Cope with all weather factors for 50 years. Shabana denies the allegations of AI critics

01:49 pm

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Libra – Osama Ali:

Mohamed Shabana, a member of the Council of the Journalists’ Union, said that the new design for the facade of the Union building was made at the highest level in terms of form and materials, explaining that it was designed and supervised by the Architectural Design Support and Engineering. Center at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

This came in response to criticism leveled at Shabana for changing the facade of the Journalists’ Union, following the spread of a project image of the Union building on social media, which did not receive the approval of many journalists.

Shabana in a statement today, Wednesday, added: “For the third time and until the hearts of all colleagues, members of the General Assembly of the Journalists’ Union … and given that I always assume good faith and sincerity for him all colleagues … there are some points that need to be clarified regarding the facade of the Union building. “journalists, as follows:

First: The new design of the facade of the building of the Union at the highest level in terms of form and materials, and has designed and supervised its implementation until the engineering and technical delivery and everything, “Center for Support of Architectural and Engineering Design ( Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University) ”, which is the most prestigious center in this field in the Middle East, He was also employed for all future union work.

Second: It was created to take into account, God willing, all the factors of hot and cold weather and rain, and to live and endure for more than fifty years; Unfortunately, the previous design with all its materials and tools started to collapse less than 15 years after its creation.

Third: The design image here on Facebook is not the same as the quality and the real look, as the colors may look a bit dark.

Fourth: The design has taken into account the originality and joy and an advanced lighting system; Especially after sunset at night and it will be very special .. The photos that are placed are just model photos nothing more. What is in line with the issue of merging will be chosen. use thereafter in bringing in advertising revenue, in addition to broadcasting what relates to the union, its history and news throughout the day.

Fifth: It is not at all reasonable to ask the question about the shape of the union scale or the photos of the martyrs, by some colleagues; These are issues that can never or will not be discussed. The images of the martyrs are present in the same existing form and no one will approach them. Also, the degree of union is in the same form, size and everything. .No one can question the intentions of the union council, and the council is very interested in what it wants. Dear colleagues.

Sixth: Many colleagues may not know that the financial burdens of the union in recent years are very large and as you know the sources are almost non-existent and the council’s approach to the president is not to burden colleagues with any. the increase in subscriptions or financial liabilities and the difference that widens with an increase that has reached dozens of persons between income and expenses. Especially the captain, with a fabulous effort to compensate for this without compromising the services of colleagues, which increased unprecedentedly, whether in terms of treatment, loans, subsidies, pensions, training assistance, technology and other union services. and securing the millions allocated to the front has never been easy.

Seventh: If I talk about my personality, I am never a fan of questioning the intentions of any colleague, not even responding to those who want to doubt.

Eighth: On the occasion of what was published by some colleagues, whether members of the Council or outside it; For the first time in the history of unions, what they called mistakes amounted to questioning the budget and union violations, in addition to the resignations formally submitted to the Council, communications sent to the Attorney General and many events in this context.

Shabana explained: “I inform you that the Council has dealt with full transparency, calm and trust in this context and has submitted all the documents required by the Public Prosecution and has been authorized with everything it has requested until the final decision is issued more than two months ago to maintain all communications submitted by the Council colleague, whose resignation was the subject of his communications and complaints. ” And the Public Prosecution formally declares the preservation of these communications, the transparency and integrity of the Egyptian Journalists Union. When the Public Prosecution announced the decision, we did not publish this decision, we did not wear the dress of heroism and we did not ask the colleague to be activated and accepted in the proper law and his removal from the Council. with the principle that the Journalists’ Union may have different opinions, but it is never acceptable to question it and its integrity. It will not increase or decrease the removal of a colleague from the council or its continuation and probably be just a lesson that differences of opinion are very acceptable.The value and prestige of the Journalists’ Union and its General Assembly and the Public Prosecutor’s Office proclaimed the last word and we placed it as a crown on our heads.

The council member continued: “Finally … God willing, everything will go well and according to what is expected and desired by the colleagues of the general assembly. is raising the status of the profession and our union applies to all of us.

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