The need for relationships as an important component of our psychological well-being

Creating friendships is important for mental health. True friendships lead to increased trust, love, loyalty and sympathy in a person, which makes him a normal citizen in his actions with others, even with his family. .In this case, friendship is one of the most important emotional relationships after family relationship; In the case of the presence of a person among friends, he gains a great emotional value represented in the emotional participation with friends, as well as in the moral and material contribution, just talking to a friend certainly gives psychological comfort and makes to feel inner peace. , and this happens when this friend shows no concern from your conversation with him even if He had no solution to your problems, but just talking comfortably with this friend gives you peace and tranquility.

The importance of the friend in difficult moments, such as thinking about divorce, suffering from unemployment or rising debts, even if the friend does not have a financial role to help, he can morally support his friend, even with advice.

Some may think that friendship stays in the stage of childhood and adolescence and then the person is preoccupied with the life cycle of family and work, but the truth is that a person needs friendship throughout his life even in old age. He remains in need for Psychological Support during this phase of his life, as other family members are less interested in the elderly, in such moments the friend remains the psychological support and safe inner shelter. (Foy, 2021).

In terms of mental health, it was found that people who lack friends are more targeted for psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety, feelings of boredom, boredom and low self-development, as well as suffering from tension, severe shame and inability to act. effectively when circumstances force them to interact with others. In addition to their poor resistance to physical illnesses and their delay in recovery from them, and the death rate after infection with these illnesses increase, compared to patients who enjoy good social relationships that provide them with emotional support (Saad, 2022). how important is friendship? And what role does friendship play in our psychological well-being?

In an international study recently published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Psychology, researchers analyzed data from the World Values ​​Survey, which included a large number of individuals, namely 323,200 people from 99 countries, including most Arab countries. , to recognize each other’s appreciation for the importance of the friendship relationship in his life, and its relationship to various indicators of his mental health, and in this study entitled “The importance of friendship around the world: connections to cultural factors, Health and well-being ”researchers found that prioritizing friendships in life is associated with improving physical health and increasing happiness.

In this study, researchers proposed an explanation for the existence of a causal relationship between indicators of mental health and friendship. They claim that “there is a close link between social support on the one hand, and lifelong mental and physical health on the other.” The study adds, “One of the most important sources of support is our friends. Friends give us a strong sense of companionship, alleviate feelings of loneliness and contribute to self-esteem and life satisfaction. Recognizing our friends’ support Security is associated with a sense of increased purpose and meaning in life, and an increased sense of control and control over its flow.Friendship is sometimes also associated with health to an equal degree, and in some cases, to a greater degree than marital and relationship relationships. between parents and children.

The study also adds that friends can help their friends create healthy behaviors in their lives. For example, you get emotional when you see a friend trying to lose weight, and this helps you make healthier choices. However, it should be noted that friends can also spread depression and frustration. And negative health behaviors, as there are studies that confirm that the risks of obesity, suicide, smoking, and drug abuse increase dramatically when surrounded by obese peers or suicidal ideation, smoking, and drug abuse. In short, friends play an important role in our mental and physical health, depending on the nature of the people you decide to be friends with. (Arafa, 2021).

Friendship in its general concept is a wonderful relationship, characterized by some qualities that each party loves the other, but if the friendship between spouses, each of them has a complementary role with the other, the wife is the friend who cares, gentleness, passion, attention, restraint and a gentle heart, and husband He is the friend who provides security, assurance, protection and ability to face problems, and he is the bond and help for his wife. The presence of a degree of friendship and participation in hobbies and ambitions leads to the consolidation of the relationship between them, as married life requires a degree of integration, participation and feelings and its success depends on the desire of each party to create a kind of balance in their relationship. and a feeling of love, tenderness, understanding, protection, and fear of each party towards the other as it seeks to renew feelings (Hussain, 2021).

Friendship is a big word that has a deep meaning and a clear impact on the whole society, and the importance of friendship is not only related to the social factor, but has a more significant impact on the psychology of people in society and in the life of their daily. . Rarely did we find ourselves without friends in adolescence and college, but the situation changes completely after marriage and the birth of a child, so the mother faces other challenges that sometimes force her to give up, so we find that friendship is of great importance in the life of the woman in general and of the mother in particular, and we find that one of the most important effects of friendship on women and the mother:

away from stress

A woman may need the presence of friends in her life to be able to afford life, as she is by nature an object that cares about relationships and her soul thrives with the presence of loved ones around her everywhere. Friendship gives you the opportunity to talk and express your feelings without making judgments. You do not have to find a cure for your problems with your girlfriend, but you will definitely find a way to get rid of stress and stress.

psychological support

Sadness, joy, anger and various other feelings can be tolerated and treated only in one case, which is the presence of someone who shares these feelings with you, and because it is easy to find all the people around you in times of joy, but in times of sadness, anger, and confusion, you will find only a few people, the most important of whom are your close friends. Their presence is necessary to provide psychological and moral support with all the negative feelings you experience, in order to help you. to get out of many crises from which it is not easy to get out on your own.

Advice from friends

Talking to friends is completely different from talking to a mother, sister, and husband. You need someone to share the same concerns with you as you are going through, so that he can feel what you are feeling. You need a woman like you who has experienced pregnancy, childbirth and education. Her hair falls out and her skin is pale, and she carries the worries of work, home and husband and thinks of those around her as you think, this role will be played only by your friends and no other family relationship will leave you save. of them.

Have a nice day

All mothers need a break from raising children and the needs of home, husband and work, who besides friends will keep you company during this fun time? It is easy to maintain family relationships because there is a strong blood bond, but friendship requires effort to obtain and maintain it.

So I suggest that to make friends:

Get out of your isolation and get involved in activities that mingle with people who have the same interests as you

Actively listening to the people around you because listening strengthens relationships and deepens communication between you and others.

Focus on common interests with others and work to create a sense of harmony with yourself and others.

Plan to meet friends and find time for it during the week.

Help a friend with something he needs, whether it is material or moral issues, as this will make you feel good about yourself and strengthen the relationship with that friend.


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