Emirates Airbus A380-800 Business Class, from Zurich to Dubai


Emirates Flight 88. Zurich to Dubai.


Airbus A380-800. Emirates currently has 120 A380s in its fleet – the largest in the world.

loyalty program

Emirates Skywards, which is not affiliated with any major global alliance, but allows you to earn points when flying with Emirates or flydubai, or booking with other travel partners.


Department of Business, Session 25a.


Six hours and 20 minutes. We set off on time and thanks to what must have been the howling of the wind (or the fact that I was sitting in the front of the plane), we arrived half an hour earlier.

to hesitate

Twice a day. Departure from Zurich at 14:25 and landing at 23:45, or departure at 22:15 and arrive at 06:25.


Emirates has no vaccination or testing rules for its passengers, except for a promise that you will meet entry requirements for your final destination. The airline offers refunds (less service fees and taxes) for cancellations or reservations for a period of 24 months.

carbon emissions

Carbon emissions on this route were estimated at 527 kilograms per economy class passenger and Emirates Airlines has no plans to offset carbon emissions for its passengers.


Online registration is offered on Emirates Airlines 48 hours before my flight. The airline offers driver flights to the airport for business and first class passengers, although when traveling from Austria I can not use this service. There is a very short queue at Zurich airport and after a brief check I had the necessary documents to return to Australia, I was transferred to the security department.


The A380 has 76 business class seats in a 1-2-1 upper deck configuration, intended exclusively for first-time travelers and for business. The flat seats are 123 inches high and 47 inches wide, has a universal power outlet, two USB charging points, a minibar with water and soft drinks and they gave me a pillow, blanket and mattress to lie on the back seat rise. .


Emirates Business Class passengers carry a maximum of 40 kg of luggage, regardless of the number of items checked. You can also bring two pieces of passenger luggage weighing no more than 7 kg each, though this is not handled with care.


My seat has a massive 23-inch TV as well as a tablet that serves as a second entertainment screen (though I wonder why anyone would choose a small handheld monitor to watch his movie), and even smaller . Remote control, which also has a screen. So I’m good at the screen. All of these panels feature Emirates ICE – information, communication and entertainment system – which includes more than 4,500 on-demand movie channels, TV shows, music, podcasts, live TV and more.


“We have six hours together – they took advantage of me.” These are the words of farewell to Leo, the flight attendant assigned to me on this flight, after his personal acquaintance, and memorable. He says use me. Call me whenever you need. Ask for more food. Ask for drinks. Ask for extra pillows or blankets or whatever you want. Without exaggeration, Leo is the best I have ever met in paradise – friendly, professional, helpful and fun. Can I take it on all my flights?


Before leaving, the lion gave me a menu and list of wines, which are beautiful things. It’s time for a three-course lunch – I pick an Arabian mussel, then a box of crab meatballs (a plate of Bahrain rice), then a plate of cheese – plus hot and cold food served at the bar at the back of the cabin. Everything is delicious. The wine is also top notch: The 2017 Chazan Montracia mixes well with the pipeline, just before the Hennessy XO cognac to complete the cheese. Because you know, business degree.

another thing

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the greatness of the A380, an aircraft that has now unfortunately ceased production, yet the spacious, comfortable and quiet aircraft remains in the sky. All this space enables the stunning Emirates bar at the back of the business room, where drinks are always poured, snacks are served and people chat with them if you like.

to rule

It makes no sense to compare business and economics – these are two completely different worlds. To appreciate this, you need to stand out from other cabins at the business level, and in this regard Emirates remains a clear leader, offering a charming and professional service with all the benefits and luxuries you can hope for.

Our ranking of five


Ben Tahom traveled with the permission of the Austrian National Tourism Board.

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