In the Guardian: “Bin Salman is still betting on Trump’s return”

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Donald Trump holds a plan to sell military equipment to Saudi Arabia during his meeting with Mohammed bin Salman in 2018

We begin the presentation of British newspapers with an opinion article by the Guardian’s global affairs editor, Julian Burger, entitled “Saudi Arabia’s contempt for Biden shows that the crown prince is still betting on Trump’s return.”

At the beginning of his article, the writer says that “Saudi Arabia is relying on Donald Trump’s return to power by refusing to help the United States punish Russia for invading Ukraine and investing $ 2 billion in a new unproven investment fund managed by Trump, son-in-law Jared Kushner.

In its attempt to persuade Riyadh to increase oil production in order to cut prices by up to 30%, and thus reduce the Russian government’s revenue, the Biden administration is looking for ways to reassure the Saudi government that it is committed to the security of the kingdom.

The Pentagon is said to be working on a new draft declaration of US-Saudi security agreements, but observers say it is unlikely to meet the strong guarantees required by the Saudis and other Gulf states.

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