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The French newspaper Le Figaro said the Palestinians were fighting relentlessly to defend their land in the face of the Israeli occupation strategy and the relentless advance of settlers, to halt development in Palestinian-administered areas by linking settlements together to prevent the creation of a state of stable Palestinian.

In a report written by its special envoy to the West Bank, Thierry Oberley, the newspaper explained that the sight of the illegal post office “Sri Boaz” (under Israeli law) on top of the hill opposite the land of Mahmud Ali and the tower of guard. of the occupying army adjacent to his property behind barbed wire clearly explain the obstacles of Palestinian cattle.

Mahmud Ali, who worked on construction sites on the Israeli side, was dumped by Israeli army excavators into a pile of rubble five times, and court decisions justified him this time for security reasons, and sometimes for defects in building permits. He sighs, “My children have witnessed the destruction of our home since we were little. The demolition of the house is the worst punishment for a family, we only ask for water and live in peace under one roof that shelters us.”

This Palestinian lives in Al-Khader, a Palestinian city located in Zone C in the West Bank – which the international community considers an area occupied and administered by the Palestinian Authority under military supervision by Israel – after addressing livestock, but with a weak. “It’s appropriate, but I no longer support the idea of ​​building for the people who tore down the walls of my house.”

Despite his caps, which he has collected in a large administrative file that he carefully keeps in his wallet, his building permit applications, submitted with the support of Palestinian lawyers, have all remained rejected or suspended, says the delegate of the French newspaper.


Mahmud Ali – whose brother and family live with him in this town – says: “We built a small room for the children and the soldiers flattened it. We made a metal fence for the sheep and they are threatening to remove it. , come sometimes to confiscate a cement mixer or to remove the windows “, especially since the slightest change is ascertained. Immediately with the drone.

“We are being spied on every day, sometimes at night, and every time we do what the drone coming from the Serre Boaz colony shows,” he added.

The Le Figaro delegate noted that these flying cameras are remotely controlled by Israeli activists of the pro-settlement organization “Regavim”, which has turned drones into an armed wing of the legal guerrilla war against the Palestinians.

With these mechanisms, points of conflict on the ground are monitored and documented, so that the documents refer to the judiciary and the Israeli army, says Naomi Kahn, director of the international department in Regavim, noting that they provide drones to security officials. settlements.

And the director of this movement – which was co-founded by far-right MP Bezalel Smotrich, leader of the Zionist Religious Party – adds: “We have coaches and a special team, we control the construction on the ground that we consider illegal. previously occupied by the Arabs, and compared to the old satellite images we identified 72,000 in 2021, compared to 50,000 in 2019. ”

Naomi Kahn confirms, during a car tour of the borders of the Gush Etzion settlements, that “the Palestinians have an agenda to link the areas they administer to Zone C and gain geographical proximity, and Israel forgives or authorizes these expansions. Here , for example, there is a quarry in Jerusalem that has been exploited without permission, there is a school a new one elsewhere and a tractor in a field.

For his part, Hassan Brijieh, secretary general of the Committee to Resist the Bethlehem Occupation and Partition Wall, said: “The settlers are building smoothly, backed by the Israeli army, as is the case in Sar’s post. Boaz, and block roads with stone dams to complicate the passage of farmers to their olive groves and vineyards, and farmers are exposed.Palestics are attacked in areas by armed convoys, the convicts act with complete impunity, their clear purpose is to stop the development in areas under Palestinian administration by linking settlements between them, to prevent the creation of a stable Palestinian state.

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The newspaper delegate points out that Israeli progress on the ground is relentless, citing the case of the village of Jubbet al-Dib near the ruins of Herod’s Palace, which has become a small village surrounded by two Jewish settlements. A place without a building permit and without a permit for the electricity network and where is it forbidden to place a water tank needed in the summer to irrigate the plots? The olives are already gone. “

On the other hand, Gidi Kilman – a resident of the Seri Boaz post – confirms these statements in his own way, saying that “the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is a war for land and will continue until the border is completed. demarcated ”.

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