The eyes of the world tourism moguls are turning from the Arab Travel market in Dubai

Officials and experts in the tourism and travel sector confirmed that the “Arabian Travel Market 2022” exhibition confirms Dubai’s position as a destination for tourism and business, in light of the shift of attention towards achieving recovery, especially in the tourism sector, and the establishment of a new phase. after “Covid-19”.
And they showed, during a press conference held at the Address Fountain Views hotel in Dubai, on Tuesday, that the tourism sector will witness a further recovery during 2022, with the reopening of global markets, the lifting of restrictions and airlines that rebuild our network. and skills for pre-pandemic levels.
The exhibition “Arab Travel Market – Dubai” will start from 9-12 May 2022, with the participation of 1500 exhibitors and representatives from 112 global destinations and is expected about 20,000 visitors. The countries participating in the twenty-ninth session of the Arab Travel Market are looking forward to rebuilding their tourist destinations and attracting visitors again after lifting the restrictions and easing the procedures that accompanied the Covid-19 closure period, especially as Countries around the world rely on the tourism sector to boost their economic performance and recover from the effects of Covid-19.

Area increase of 85%.

The Arabian Travel Market exhibition is witnessing an increase in exhibition space in this year’s edition by 85% more than it was in last year’s edition of the event, due to expansion in many sector and region specific areas, including Events Travel Tech (380%) and hotels (71%), Middle East (57%), Africa (56%), Asia (50%) and Europe (49%).
The events held at the premises of the World Trade Center in Dubai in collaboration with the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, constitute an essential part of the annual Arab Travel Week in the UAE. Discuss current trends from around the world and explore long-term opportunities in travel, transportation, tourism, hospitality, events, attractions and more.

Issam Kazem: The year 2022 will mark a larger number of tourists

Issam Kazim, CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commercial Marketing, said: “The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai wants to be a key part of the Arab Travel Market, which is considered one of the most prominent global tourism-related events. This participation allows us to discuss opportunities for sustainable growth of the tourism sector, in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Lord bless it, to make Dubai the world’s favorite destination to live, work and visit. ”
He added: “Dubai has continued its progress and growth since the resumption of its economic activities and the reception of international visitors in July 2020, and joint efforts have contributed to achieving more by relying on this moment year after year. , which helped us achieve tremendous success for Expo 2020 Dubai. We welcome our partners, as well as specialists and workers in the tourism, travel, aviation, hospitality and other sectors, to share experiences, opinions and best practices that will accelerate the growth of the tourism sector during the post-pandemic phase. As Dubai’s efforts contribute to the recovery of the global business events sector, it is also important to highlight the outstanding role of our public and private sector partners and what they have done to increase traveler confidence and make Dubai a safe and preferred place. international destination to visit. ”
He stressed that Dubai has continued its growth, expecting more than 2.2 million international tourists from the beginning of the year to February 2022, after registering 7.3 million tourists in 2021, emphasizing that this year is expected to mark figures higher than 2021.

Adnan Kazim: Emirates operates 2475 departure flights per week

Adnan Kazim, Commercial Director of Emirates Airlines, said: “At Emirates Airlines, our focus is on rebuilding our network and capabilities at pre-pandemic levels and helping the industry recover through close cooperation, meaningful partnerships and future investment. As permanent partners with the Arabian Travel Market, we look forward to the largest cycle of this event following the pandemic and the best return of tourism and travel this year, which increases the positive indicators of this sector. “We also ensure that we are fully prepared to deal with the industry with our latest and greatest premium products and to meet the huge demand for travel as we move forward on the road to recovery.”
He noted that Emirates Airlines operates 2,475 departures flights on its vast global network per week, including more than 170 daily passenger flights departing from Dubai International Airport, and we focus on returning the rest of our network facilitating restrictions on certain and other operational locations. factors. We have restored more than 90% of our global network and by the end of this year we aim to operate around 90 A380s.

