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Talking to the general supervisor of the branch of the National Association for Human Rights in Mecca, Suleiman Al-Zaydi, you are faced with a scientific, cultural and human encyclopedia that you can not describe. The memory of our guest still preserves the image of the child in the village, with the love and mercy of his mother, with the wheat she planted, watered and harvested to serve a soup meal .. He sadly remembers the voice of his grandfather who greeted the country.

• Your reception for the month of Ramadan this year .. How?

•• Ramadan is a month of goodness and prosperity in which sins fall, and people get closer to each other than any other month, and in Ramadan the Muslim forgives and forgives those who have done injustice to draw closer to God. Social cohesion is strengthened and the structure of society increases strength and cohesion, so that the Muslim comes out of it without resentment and without hassle.

• When did you start fasting?

•• Usually young people imitate adults and seek to practice pre-duty fasting, which I remember starting halfway through the day, and young age – pre-duty – finds themselves in the middle of the day unable to resisted. thirst and hunger, so he eats and drinks, and claims to have fasted to prove himself.

• What is your reading of the local and international scene?

•• We thank God for the security that our country enjoys, and for the stability that has enabled the acceleration of sustainable development programs and their deployment in our land. Thanks to God and our good politics, our country today is attractive to foreign people and investments. While many nations of the earth live in internal strife and wars of war as a result of human tyranny, lack of wisdom and violation of rights. Unfortunately, some space analysts talk about weapons of mass destruction as if the world were heading for a picnic. More than 80 million people, most of them innocent civilians, were victims of weapons of mass destruction in both world wars. The inevitable result of the loss of security and stability is the disintegration of states and economic and social collapse. Statistics speak of the death of a person every second as a result of starvation and the capabilities of peoples go to more armaments.

I am banned

• Are you one who knows the cooking and cooking of Ramadan well?

•• I am not allowed to enter the kitchen and I adhere to and respect this decision.

• Your favorite dish in Ramadan?

•• Ramadan cooking is almost similar in Saudi society, but the best Ramadan dish that still retains its sweetness and sweetness, was from my mother’s hand, may God have mercy on her, which is the soup (wheat grains) that she . planted, watered, harvested, cooked and fed with her good hand.

• I spent Ramadan in the village and in the city, what is the difference?

•• The social structure in the village are extended families, in which everyone takes care of the whole, and the individual integrates with the group, and the general character is the simplicity of the people of the village during Ramadan. In terms of the social component. in the city it is very disciplined and the social relations in it are weak and every day they are increasing and people are interested in food competitions and drinks that drain what is in their pockets.

Ramadan and the League

• What are the beautiful memories of Ramadan?

•• The fond memories are many, including the memories of the village: with the purity of the environment, the nobility of the people and the simplicity of its life .. and the memories of the city: with its culture, its diversity and its society, the large number of its demands and the inability of man to withstand his own pressures .. and memories of alienation: where the willpower of a Muslim manifests itself in the face of temptations in a non-Muslim society. Students in exile, on the other hand, lack the family spirit that gathers around the breakfast table in an attractive spiritual atmosphere, as it often comes in the morning when you are in class. He eats some dates in class, continuing to listen and discuss. Currently, in some international sports leagues, the game stops for no more than a minute when it is time for breakfast to allow the Muslim player to eat dates and a drink of water and then continue running after the ball.

• Are you preparing a Ramadan program for the holy month?

•• We often find ourselves in the Kingdom facing the programs required by the month of Ramadan, as working hours change, and the daily routine of life in society puts you ahead of the programs with which we must interact.

• Where would you like to spend the month of fasting?

•• Ramadan fasted in more than one city in the kingdom and outside the kingdom, and since 1411 God has honored me to work and live in Makkah Al-Mukarremah, and fasting in it is not comparable to other cities and excludes that of Prophet nor city.

O my neighbor • Who do you invite to the breakfast table?

•• The one who accepts your invitation today for breakfast is the one who is most preferred by you, because people at this time raise the slogan “O my neighbor, you are in your house and I am in my house”, and I will be very happy if you accept my invitation.

• What is your favorite TV show?

•• I follow intellectual dialogues and I am intrigued by Abdullah Al-Mudaifer’s programs, as he is an intelligent interlocutor and I find him in most cases asking questions that come to my mind as a follower and that is what is required. of the interlocutor, as he selects his guests from multiple cultures, specializations and responsibilities.

• How many hours do you read and what are your favorite books?

