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A couple sitting at the dinner table and saying no words or spending time in front of the TV without dialogue: scenes that have become the norm after years of marriage. But in the beginning it was not so. The spark of love, the burning feelings, were an impetus for them to get to know each other, but in some cases it was different with the pressures of life and the flow of boredom. in married life.

Surrender to marital boredom exposes the whole relationship to stagnation and possibly collapse, so the greatest effort should be made to renew the spirit of vitality in the relationship. The German site “Guvimenen” examines a series of ideas to get rid of boredom in the marital relationship:

Ideas to breathe in married life

draw her a pictureNo one expects you to be like Picasso, but the idea of ​​a man trying to draw a “satirical” picture of his wife and then doing the same, comparing the two pictures and choosing the easiest of all , can be a step for you to laugh together and get out of the daily routine.

new sport: How about enrolling with your wife for a course to learn a new sport or even another type of dance? For those of you who do not have the time or money to do this, you can simply set aside an hour to cycle and explore the area around your home.

Eating in the dark: One of the spouses prepares an unconventional dinner, sets the table, turns off the light and holds a small contest, in which the other party guesses the type of food he eats.

Entertainment: Just take a trip to the amusement park, take pictures with the clowns and have fun as little ones to renew your life together.

DISCOVER A NEW CITY: Expensive big cities like Paris, London and New York do not always guarantee a happy journey, so pick up and go to the nearest small town near you, as the best weather awaits you there.

Wall paint: Blue for the kitchen and green for the living room – There is no problem to choose a “crazy” color and paint the walls of the house with it, because crazy ideas sometimes bring happiness.

“Kidnap your boyfriend”: Surprise her at her place of work after hours and “snatch” on a simple boat trip, for example, in a quiet place and enjoy watching the sunset together.

Sleeping under the canopy of the sky: Going out in a public garden and sleeping for a while in the fresh air is an idea that refreshes and refreshes you both. For those who live in cities where it is difficult to implement this idea, the same can be done on the balcony of the house.

Love Letters: Despite the technological advances in the means of communication between people, the “love letters” have not yet lost their luster, for the husband to write a letter describing what he likes most about his wife and surprise her with her when she wakes up. up, he most likely will not fail to stir up her stagnant feelings.

Repetition of the first meeting: This idea is suitable for fans of bold ideas, in which the retrieval of the details of the first meeting is not limited to memories, but restoring the whole situation as it happened, which means that the meeting takes place in the same place where made the recognition. put on, if possible, the same clothes in an attempt to restore all the dialogue sentences that took place in his time.

acting: Is there an advertisement for the sale of a luxury home in the neighborhood where we live and you can not pay even a quarter of its price? It is okay to call the broker and schedule an appointment to see the house, and they take it as a game where a rich couple plays. This experience will surely result in many situations that you will laugh about later.

Flying on rocking children: Sneaking into designated places for children to play at night and enjoying a swinging walk is a romantic idea for many people.

A new language or cooking course: Are you planning to visit Latin America for a business or tourist trip? So it is good to spend some time together learning the basics of the Spanish language. The idea of ​​cooking courses is also one of the common ideas to kill marital boredom and eliminate boring life routine.


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