Adopting the psychological quality of life is a national priority for world governments

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A knowledge report entitled “Make the psychological quality of life a national priority”, prepared by the World Government Summit, in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, stressed the importance of governments and countries adopting the psychological quality of life, making it a national priority for the next stage. and the need to intensify global efforts and integrate inclusive mental health initiatives into public health services by 2025.

The report stated that the World Health Organization defined in 2018, the concept of good psychological quality of life, as “a state of psychological levels, in which the individual realizes his abilities, can face normal life pressures with high flexibility and can work more productively and be able to contribute and be effective in his community. ”

He explained that improving the quality of psychological life for members of society has become a matter of public interest, stressing that the “Covid 19 pandemic” has caused an unprecedented mental health crisis worldwide, between bans and closures, social distancing. measures, job losses and education for After, sudden shift to distance work.

Feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and loss of self-confidence have become a challenge that governments must intensify their efforts to address and find appropriate solutions to improve the quality of life of people of all ages who previously considered themselves psychologically “normal”.

Muhammad Yousef Al-Sharhan, Deputy Director of the World Government Summit Foundation, confirmed that the World Government Summit Foundation has established its global position, a knowledge platform for designing the future, and a research institution to predict the variables that will determine the parameters of the future in the medium and long term, and to find innovative solutions to challenges, which contribute to improving the lives of people and human societies.

Al Sharhan said the report “Making the psychological quality of life a national priority”, in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers, focuses on the need to strengthen government work, support initiatives to improve the quality of psychological life for individuals and societies, and the importance of reliance on modern technology in policy making and launching future initiatives that contribute to achieving government goals.

pandemic effect

For his part, Hamish Clark, Director of Mental Health at PwC Middle East, said: “Every year, the global economy loses about a trillion dollars in productivity, due to mental illness and the pandemic has accelerated this effect.”

He noted that through research work in partnership with the World Government Summit Foundation, a number of important recommendations were presented to governments, regarding the end of social stigma related to mental health in the workplace and the building of resilient societies.

Lina Chedid, Managing Director for Health Care in the Middle East, PwC Middle East, said: mental, is important in Reducing social stigma associated with mental health.

It also raises awareness and gives voice to those who suffer in silence. ” According to the report, the “Covid 19” pandemic has affected several aspects of mental health worldwide. The psychological health of the first line of defense has been affected during the pandemic and the elderly have been separated from their children, due to measures of social distancing.

The report showed that in the short term, the economic and social disruption caused by “Covid 19” led to the termination or suspension of critical mental health services in 93% of the 130 countries included in the study conducted by the World Health Organization. , between June and August 2020. Where the epidemic forced Chinese society ..

For example, addressing the challenges of depression, anxiety and loneliness, which have often been overlooked in the past, due to widespread ignorance and stereotypes about mental health treatment.

innovative policies

The report stressed that the continuing impact of the pandemic should constitute an incentive for governments and decision-makers to develop and implement innovative policies that can improve the quality of psychological life in all sectors of society.

The report showed that awareness of mental health issues has increased throughout the Middle East, especially among young people. The Arab Youth Survey 2019 found that 31% of Arab youth know someone with a mental health problem.

He said that in the UAE, the “National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life” launched a campaign in April 2020, to provide mental health support to all members of society and to help them overcome psychological impact. pandemic, through a telephone line, to provide immediate assistance to callers and to discuss their situation in front of psychological specialists and experts, while Saudi Arabia is interested in social and psychological support to help people cope with negative feelings, from the stress and anxiety caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. , through dedicated telecommunication service.

The report highlighted the importance of realizing the effects of new digital services on the mental health of individuals, noting the possibility of “using digital technologies as an enabling factor for positive mental health”, as “Covid 19” significantly showed how “Zoom”, “Skype” applications and technologies can help. Video communications, as well as social media, keep people connected.


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