Saif Al-Mansoori: “Mandarin Gourmet” is the spirit of competition and innovation.

(MENAFN- Al-Bayan)

Saif Al-Mansoori, the Emirati entrepreneur, managed to challenge the Covid 19 virus pandemic and its aftermath and launched his Mandarin Gourmet restaurant project during the 2021 pandemic peak, despite the advice he received from many expectations, but he dared and accepted the challenge. . (Dubai – Mohammed Abdul Rashid

Al-Mansoori noted that the success story he fought was accompanied by rapid decision-making and communication with people experienced in developing and launching a number of food brands through conducting dozens of tasting experiments to achieve the desired taste accurately full, emphasizing that Emirates brands are capable of spreading abroad and in globalization.

Saif Al-Mansoori said in a statement to Al-Bayan: “My working life started in the late nineties when I graduated from university in America in 1997 and I was an amateur and interested in technology and during that period we developed tools. techniques that enabled me to develop my site and at that time I called it ( and if I had finished it would be like Dubizzle now. A check comes from America in exchange for ads on the site, and this encouraged me more to take advantage of successive technical developments, and not only that, but I have always thought of adding something new in this area.

Al-Mansoori added: When I returned to the UAE, I invested in US stocks and also in domestic stocks in addition to work. The beginnings of work in general trade were the purchase of containers of goods and their sale in the retail sector, and various. The goods were distributed through shops, clothes, shoes, bags, plates and others, and I imported the goods required and needed from the market.

Al-Mansoori said he added to his experience a new experience after working in real estate, where he bought and sold directly, and received financing from the bank. Until I became the agent of (DJI), the largest drone company in the world, and I am still its agent in the UAE.

He added, “I started a yacht and boat rental company, which is a big and successful company, and last year I got my first cryptocurrency trading license.”

I also founded Socialista Media, which is based on event management, website development and application, and relationships with social media stars and social influencers.

Establishment of the group

Saif Al-Mansoori founded the Bin Al-Sheikh Group and is currently its CEO, as he believes that the UAE is a country of opportunity and enjoys a flexible investment environment and favorable facilities for launching projects. The state has been transformed by a small start-up companies entering the global investment scene with a capital of over one billion dollars. It is advisable not to stop trying to achieve dreams, because success is not a quick meal you order and get ready, but a luxury dish cooked on low heat.

Al-Mansoori says the Bin Al-Sheikh group of companies includes among its pillars several companies for general trade, restaurants, franchises, trade agencies and others, and was able to open new companies that possess the spirit of competition and innovation. , and understand the privacy of the place where they work, and did not rely on a legacy or robe, and the model of the kitchen in the computer cloud. “Mandarin Gourmet” relies heavily on delivery services, and Mandarin Gourmet has partnerships with the country’s most prominent delivery platforms such as Zomato, Deliveroo and Talabat. We decided to focus on what we excel at, which is to ensure the quality of the ingredients used in our meals, and to innovate in the delivery of these foods by the best chefs and the most delicious recipes, leaving the experts in the field of delivery. serves the task of sending the order to the customer, so as it is said “we give bread to his baker.” .

Partnerships and agencies

Al-Mansoori said, “Currently, I’re receiving offers from partnerships or agencies for expansion, as outside investors have come to me for the partnership. I’m almost working with a number of partners right now to come up with an approved start – up and partnership formula. In Dubai I have a company called “Imtiaz” for the management of events and exhibitions and from there we started the project “The Market” His idea is to use the land in crowded places and areas and we operate open markets that include 50 brands , including mobile shops and restaurants, a large area for children’s playgrounds, entertainment and more, which attract community members.


Al-Mansoori said the opportunity came to crystallize all the experiences and ideas during the Corona pandemic by creating a “cloud” or “virtual” kitchen, which relies on technology as an innovative solution to deal with the pandemic challenges, providing menus for virtual platforms and performing ordering operations through them.

Al-Mansoori explained that despite the advice he received from many to wait, he took a risk and accepted the challenge, and at the moment of closing, he launched “Mandarin Gourmet”, as the pandemic had negative consequences for workers in the hospitality sector. , and may be the sector that had to lay off employees with the spread of the Corona epidemic. As a group, we took advantage of the availability of expert and skilled staff in the market and worked to attract the best. This abundance of experiences allowed us to select a prominent elite, whether chefs or workers, and we created the cloud kitchen, bringing the number of its branches to 4 in Dubai currently, and 4 branches in Abu Dhabi, and we are preparing to expand later and that the “Cloud Kitchen” project was not a repeat of delivering the same food within the community, as only the name was needed from it, while the innovation was in taste and high quality, as the menu includes “Lebanese, Egyptian, American, Mexican, Italian, Levantine and many others ”. He stressed that his project currently includes many brands and stressed that he is inclined to diversify food brands to be among the most famous cuisines in the world, such as “Foul and Ta’mya Restaurant” from Egyptian cuisine, “Maalem Shawarma”. “from Syrian cuisine, and” Sofra Um Ali “from Egyptian cuisine. Lebanese cuisine, Gyro Station from Greek cuisine, Billy Boys Burgers and Philly Cheese Steak from American cuisine, Pizza Monkey, Pizza Matthews, Sabrina Bakery from Italian cuisine,” Panchos Grill ”From Mexican cuisine, and many other international brands.


To expand its business in the field and experience of digital currencies, Al-Mansoori said it has launched Tars, a company that specializes in buying and selling digital currencies, and Sima Store, a company that specializes in storing digital currencies. . »As an alternative to the original currency we have preserved, we recently launched the Foster company, which is a” cryptocurrency “that helps sustainability and nature, where we buy land in Colombia, cultivate and invest it, and the queen is confused with agriculture itself and to buy the queen we buy trees or plants, which we plant at their value to add to the environment, and through technology and for the client to invest with us, we put. cameras to track agriculture, even crops and produce return to them and profits.

Al Mansouri concluded: “Competition in any field is a good thing for all competitors, as it motivates us to do our best in the pursuit of superiority over competitors. “It is true that the hospitality sector in the UAE is a very competitive market, but in the food race, survival and victory are the most delicious.”


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