in the language of doctors. wipes Egyptian balconies before the holidays is an indicator of existence, continuity, renewal and vitality, and is evidence of familiarity, familiarity and common denominators for all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians. Let’s say this is a half full glass.
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Sleep flew out of my eyes just as dust flew from Haxhi Amal’s carpets from the strong blows she received from her professional assistant. I realized that after two or three days, I too had to set my own schedule at home, got the closest letter I could, and marked in it in a zigzag line the tasks of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The important thing is that everything ends before Sunday, to be the breakfast of Eid, Happy New Year ..

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