“Zayed Spring of Goodness” reviews the UAE’s achievements in tolerance

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His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, said that the slogan “Zayed is the source of goodness for humanity” is a sincere expression of our pride and glory, with what we know about the giving and achievements of the founder of great of the country, whom we knew as a loving father and faithful leader to his homeland, people and nation, and we knew him as a wise man of the Arabs, in whom God united all the sublime human features.

We also knew his father, Sheikh Zayed, for his great and unique roles in the field of humanitarian and charitable work and we saw him extending his generous hands to help the needy everywhere, with a great desire to love them people and achieve good for them. in all circumstances and cases.

He, God have mercy on him, was the leader, the noble human ideal and the supreme national example, so he planted in us love and harmony and called us all to move forward with all the demands of the age, without fear. for identity, or detachment from originality, but with a strong devotion to the high values ​​and established traditions of the people, the good Emirates and Zayed will always remain in the eyes and in the heart, a source of pride and inspiration, and an inexhaustible source goodness to all mankind.

This came during His Excellency’s speech at the opening of the “Zayed Spring of Goodness to Humanity” forum, which was organized by the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, in the presence of His Excellency Hussain Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, and a number of leaders of social, humanitarian and academic work in the UAE and the Arab world March of tolerance, coexistence and human brotherhood, through the permanent commitment to the approach of the late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may the soul rest in peace, i which made the UAE a global beacon of tolerance and a unique model of coexistence and giving.

The forum activities and its discussion sessions focused on the values ​​of volunteerism, which is a living embodiment of humanitarian work in its best form. at the Expo, New York University Abu Dhabi, family development institutions and community development departments in the country participated in the forum.


The forum included an opening speech by His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak and a speech by His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Matar Al Kaabi, Chairman of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Waqf, and several discussion sessions, which addressed the topics of volunteerism. , the impact of the humanitarian work carried out by the UAE for half a century, locally and globally, and the importance of promoting the high human values ​​that Zayed instilled in all of his sons.

The sessions were attended by Salem Al Rayes Al Ameri, Deputy Secretary General of the Emirates Red Crescent Local Affairs Sector, Dr. Walid Al Ali, Global Initiative Advisor Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dr. Arlie Peters, Dean of New York University Abu Dhabi, Hind Baqer, General Manager of Sandooq Al Watan and Abeer Jassem Al Hosani, Director of the Program Department. Volunteers of Expo 2020 Dubai, Saeed Hamad Al Shaqsi, Senior Director of Volunteer Recruitment and Afra Al Sabri, Director General of the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence.

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak said: “We must work, resolutely and resolutely, to realize the hopes and expectations of the late Father Sheikh Zayed, for the future of this world, including emphasizing the meanings of humanitarian work on the ground. within a framework of full care for the respect of others, the achievement of cooperation and joint work among all and the great effort to deepen the bonds of human brotherhood in the world. rational leadership.

“She always assures us that human giving is an essential and important thing in the course of society, passed down from generation to generation with determination and determination, in this beloved country.” His Excellency called on volunteers to continue the initiative for volunteer work, to adopt its goals and to serve its fields.


Dr. Muhammad Matar Al Kaabi said that the forum takes place on a tolerant night of Ramadan, in fulfillment of the late, God Almighty, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, his soul rested in peace, as he is a symbol and national and global value, which the present generations should know about his actions and words, and his role The international community in upholding the value of humanity and giving, and as a shining sign in the history of our country, region and world, so that the values ​​and the approach of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his rich biography of the values ​​of giving, giving, tolerance and love for the good of others, regardless of color, gender and creed.


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