Your wife does not know how to cook … What is your role in this case?

My wife does not want to learn to cook
Young Saeed Muhammad (pseudonym) tells Al Jazeera Net about his suffering with his young wife and says: “I have been married for 3 years to a good and beautiful woman, but I suffer with her in the cooking problem, as is not at all interested in cooking and does not want to learn it from my mother or her mother, even though she is a housewife and not a worker, i.e. she has time to learn the basics of cooking, and the fridge has everything from chicken, meat, seafood and vegetables, but she does not want to devote herself to the kitchen.

Muhammad adds: “She is only interested in taking care of her elegance and beauty and tidying up the house. I do not know how to solve this problem. I am very tired of ready food and going to my mother to eat. We are married and “We can not go on like this, and I’m very skeptical about starting a family. Children need to be fed.” be painful for both parties.

good bite
As for her husband, Sami Al-Khazen, he likes a good bite from his wife Salwa’s hand, she is skilled in the art of cooking, though she is a working woman but wants to spend time in the kitchen willingly . to taste the delicious food and he does not put pressure on her, but instead shares with her in the housework, for it is over and the relationship between them is based on respect, understanding and satisfaction and both require psychological. stability, security and comfort, and they always succeed in resolving issues, he says.

Samiu closes his speech by saying that he likes to go into the kitchen as well, as he feels pleasure while preparing food and feels that performing this task is “happiness and not a task”.

positive energy
Danny Abi Rashid considers himself to have made tremendous progress with his wife Mira after suffering and long patience, so he decided to raise her soul and give her positive energy to calm her down over time. And so, after some effort, Mira managed to learn the arts of cooking, enjoy unparalleled delicious food, to the extent that she began to invent new dishes and invite her friends and family to enjoy what her hands did .

Danny emphasizes that disagreements should not arise because of these domestic issues, especially if there is love and the relationship is strong between the spouses, and they should understand, share, cooperate and not feel pressured and obligated.

po gatuan mami
But what about the constant opposition and remorse for what the woman is trying to do too much to please her husband. The frustrated woman, Mona (pseudonym), says the result is unfortunately negative, except she shouts and sometimes reaches that point. offensive and hurtful speech.

This is how Mona says that her husband was never satisfied with her food and did not thank her for preparing delicious and different dishes, of course I decided to give up and not try it anymore, she said.

innovative solutions
The young woman who works, Amy Saad, is happy and satisfied with her personal life and is reconciled with herself and her husband on the issue of cooking, she relies on ready meals in her daily life, or has food from her mother. the father-in-law or husband prepares a certain dish because he is familiar with the art of cooking, even the daughter learns it and he has no problem cooking.

Not to exaggerate the problem of cooking
Family psychologist Nadine Ghaleb says there are women who believe they bring joy and happiness to their husbands and children through the kitchen and mastering the basics of cooking with the issues of life.

The specialist advises not to exaggerate the problem of cooking between spouses, because every problem has a solution and nothing is impossible or difficult, as it is easy to learn and master the principles of cooking and it is preferable to organize time to find an opportunity for cook delicious, fast and healthy foods that benefit children instead of fast food and the husband’s heart is also happy.

Mother cooking and wife cooking
There are men who prefer their mother’s food even if their wives are good at cooking and this can offend the woman’s psyche, so the husband should take into account his wife’s feelings and not underestimate her because she will generate negative feelings between the two parties. In short, the husband should avoid comparing the mother’s cooking to that of the wife because it worsens the relationship, Nadine says.

The family specialist claims that it is good for the husband to help the wife with the burden of the house and perform some tasks, among which the most important is the cooking process, like any member of the family.

Participation also increases the atmosphere of intimacy between husbands and gives women more happiness, and there is no shame at all about this, as can be said, and there is no shame in the matter of masculinity or status of the husband, but on the contrary, the marital relationship will a calmer life, full of love and respect and based on understanding, according to Nadine Ghaleb.

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