British designer Nikki Bisker: The decoration profession is written for me!

Nikki Bisiker is the owner and creative director of Nikki Bisiker Interior Design; The British-born designer thinks she can never think of another career and says the interior decoration work was written for her! In the following dialogue, Nikki Bisker talks to “” about her formation and philosophy in the world of interior design.

British designer Nikki Bisker

How has the study of languages ​​and business influenced your projects in the world of interior design?
At the age of twenty, I set up a restaurant in Britain, from the ground up, starting with architectural renovations, through menu planning, staffing and accounts, to running the country’s day-to-day business. This experience gave me bulk educational lessons, in terms of design and hospitality, in one go. After that I prepared the ball, within a large village hotel, so I completed the renovation of the bar and then I took over the internal administration. These two processes taught me the power of investing in people, employees and clients, as well as diplomacy, psychology, organizational skills, patience and love for the beautiful environment. In terms of languages, I studied French and German at school and university and spent years in France, then in Italy, which made me gain some Italian language skills as well. Languages ​​have enabled me to understand different cultures, situations and design spirit and have allowed me to understand lifestyles and life requirements.

How do you focus on interior design in the psyche of the residents?
I see that understanding clients’ personalities, lifestyles, design expectations, how they interact with family and friends, their color preferences gjitha are all essential, on the road to creating a beautiful and unique home, because it reflects the personalities of the inhabitants. I would like to point out, in this context, that the work team at Interior Design Company Nikki Biseker offers a special service presented in a graph that allows the client to investigate and reveal some information about his personality and how he interacts with the house, in a way that even long conversations can not detect and with joy.

Works by Nikki Bisker, as part of the interior design of residential projects

Are there specific schools from which you get design ideas?
There are no specific options, but I welcome antiquity as well as classic designs as well as the elegant decor of the beach and ski houses, not to mention urban elegance.

The touch of green in the design suggests freshness

6 Interior Design Elements

Designer Nikki Bisker: Creating a beautiful home requires understanding the lifestyle and preferences of the residents

Tell us more about the elements, which are especially important in your residential projects …

Lighting of all kinds is essential for the purpose of designing a wonderful project
  1. lighting: Do not underestimate the power of lighting used, both architecturally and decoratively, in the context of creating a wonderful project.
  2. Wall design: The walls appear as a backdrop for the design panel, as they provide a consistent visual image to the wandering eye in space, whether you are sitting or walking home. In this context, avoiding complexity is helpful if the client wants simplicity, playing with shades, materials, shapes and lighting.
  3. Luxury bathroom: It’s like a spa resort. In this busy world, the master bathroom at home can be turned into a place to relax, to feel the peace and luxury within the walls of its space.
  4. green touch: Whether it is a simple design that incorporates elements of home nature, or an extravagant one; Whatever the design mood, the green accents in the home inspire freshness and evoke rural landscapes in the urban environment, bringing oxygen, life, softness and shape to indoor spaces.
  5. main entrance: One should think carefully about this space, which seems to be playing the opening melody, in preparation for the musical melodies that will follow in the other sections of the house! For the host, the entrance seems to welcome him, but for the guests, the purpose of the design of the restaurant is to surprise them!
  6. Ceiling details: Ceilings are an integral part of rooms, noting that some neglect their design, especially in the UAE, where these surfaces are often devoid of architectural details.
Entrance decor is a must, says stylist Nikki Bisker

home accessories

Rich details on Nikki Bisker’s projects

What do you advise readers who want to renovate their homes, with the change of seasons?
The answer is very simple; Contact Nikki Bisker Interior Design! To renovate the house, it is necessary to get rid of all unwanted items, clean and arrange the cupboards, drawers and bathroom cupboards, in order to have a good initial basis and limit the contents to what is desired or practically required. On a simple level, it is useful to replace the pillows with light cotton or silk covers with the old ones, as well as to change the carpets and table decorations, as well as to buy books for the coffee table with special spring themes. and wine. , such as: travel books … In addition, you can choose yellow mimosa flowers or cherry blossoms. As for the bedrooms, the summer bedspreads have been replaced with the old ones, with cashmere, wool and velvet stocked for the upcoming winter season.

in rows …
At the age of 13, Nikki Bisker decided to redesign her small room near Bristol, Britain, using some money left by her uncle. The room quickly became a paradise for her to practice her design hobby, taking inspiration from the colors and patterns of Fashion Mary Quant (designer). The ‘icon’ of British fashion of the ’60s) her mother’s Jamaican heritage, floral dresses and her love of vibrant colors. Nikki Bisker’s business is influenced by her roots, as her paternal grandparents were collectors of antiques, dresses, gloves, hats and vintage fashion. Then, these “things” came to her, revealing with her her love for textures, glassware, silver, delicate wood decorations, silk, chiffon, satin, lighting … Nik’s frequent travels and focus its in the psychology of the country came. together to form its unique design philosophy, noting that its projects, including apartments, yachts and commercial buildings, are spread all over the world.

British stylist Nikki Bisker

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