Gazeta Riad | At the Prophet’s Mosque .. the longest breakfast meal in the world

Ramadan between the scenes of fasting and the dedication of the workers

At the Prophet’s Mosque .. the longest breakfast meal in the world

Be sure to read the Noble Qur’an and accompany it to the Holy Month

You live in a spiritual atmosphere inside the Prophet’s mosque as you watch the race between the believers to supply themselves with good deeds and their desire to take advantage of the time of the blessed month. Between integrated services and efforts and giving to people who have dedicated themselves to serving these blessed places, seeking what is in God and with the honor of serving the visitors of the Mustafa Mosque, the peace and mercy of Allah be on it.

In the folds of these lines, we live with you the most beautiful views from inside the Prophet’s Mosque and between its clean sides, to witness what is happening on the day of Ramadan in the Prophet’s Mosque.

Double prayer

The first scene that draws you to the Prophet’s mosque, are those worshipers who start the day of Ramadan in the Prophet’s mosque before the sun rises every day of their month, praising and remembering, following the book of their Lord, triumphant with double prayer. , and the cessation of worshiping their Lord, as attested by the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. And in the agreed hadith he said: “One prayer in this mosque of mine is better than a thousand prayers in everything other than the Holy Mosque.” So, congratulations to them for this great prosperity and congratulations to the residents of this good neighborhood and proximity to the mosque of the chosen one, peace be upon him.

good tables

In another scene, in which the inhabitants of Medina and the benefactors of this blessed land compete to serve the breakfast tables to the visitors of the Prophet’s mosque, in the month of kindness, generosity and charity, where the meanings of generosity, mercy and altruism . manifest among Muslims, so you will find travel companions competing to provide the service themselves, as all are honored to serve the believers. And visitors, in the midst of being organized and constantly followed by the General Presidency of the Prophet’s Mosque, to combine the iftar of the worshipers with the preservation of the spirituality and purity of the Prophet’s Mosque, and to be prepared for the remembrance worshipers to perform their worship with comfort and safety.

The words here are unable to describe the beauty of the scene, so what a fascinating sight when you see young and old waiting for visitors and believers in the squares and before entering the Prophet’s mosque and taking hands wherever they travel, willingly . to honor them and receive the great reward for breaking the fast of the fasting people, so that they will have a salary like the salary of those who sat with them. At these tables, on this journey, Arabs and non-Arabs from all gather sides of the world. , unites the brotherhood of religion and sees the smile on their faces, as the first joy was achieved by breaking the fast and the honor of time and place was gathered to them. And the Ramadan travel tables in the Mosque of the Prophet make no distinction between rich and poor, young and old, officials and visitors. Everyone here sits on this trip and eats the same things and drinks on all trips.

manifestations of care

In this scene the manifestations of care and attention for the cleaning and sanctification of the Prophet’s mosque and its preservation, which disturb its tranquility, to keep it ready for the worshipers, so the Agency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque works to follow it that enters. The Prophet’s Mosque of food, and excludes that which may leave traces or odors inside the mosque, and special items such as dates, yoghurt and partner are allowed, in addition to coffee and tea, and this year has been working on organizing various, canned foods and ready. to ensure that iftar reaches the worshipers and visitors while maintaining the quality and safety of the food and not being extravagant at the tables. Special committees have been appointed to follow the Iftar procession in the Prophet’s Mosque, so teams go to their seats immediately after the afternoon prayer to follow the extension of the Iftar journey, which takes place at a set time, and the work of the teams. continues until the rest of the food is removed after the evening prayer.

health and the environment

The agency pays special attention to the health aspect through health and environmental specialists, following the meals provided and taking care that they are not exposed to heat or sunlight, wearing healthy gloves by service providers throughout the preparation period, such as and the service provider is free from infections or diseases, God forbid.

Travel length 70 km

The length of the iftar journey to the Prophet’s mosque, its courtyards and its surface is more than 70 kilometers, as the longest Ramadan journey in the world, and all of them are removed before the evening prayer is offered. Pray the evening prayer until you find the Prophet’s Mosque and it has been prepared for prayer and has removed all travels with great speed and with maximum professionalism and has removed the debris out of the Prophet’s Mosque preserving the food left by the owners of the journey, to ‘came out of the mosque immediately after. prayer. The cycle of care, purification, smoking and perfumery for the Mosque of the Prophet will end after the evening prayer to be ready to wait for the worshipers for the Isha and Taraweeh prayers.

Teravites and doing

As soon as the evening prayer and the Taraweeh prayer approach, you will be amazed at the sight of the congregation of worshipers in the Prophet’s mosque, seeing the streets and corridors filled with visitors and residents of Medina who have flocked early to pray. in the Prophet’s mosque. See that the doors have been opened to receive them and the corridors have been prepared with cadres who have managed the crowds of people with great density. and paths that connect with any place you want in the Prophet’s mosque and its facilities . , the constant follow-up by the Agency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque and the parties involved in the organization, and the support of efforts by volunteer teams whose aim is the safety of the believer and the facilitation of the performance of his prayers with ease and ease. Golf and mobile carts, and setting up places for their prayer near the doors of the Prophet’s mosque, and you can see the drinkers and the blessed water vessels on the sides of the rails. The Agency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque has prepared all the necessary services for visitors and worshipers, taking great care of the holiest and most revered parts of the earth and serving those who are guests of the Merciful on it… Therefore raise your hands to the Lord and thank Him for the blessings He has bestowed, as we ask Him to reconcile and protect this blessed place from all evil and shame, and to reward its leaders. The best and most abundant reward for their care and attention to the Two Holy Mosques and their honor to serve those who seek them.

Prayer and supplication

Visitor service volunteers

The iftar journey covers a length of 70 km

Breakfast preparation

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