Khatwat Sharaa Amyal Al-Farsan 2022

The promotion of the publishers of the desires of the people 2022. 2022 and exchange.


The operation of the Saudi lines for the passengers and the change of the partner lines, the other security relations, the other security relations. The right to travel and tourism[1]

اميال الفرسان 2022

Remind the Saudi al-Jawi al-Fursah al-Fursan al-Jawi al-Jawi al-Jawi al-Jawi al-Jawi

  • Attention to the official situation for the program of the special governors for the special correspondence of the scholars for the interested ones “from here”.
  • Al-Naqr on the entry register at the time of Farsan.
  • The book of the number of members in the collection of Persians.
  • خIntroduce the secret number into the practical account.
  • The theme is to send the password to perform the account on the number of questions for the deed at the time of creation.
  • Compilation of the password for calculating the account.
  • Cash on the head of the boss in the account of the deed.
  • Optional number of desired desires.
  • Information on conditions and special rules.
  • Optional method of repaying Farsan by electronic billing.
  • Compilation of the number of the security department and the names of the first and the last.
  • Confirmation of the end date of the security agreement.
  • خIntroduce the realization figure from the trust box.
  • The statement from the statement and from then the realization of the action.
  • After that in the financial papers

Witnesses: The quality of the desires of the people and the ways of attaining them

The quality of financial management from the person

The message from the next way is clear

الفرسان بتذاكر مجانية

The polytheism of the deeds and the deeds of the deeds, the degree of travel to a single degree only from the degree of deeds to the degree of the men of deeds and from the degree of deeds to the first degree with the degrees of determination.

The supplicant is reminded of the supplication

It is possible that it turns into a reminder in reminding the birds to follow the birds and the dead. The one who is like the one who is proud of his status in the great of circumstances

أدارة الفرسان بتذاكر درجة الأعمل والدرجة الأولي

For the Saudi Arabian kingdoms for the Arabian kingdoms inside the Saudi Arabian kingdom or the state outside the lands of the kingdom.

الفرسان بترقیة درجة السفر

Armania Armada, Armada, Armadies, Armadies, Armadies, Ar, Ar or First, Armadies, ArArArArArArAr ﺕﺭﻭﺭ شيد أيضًا:

الميزات الفرسان

View from Abrazha:

  • Addition of additional desires and promotion of travel hobbies.
  • The possibility of achieving on the possibility of achieving on the perfect family in the account of the doer.
  • Jeddah, Jeddah, Makafat in Bramaj Al-Walaa Al-Mutta’idah
  • The choice of the region of the environment by plane for the members of the gold in the order of a.
  • ك You are in the ascent for the flight to the member’s space and gold.
  • إThe addition of extra weight cuts to the limbs and joints.
  • Stand up waiting in the heart of the companions of the member and the gold
  • The end of the journey is fast in the program of the desires of the people.
  • What is the special action with the enjoyment of the expanse of the void and gold.
  • Submit a message in the current state.
  • Recruitment of resting persons in destruction.
  • Achieving action by discovering the account of desires.
  • Defining the center of Hijaz for the elements of Persia for the space of space and gold.
  • Fath is a personal property for the one who works from the lower and lower echelons at the right time for the elect.
  • The marriage of the deed with the desire of the reward of the partners of the learned.

The method of calculating desires

It is possible to identify the number of desires obtained through the Saudi calligraphy or calligraphy.

Local travel directions

Subject to request for access to travel ticket

  • دَرجة الضيافة (لتر) هي 18,000 ميل.
  • Degree of Addition (M) is 22,000 miles.
  • The degree of action (d) is 30,000 miles.
  • The first degree (a) is 45,000 miles.
  • Upgrade unit and unit unit (J, C, D, I, Y, E, B, M, K, H, L, Q, T, N, V) (D) or (A) to 5,000 miles.

Travel directions state

State travels Saudi company intends for passengers to follow the desired results to reach the travel ticket
Unit performance (Y, E, B, M)
إلى (د) ترقية
Turning the unit to (J, C, D) to (A) the Arabian Gulf:
20,000 35,000 500,000 70,000 (85,000) 10,000 10,000 (12,000)
Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq 25,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 10,000 10,000 Africa – (East):
Thyubia, Kenya, and Sudan 35,000 55,000 75,000 105,000 15,000 15,000 Africa – (North):
West, Tunisia, Algeria 40,000 700,000 95,000 125,000 20,000 20,000 Africa – (South):
South Africa, Nigeria. 45000 75000 100000 140,000 20,000 20,000 Aruba (a):
Turkey only 35000 55000 75000 105,000 15,000 15,000 Aruba (b):
All countries of Aruba and Ada Turkey 40000 70000 95000 125,000 (155,000) 20,000 20,000 (25,000)
Pakistan, North India 30000 50000 70000 95000 12,500 12,500 Pseudo-Indian subcontinent (b):
South India, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Maldives 35,000 55,000 75,000 105,000 15,000 15,000
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, 55000 85000 130000 180,000 25000 25000 North America (a)
United States of America United States of America 65,000 95,000 14,000,000 210,000 (260,000) 300,000 30,000 (37,000) North America (b):
Los Angeles only. 80000 120.000 170000 240.000 (300.000) 35.000 35.000 (43.000)

  • In the present case, the sound of a reminder is sufficient for the unit to not move on the state steps.
  • The genealogy account is 50% of the desired desires to sound the reminder that the unit does not react to the internal movements.
  • ytm aض a فة nosb ة 25 ٪ أ mile altr ق y ة klmosazlen abl ى hlr ح aT aldoly ة ald abr ​​جة als ف r hl ض ya فة (mern) (k, l, l, l).
  • Addition of a ratio of 50% on time for state travel journeys (t, n, v)
  • Sufficient from the economic degree (U).

Solve the problem of the number of members of Farsan

Solving the problem of the number of members of Farsan in letters by following the following letters:

  • إ Send an email to [email protected]After that, the number of the comparative number for the action with the number, the number of the comparative number, after that, the number of the comparative number after that number
  • It is possible to connect on the number of the service worker 920022222 from inside the country or the number 966148479797 to serve the workers from outside the Saudi Arabian kingdom. How to act as a servant in the realization of the correct statements of the deed and their solutions.

Witnesses: The quality of gaining the desires of the people and the way of charity and benefits

غلغاء حجز حجز الفرسان

It is possible to present these instructions to Persian speakers by following the letters:

  • Attention to the closest school from the Saudi school from the place of the actual residence.
  • Entry to the next contact “from here” and information on the quality of cancellation and exchange of location.
  • كPossibility to cancel the reminder of the suffixes of the pre-written date
  • It is forbidden to return the desires to which one has the authority before the date of sounding the reminder of Makkah.
  • بروت ن Meaning:
    • Note the date from the current sound date.
    • Do not hire the lines of remembrance.
    • Addition of travel documents Ticket of return to desires to the account to which is advertised 100 Saudi riyals on internal travel and 250 Saudi riyals on international travel.

The interlocutor of the affairs of the staying person

It is possible that the foreign trade is the electronic trade to the relationship “from Hanna” from the registration of entry to the account of the price in Saudi Arabia, Until now, we have sent our articles to you.


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