7 partnerships

He added: “Last year, we partnered with seven tourism boards around the world to highlight their attractiveness to visitors as part of our contribution to tourism recovery efforts, including Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Seychelles, Maldives, Bahamas, Spain, Thailand and Sri Lanka. , and we have also strengthened our partnerships with airlines across the industry to provide more options for passengers. Since last year we have signed strategic partnerships, expanded our code sharing agreements and intensified our cooperation with 12 partner airlines and Emirates now has 25 code divisions (joint code agreements with 24 airlines, and one joint air / rail with SNCF / TGV Air) and more From 100 Interline partners in 82 countries, expanding our global network to more than 5,250 other cities. ”
He continued, “During Expo 2020 Dubai, we brought millions of passengers to Dubai to experience the event and invested millions to promote it across our global network. All of these efforts help secure Dubai’s position as a major tourist destination right now. and in the future. ”

Mark Kirby: Strong performance for Emaar Hospitality hotels in the first quarter

Mark Kirby, Director of Hospitality Sector at Emaar Hospitality Group, said: “Dubai has managed to maintain high levels of tourism demand by adopting a strategic and progressive approach, while collaborative platforms like the Arabian Travel Market have contributed to our efforts to achieve the full potential of the region. We are pleased to be the official partner of hotels again, as this is of great value to us in terms of building solid relationships that increase cooperation with the relevant authorities to reshape the sector, and this year is witnessing an extraordinary recovery in the sector, and we look forward to accelerating our efforts and achieving more success by keeping pace with the latest trends and needs in the hospitality sector in light of the new era of hospitality and travel sectors.
He added: The UAE was among the first to recover from COVID-19 because of the measures it took, and 2021 was an extraordinary year for Emaar Hospitality and 2022 is expected to witness stronger performance. Dubai has retained its unique tourist attraction.
He noted that the group recorded a strong performance during the first quarter of 2022, especially with high hotel occupancy in March.

successful copy

“Commercial travel spending in the Middle East is expected to increase by 32% this year, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, and these figures confirm the positive feelings we have experienced across the board,” said Keri Prince, chief executive of growth. in RX Global. This holds good promise for another successful edition of the Arab Travel Market, providing a catalyst to set our industry firmly on the path to a strong and sustainable recovery together with our partners in the Department of Tourism and Economy in Dubai and of course in Dubai. World Trade Center. “

visions of the future

“ATM 2022 will see a diverse group of industry leaders emerge on the global stage, providing future knowledge from elite experts on trends, challenges and opportunities from across our sector,” said Danielle Curtis, Exhibition Director at Arabian Travel Market in the Middle East.
She added: “Dubai offers an unparalleled environment for entrepreneurs and startups to drive progress in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries, where effective development and application of technology is essential to the day-to-day operations of our industry as well as the long-term one. . sustainability and success. ”
She added, “The exhibition will serve as an ideal incubator for technology and innovation in the future by taking advantage of the Middle East position as a global hub for innovation and taking advantage of the ongoing phenomenon of startups in the region.”

Conferences & Seminars

ATM 2022 will also host dedicated summits on the global stage, highlighting the aviation, hospitality, sports and tourism retail sectors and a special symposium on investment in the hospitality sector, and the World Business Travel Association, the leading organization in the field of business travel. , will participate again and meet the world trade in the Arabian Travel Market, where the Global Business Travel Association will present the latest business travel content, research and education to foster recovery and support growth in business trips.
The Middle East Tourism Investment Summit at ATM 2022 will include the presentation of visions of the future by elite experts such as: Gerald Lawless, Director of the International Conference on Tourism and Investment and Ambassador of the World Travel and Tourism Council, Edmund Bartlett , Minister of Tourism Jamaica and Dr. Talib Al-Rifai, President of the International Conference on Tourism and Investment and former Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

predetermined event

A virtual event for the Arabian Travel Market will start one week after the main event, from 17 to 18 May 2022, where the organizing company aims to reach a larger segment of stakeholders and workers in the industry and attract many specialists and experts in from all over the world who are currently unable to attend the annual event.

Strict procedures

The UAE remains one of the safest countries in the world thanks to the adoption of strict procedures to ensure the safety of tourists and travel procedures at every stage from arrival to departure, and the Emirate of Dubai, as its neighboring Emirates, is committed maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety, as the World Tourism and Travel Council praised its management Successful pandemic outbreak and giving the city the Seal of Safe Travel based on strict city procedures and public health and safety protocols .

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