•• Unfortunately, the electronic expansion and what is published in it took up most of my time and my reading in general in the field of educational sciences and human rights.

• A Ramadan custom you want to break?

•• The voice of my grandfather, may God have mercy on him, who calls to the neighborhood and says:

O sleeper, gather the money, get up for suhoor.

My work experience

• A prayer for Ramadan that you do not tire of repeating?

•• O God, you love amnesty cream amnesty forgive me.

• A writer you like to read?

•• At the level of the daily press, Ahmad Al-Jarallah, editor-in-chief of the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Seyassah, for his courage, bravery and holy fight against corruption. He is a writer who writes with a knife. I read about the thinker Dr. Radwan Al-Sayid, who was granted Saudi citizenship in 2022.

• Does a reader influence the listening of his recitation?

•• The voices of the Imams of the two holy mosques have sweetness and delicacy, but I am influenced by Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Nour, the oldest reader on Saudi radio, because his reading is a sorrow that brings tears and captures your feelings with sweetness of his voice and dissolves with it in spiritual displays that take hearts.

• What do you gain from your work in: education, shura, human rights, journalism, scouting, sports, third sector?

•• I have been honored to serve my country in more than one position at home and abroad, for example, education: it is the eternal love in which I spent most of my life as a student and as an official, including twenty years as director of education Education for girls, literacy programs, raising the qualification of teachers, building schools and equipping them with the latest technologies. I have witnessed and participated closely in our blessed educational and training renaissance.

Al-Shura: In Al-Shura, you have passed three courses under its dome, and Al-Shura is an all-encompassing and inclusive school that makes you accept and respect the other opinion, and you are good at listening and speaking so that to be able. to persuade great minds under the dome. Shura Council members represent the true model of inclusive national responsibility that pays no attention to regionalism and country at the expense of the nation.

Human rights: My interest in human rights started through my membership in the National Society for Human Rights, and then through my membership, and my chairmanship of the Shura Council Human Rights Committee, and I am currently supervised the branch of the Association in Mecca. Region.

The protection of human dignity and civil rights is the concern of the countries of the world today, and the legislation and regulations that have been issued in the Kingdom in recent years have paid the greatest attention to the protection of human rights.

Journalism: I started working in the press court when I was a student in high school, where I gave school news to the prestigious Al-Nadwa newspaper, then my activity expanded and the newspaper adopted me as its correspondent in the city of Taif, with a monthly reward of two hundred riyals, an extraordinary activity was distributed between interviews with heads of state and important personalities and because of the abundance of news published in my name, the well-known journalist of that time “Okaz”, Abdullah Ali Ahmed, was published on the front page of the newspaper Al-Zaydi occupation. After returning from studies abroad, I supervised the Al-Yamamah Press Foundation office in Taif for nearly five years.

Scouting: The Scouting activity is a voluntary activity and is one of the activities that impresses young people with strength and youth, shapes their personality, guides their way and integrates them at a young age in service to the community.

Personally, my experience in leading the Scout movement on Hajj took me back to the youthful tearing years. It is one of my best experiences and the same and closest to myself. Also, my previous membership in the Union of Arab Scouts Parliamentarians and the Muslim Union of Scouts, enriched my culture and experiences. Young scouts in our country offer the same volunteer services during Hajj.

Sport: I spent nearly (20) years as a member of the Saudi Athletics Federation during the presidency of Sports Prince Nawaf bin Muhammad of this federation, and I spent two sessions as a member of the Saudi Federation of Physical Education. held the presidency of the Arab Athletics Federation for five sessions, in the Saudi Federation I have lived his most important achievements at the regional, Arab, continental and global levels.

Arab Federation: The Federation Council is formed by election, has specialized committees and organizes four tournaments (adult championship, youth championship, youth championship, Cross Country), and shifts its championships to the map of the Arab world. Ai lind. to strengthen the mother of the games, in the program of the tournament we wanted to meet with the head of the place where the tournament takes place, where the young Arabs presented themselves to him, so that they would receive support and encouragement. by him. We were honored to meet with a number of heads of state, presidents and ministers in Arab countries.

Third Sector: This sector is important and is a non-profit sector and the Kingdom encourages citizens to contribute to it through their voluntary efforts and to exercise their right to recognition and empowerment. I have been in this sector since I was my official job, and I am currently the Chairman of the Board of the Association of Charity and Social Solidarity in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, which is one of the largest associations in the Holy Capital.

• A word with which you want to end our conversation.

I thank the newspaper Okaz, which I had the honor to work within a day.

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