Royal Mansour .. Moroccan paradise on earth

Owned by King Mohammed VI of Morocco, this Moroccan palace is a true paradise on earth, a destination where you can relax, enjoy and dine in luxury.

There is paradise on earth in Marrakesh, a place where time stands between luxury and sophistication … a hotel that is almost a city within the city itself, a city a few steps away from the ever-vibrant city empire; a hotel to enjoy capital letters, a hotel to stay; We are talking about Royal Mansour, one of the best accommodations in the world that offers an experience for all the senses.

A hotel that makes you feel like a king

Royal Mansour was the dream of Muhammad VI; The king wanted a place to entertain friends and family on their visits to the capital. Little by little the idea started to turn it into a hotel, a place where you can experience the most surprising luxury.

The hotel opened its doors in 2010 and did so after a tireless work time, which has gathered over 1500 craftsmen to give it the magnificent side it enjoys, which is nothing but an honor for the status of hospitality Moroccan.

Passing through its gates, we enter a semi-magical world, serenity and admiration at every step, from the craftsmanship, from the magnificent coffin ceilings, stucco, mosaics, furniture or textiles, everything there exudes perfection.

So much so that it is defined as a city within another, because Royal Mansour has no rooms to use, but 53 riad spread over its vast land; Each riad has one, two or three rooms, your house in Marrakech with three floors, with a living room and a patio on the ground floor, the simplest room on the ground floor and a private balcony overlooking the pool and sun loungers. diellit.

There is much to enjoy, like the inviting pools in the middle of a park of no less than two and a half acres, designed by Spanish landscape painter Luis Vallejo; Wandering there is a pleasure for all the senses as the birds sing and get lost in an Eden garden filled with palm trees, fruit trees, flowers, olives and even a garden with aromatic herbs and organic vegetables that nourish its cuisines. various restaurants.

There is also an almost hidden spa, which was voted in 2021 as the best spa in the world by the World Luxury Spa Awards; Spread over an area of ​​2500 square meters, it has an indoor pool and a white lounge that lets you navigate in it, which is a prelude to a menu of treatments and wellness programs and one of the best international hammams.

Luxury is also the service, here everything is at the right level, because every corner of the hotel is made by no less than 550 workers, almost invisible, who ensure that their guests do not miss anything by navigating through tunnels hidden from sight of no one. .

All this offer may be within the reach of very few people, but the wonderful thing is that the Royal Mansour Hotel is not only created for the pleasure of its guests, but that all those who want to visit it can do so. For this reason, they have the opportunity to make reservations at any of their restaurants (from 70 to 80 euros per person), in their bathroom or through their daily card, which gives them access to just over 110 euros to spend the day in their pool. Mocktail and gastronomic menu at Le Jardin.

Royal Mansour: a gourmet destination with four restaurants

Since its inception, Royal Mansour is also believed to be a stand-alone gastronomic destination; With the task of merging Moroccan culture with those in other parts of the world, Yannick Alléno is considered one of the most interesting chefs in the new French cuisine and has earned six Michelin stars in more than a dozen restaurants around the world.

Yannick understood perfectly how to combine Mediterranean culture with Moroccan, signing on the list of no less than three of the four restaurants in Royal Mansour; What do they all have in common? The product that is most important and therefore supplied with local products organically grown in the region, turns the hotel into a catalyst for the local economy.

One of his gems is La Grande Table Marocaine, the restaurant that was born with the opening of the hotel, as a result of the fusion of Parisian cuisine and that of the Kingdom of Morocco. What did they get? One of the best dining restaurants, where you can enjoy special dishes from north to south, where tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

Each dish and each ingredient has names and titles, like syrup fish soup, briouat dough stuffed with lamb flavored with mint or spinach and cheese, tagine sardines with caramel or two of the star dishes, pigeon pastilles and langosta doukkala blue.

As tradition dictates, couscous is served on Fridays, as it is eaten in Moroccan houses. To do this, they suggest a full menu for around 38 euros in exchange, which starts with Moroccan salads and continues with a couscous dish, to choose from three options, vegetables, chicken or lamb and ends with a refreshing orange salad or. a typical milk-filled lozenge mixed with orange blossom milk.

The latest to join the Royal Mansour gastronomic show in 2016 is Le Jardin, its Mediterranean Mediterranean restaurant, with touches of other international cuisines like Peruvian cuisine. The pool belt is this outdoor oasis to eat under the shade of palm trees and olives and take advantage of the good temperatures to dine under the stars.

In 2019 the hotel opened a new Italian restaurant called Sesamo. Everything there drains a dolce of vita, from Murano glass chandeliers, to photos of Italian cities hanging on their walls. Other excellent restaurants have collaborated with this restaurant, brothers Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo, with spaces in Italy and France and three Michelin stars in Le Calandre, in their home country of Padua.

Nicknamed by many as “Mozart of Italian gastronomy”, the cuisine designed by Massimiliano talks about the alpine country, its traditions and the renewal of its previous flavors. Famous dishes are embodied here, such as Majorelle cappuccino, a delicacy made with squid dye, mashed potatoes and spirulina that reaches that blue color reminiscent of the home gardens of Yves Saint Laurent and Jacques Majorelle.

They also embroider parmigiana, steamed Roman pizza and pasta, such as baked shrimp and squid baked with roasted almonds, anchovies culatura and bottarga.

Royal Mansour is constantly evolving and always seeks the best to satisfy its customers. Last addition? La Table, his French restaurant, has been renovated into a modern, more relaxed and authentic braserie concept, with a new space decorated for the occasion.

Provencal shrimp, home-made smoked fish, fish with sauces filled with aromatic herbs and even a selection of everyday dishes, from boulabis as done in Marseille to lamb blankets, to catch the day à la meunière. Their sweets also deserve special attention, e.g. Delicate Saint-Honoré, some excellent pastry pieces filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce or traditional ottle flottante.

Afternoon tea..a snack in the desert

These four restaurants are joined by a host of experiences for food travelers, with their bars where you can enjoy wonderful afternoon drinks accompanied by live music.

In addition to the spaces of Sésamo, La Table, Le Jardin or La Gran Table Marocaine, you can add a private table to the dream spaces, whether in one of its sports, in Sésamo overlooking the kitchen, in the middle. garden or a private dining area, literally, at the tops of trees; It is called The Nest and is a table in the Highlands with Le Jardin cuisine.

Other excellent Royal Mansour plans include afternoon tea, served daily between 15:00 and 18:00 at La Table, as well as the possibility of Moroccan tea and a snack in the Agafay Desert.

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