In the days of Eid al-Fitr, dresses embroidered and decorated with colors of joy attract women | OVERVIEW

Aman- With the approach of the feast of Eid al-Fitr, many women tend to decorate their appearance with elegant abaya and go in search of models that are in line with the Eid atmosphere and dressed with the attribute of oriental heritage at the same time. .

And this year, after the lack of atmosphere of traditional Eid meetings and visits in the last two years, as a result of the global pandemic, we see hearts eager for joy and the rituals of Eid days, especially in the choice of clothing that. every girl likes to feel elegant and special by choosing.

Given the beauty and modernity of abaya designs in recent days, in addition to the request of many stars and “fashionistas” to wear them, women chose to decorate their look with abaya in the days of Eid, and this has been noted by Al Jazeera Net. talking to them.

Due to the beauty and modernity of abaya models in recent days, women chose to decorate their appearance in the days of Eid (Al-Jazeera)

Eid robe

“There is nothing more beautiful than the king of colors… the color black.” With these words, Souad Al-Masry, forty years old, expressed the reason for choosing a black cloak embroidered with simple inscriptions, “decorated with a belt at the waist”, to suit her taste.

She says, “The manifestations of the Eid holiday are related to wearing a new abaya created especially for this occasion. We wear it and welcome family and guests to our homes.”

It turned out that she and her friends agreed this year to gather at the home of one of them, after the family visits were over, so that they could exchange greetings in an atmosphere of joy and rejoicing, “as each of us wants to wear a “beautiful abaya, which suits her,” she said.

As for the reindeer, Salma Abdullah, she prefers an unconventional look to the abaya, according to her saying, so she chose it from two parts in cool blue; The first is a basic dress, and the outside is an open abaya, with colorful embroidery.

It turns out that she is interested in fashion and follows what the “fashionista” wears as she is always looking for everything new and special and exchanges thoughts with the stylist before adopting the “model” (design) that suits her. her age and style at the same time.

8 Modern Abaya is suitable for all ages and suits the taste of oriental women - (Al-Jazeera)
A modern abaya can be designed to suit both mother and daughter in a way that adds a touch of joy to Eid (Al-Jazeera) clothes.

different flavors

Roa Ghanem, 34, adopted the “pink chiffon coat” model, with embroidered silver beads, explaining that she feels elegance and luxury by choosing this design.

While the mother, Ohood, agreed with her daughter, Raneem, who is studying at university level, to unify the “model” of abayas for them this year, and the mother says: “The idea was suggested by my daughter, and honestly me. “I hesitated, but I was convinced when the stylist showed me some models suitable for all ages and fell. We chose two dresses in indigo.”

2 Zeinab al-Kiswani- (Al Jazeera)
Modern Abaya is suitable for all ages and occasions and suits the tastes of oriental women (Jazira)

abaya moderne

Jordanian fashion designer Zainab al-Kiswani confirms that the modern abaya occupies an advanced position in fashion designs, and accordingly we see many fashion stars and bloggers (fashionistas) wearing it on occasions, due to the design of its special.

Al-Kiswani says: “This year, we are witnessing a great demand from women to design abaya, as there is a longing and joy for the coming of Eid, and this is evident in their choice of colors of joy in abaya design. .. “

The designer showed that the modern abaya suits all ages and suits the taste of oriental women, as there are different patterns and cuts, numerous fabrics, as well as inscriptions, accessories or embroidery that adorn the abaya and its colors vary according to fashion lines. .

And mention the types of fabrics you use in fashion design of dresses, which are: linen, chiffon, crepe, satin, zhorgette, silk and lace.

Abayas accessories vary, there are designs embroidered with inscriptions and heritage symbols in many forms, and others are added with beads and temina, in addition to the fashion of feathers that add luxury to the piece, as well as metallic accessories. that have been carefully selected for abaya.

1 Jordanian fashion designer Zainab Al Kiswani - (Al Jazeera)
Jordanian fashion designer Zainab Al-Kiswani: This year is witnessing a large turnout of women to design abaya, as there is longing and joy for the arrival of Eid (Al-Jazeera)

How do you choose the cuts and colors?

Al-Kiswani carefully advises in choosing abaya suitable for every girl, for example, a girl with short stature does not fit into her loose clothing.This suits the tall and slender girl.

In terms of colors, white skin suits warm colors like black and blue, as well as red and orange. As for wheat skin, it is suitable for all warm and cold colors, as for light brown skin, it is suitable for light shades like earth colors, and medium skin is suitable for green color and pink, as Al-Kiswani says.

Abayas on Eid
Abaya with a belt at the waist fits a tall and slender girl who fits without a belt (Al-Jazeera)

Abaya me athlete

As for the design of the abaya, Al-Kiswani says that the loose (open) abaya is the most sought after and popular, and the girl can wear it over the dress, or over the pants, and there are models for which there is a “waist belt”. “three-quarters” of the girl’s height is added and projected, and she can wear sneakers to look beautiful Modern look.

Al-Kiswani showed that colors can be combined in some abaya designs, provided they are homogeneous. For example, when red is combined with orange to a certain degree, the result looks amazing, she said.

Abayas on Eid
The wide coat is the most sought after and popular, and the girl can wear it over the dress or pants (Al-Jazeera)

Fashion 2022

Al-Kiswani mentioned the fashion colors for this year: orange, light purple, light blue, cream, indigo, bright phosphorescent colors and black, which always retains its place on the forehead.

Because of her experience in fashion design, she says: “Modern abajas are very beautiful, but women have to choose them carefully to feel different in their dress. Sometimes a woman may want a model of an abaya that does not match its structure and skin. color, and here I advise her to choose another model that shows her an elegant and prominent look.

Al-Kiswani showed that Eid dresses have a special shine, as there are many receptions, visits and gatherings, so women are inclined to choose the most beautiful designs and colors.

She concludes: “Since the holy month, many women have been inclined to book an application to design an abaya, and some have even chosen more than one model, given the large number of occasions and gatherings they have in the days of Eid ”.

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