Arrival of the first low-cost flight from Abu Dhabi to Aqaba via the Hungarian company Wizz Air

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Today, Thursday, the first flight from Abu Dhabi landed at King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba aboard the low-cost airline Wizz Air, supported by the Tourism Promotion Authority and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority. , announcing the start of flights to and from Aqaba – Abu Dhabi.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities / Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Nayef Al-Fayez, said the arrival of the first low cost flight from Abu Dhabi for Wizz Air to land at King International Airport Hussein. , with an average of two flights per week.

Al-Fayez stressed the importance of launching this line with the international company Wizzair, which will have a significant impact on the significant increase in the number of tourists coming to the Kingdom over the coming period.

He added, “Before the pandemic, low-cost flights gave a new impetus to Jordanian tourism, which enabled it to take a big step and make the Kingdom win its bet in this sector and win its share. of a highly competitive market in the Middle East. “

He stressed that the government has been able, working in real partnership with the private sector, to overcome the difficult phase that the tourism sector went through after the Korona pandemic, stressing that tourism figures are promising, as the tourism sector began to recover gradually and tourism revenues have increased compared to the pandemic period.

On the other hand, the General Director of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat, stressed the importance of launching the Abu Dhabi road through the Hungarian low-cost company “wizzair”, noting that this step came as a result of continuous efforts over recent years.

The Arabiyat expected that these regular flights of the international company “wizzair” to the Kingdom would reflect positively on the tourist movement and increase the number of tourists coming to the Kingdom “, noting that the company will transport tourists of different nationalities to the Kingdom.

And the Arabiyat showed that the total flights through the low cost airline “Wizz Air” for the Abu Dhabi route are two flights, the end and the beginning of the week from and to Abu Dhabi – Aqaba.

For his part, the Commissioner for Tourism and Environment in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aqaba Airports, Dr. Nidal Al-Majali, said that the operation of the Aqaba-Abu Dhabi line by Wizz Ease comes as a result of joint efforts between the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority and the Jordan Tourism Authority. provided for aircraft arriving in Aqaba and to exempt their passengers from the departure fee of 40 dinars and incentives and exemptions provided by King Hussein International Airport for handling and rotation services and open skies policy, and the inauguration of this line confirms the trust of international airlines The location of Aqaba and its tourism product, which will positively reflect on the tourist movement in the region, increase the number of tourists coming to Aqaba and extend their stay.

Michael Berlusi, Managing Director of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, said: “Oman is an exciting travel destination that combines ancient history with a thriving cultural scene where travelers to Oman will be able to explore past civilizations and enjoy a range of exciting old and new neighborhoods. .

He added that world-class Jordanian tourist destinations can also be reached from Amman, providing the best historical and cultural tours. He added, “We look forward to welcoming you aboard our aircraft and sharing our passion for comfortable and affordable travel.” The General Director of Aqaba Airports and the Director of King Hussein International Airport Ramzi Arafat confirmed that King Hussein Airport, which operates under open conditions. the politics of the skies, sees the operation of the Abu Dhabi Aqaba section on board (Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is an added value to the Aqaba Special Economic Zone project with all its investment facilities, in addition to the expected tourist dimension between Jordan and the UAE United Arab Emirates.

Arafat pointed out that the operation of this airline is a strategic pillar that translates into the depth of fraternal relations between the two fraternal countries, which enjoy special patronage from the political leadership, with the aim of supporting fraternal ties and strengthening the Emirates’ orientation to maximize and increase the volume of investments that are expanding, in connection with the Marsa Zayed project, the tourist port and many investments in many areas.

Arafat said that Aqaba Airports Company, with the support of the Special Zone Authority and its investment arm, Aqaba Development Company, continues to implement its operational vision in line with the strategic plan towards attracting low-cost airlines, as it managed to connected King Hussein Airport with more than 24 destinations in many European countries, except Russia at very low prices.

It is worth noting that the low-cost airline Wizz Air announced last February the operation of flights between Abu Dhabi and Amman and Aqaba, with two flights a week to Amman on Saturday and Tuesday, and two flights to Aqaba on Sunday and on Thursday, at a very low cost.

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