The prospect of new technologies is accelerating the radical transformation of the digital landscape

Metaverse, Immutable Token Platform and Blockchain

Looking at 2022 and what awaits us during it, we see that metaverse is the salient trend that will change the form of social media activity and business, and that the technologies of “irreplaceable tokens” and “blockchain” known as “Blockchain “. are witnesses of a rapidly developing revolutionary development. Below we give you a brief overview of the latest developments and some examples of startups from around the world that play a major role in capitalizing on these changes.

The brilliance of metaphysics
Metaverse is making headlines and we expect it to experience rapid growth in the coming years. Metaverse is defined as a digital reality that combines social media, video games, augmented and virtual reality and cryptocurrencies to allow its users to interact virtually. Metaverse can be described as the virtual space of the future that will allow users to have all kinds of entertainment and projects as well as business opportunities.
Bloomberg reports that the potential for meta-revenue will be close to $ 800 billion by 2024, compared to $ 500 billion by 2020, and most of it will be controlled by the gaming and hardware market, with a worth more than $ 400 billion in 2024., while the remaining opportunities will go to live entertainment and social networking. Metaverse is the other big tech platform that attracts game makers, social networks and tech leaders looking to enter this growing market. This metavirus will be comprehensive, widespread and free.

Irreplaceable codes
An “interchangeable token” (NFT) is something digital: a computer sign and proprietary data that may be electronic, such as virtual property in the digital world or devices presented in an electronic game; It can also be a real thing like a property and a plaque or a ticket to a holiday; Sometimes, repurchased code is a hybrid, e.g. one’s right to choose who rents a room in a building space.
As the digital and real worlds continue to merge, Jefferies Investment Bank has expanded its expectations for fixed assets to more than $ 35 billion in 2022 and $ 80 billion in 2025. Social and other networks.
Expect to see tokens repaid everywhere in 2022: in movies, TV shows and books. These arguments are part of the digital economy and will become popular because they allow people to own something that is something bigger than themselves, e.g. a work of art or a virtual character.
The digital economy is made up of a range of electronic markets – from gaming and virtual real estate economies to social media platforms like Facebook. The redemption marks are experiencing an unprecedented momentum around the world and it looks like a special year awaits.

block chain control
Blockchain is an innovative generation of distributed books that allows companies to track transfers and do business with informal actors – even without the help of financial institutions. This new capability reduces trade disputes and brings other benefits such as digital data structuring, transparency, security, immutability and decentralization.
Blockchain plays an essential role in cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin to maintain a secure and decentralized transaction history. The innovation in blockchain technology lies in its guarantee of data accuracy and security, and in building trust without the presence of a trusted third party.
Blockchain technology is widely accepted and continues to transform several industries from video games to financial governance. The International Data Corporation showed that companies spent approximately $ 6.6 billion on blockchain solutions in 2021, recording a 50% growth rate from last year, and that number is expected to grow to more than $ 15 billion in 2024, between of this increase. that Long live irreversible arguments and metavers, the importance of blockchain will increase this year.
With little doubt about blockchain’s ability to create great business opportunities, Statista predicted that the technology would reach profits of more than $ 23.3 billion by 2023. Blockchain gained significant work in database application famous supply chain “Walmart”, which allowed monitoring of individuals’s products directly from their source, which has contributed to raising food supply standards.
On the other hand, we expect to see increased efforts to increase the environmental friendliness of blockchain technology by reducing its carbon footprint. It is likely that more governments will seek to adopt blockchain and that more countries will recognize cryptocurrencies as legal remedies.
Finally, we begin to understand only today’s trends until they begin to change with the development of technology and business adaptation: this is the nature of Silicon Valley and this should be understood by experts and entrepreneurs.

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