Fly Dubai: Recruitment is great and ongoing

Fly Dubai has unveiled ongoing and large-scale recruitment operations, whether for pilots or aircraft crews, as the airline eagerly resumes travel ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic levels next summer, noting that the carrier expects an extraordinary journey. summer with the lifting of travel restrictions in many parts of the world. She told Emirates Today: “It aims to receive 20 new aircraft this year, which is the largest number of aircraft it will receive in a year since the company began operations.”

new aircraft

In detail, the CEO of Fly Dubai, Ghaith Al Ghaith, revealed that the airline intends to receive 20 new aircraft this year, noting that it is the largest number of aircraft that the airline will receive in a year from the beginning of company operations.

He stressed that flydubai has received four aircraft since the beginning of this year, which gives it flexibility and good growth in its operations.

Al-Ghaith said the new aircraft will support future plans to grow the company’s fleet, as part of the expansion of destinations and the number of flights to current destinations, indicating that the company currently operates more than 1,500 flights a week within the network. its destinations within a fleet of 63 aircraft, including 26,737 aircraft. Max. ”

Continuous employment

Regarding the company’s recruitment processes, Al Ghaith said: “We need to remember that during the pandemic period (Covid-19), (Fly Dubai) had a successful experience with its employees, as it offered them the opportunity to get all financial rights and departure. , or taking an unauthorized leave.Payable until return, with health insurance, tickets and accommodation provided.

He added: “97% of employees chose unpaid leave, which reflects the degree of loyalty to the company, to the work environment in which they work, as well as to the safety and security climate in the UAE and the achievements of the state under his leadership, especially how to deal with the pandemic that has overcome this. “The global crisis with high flexibility, as the United Arab Emirates was one of the first countries to open its doors to travel.”

Al-Ghaith continued: “During the pandemic, we started a program to communicate with airline employees on unpaid leave, to provide all forms of support and today, with the strong return of travel demand, and to support “(Fly Dubai) growth at various levels, we continued to attract qualified competencies that guarantee us steady growth, with the expansion of our operations and the continuation of the acquisition of new aircraft.”

Al-Ghaith revealed ongoing and large-scale recruitment processes, whether for pilots or aircraft crews, at Fly Dubai.

extraordinary wine

Al-Ghaith said: “We expect an extraordinary summer this year, with the lifting of travel restrictions in many parts of the world,” noting that getting more new aircraft from the airline will increase the momentum of its operations in more destinations and the number of flights will increase. He added, “Over the summer, we look forward to returning trips to pre-pandemic levels, especially as travel is currently less complicated compared to the last two years.”

He said flydubai transported 5.6 million passengers last year, noting that these figures show an increase in the number of passengers by 76%, compared to 2020.

Festive season

Al-Ghaith told Emirates Today: “Celebrations and holidays are always considered one of the peak periods of travel,” noting that Al-Fitr’s next holiday will not be any different from its predecessors.

He stressed that there are good demands for a number of destinations, especially holiday destinations, where many countries in the world are moving towards lifting travel restrictions.

Al Ghaith stressed that Dubai remains one of the most attractive destinations, offering visitors a wide range of attractions and events.

He added, “Passengers continue to travel to popular destinations within the network (Fly Dubai), to spend the Eid holiday, such as: Baku, Maldives, Naples, Prague, Tbilisi and Yerevan, at a time when we see more people. traveling to explore destinations such as Bishkek, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Tirana.

Saudi market

Al-Ghaith said: “(Fly Dubai) launched a new destination this year in Saudi Arabia, the city of Al-Ula, bringing its total destinations in the Kingdom to seven destinations, with the launch of Taif flights, since April. 15, noting that all of these destinations are very popular with travelers.

He noted the magnitude of demand from the Gulf market, and those seeking adventure to explore new destinations. He added, “Through our expanded code-sharing partnership with Emirates Airlines, we are providing passengers with seamless connectivity through a shared network.”

European destinations

Al Ghaith confirmed that there is good demand for flights to and from Europe and said that “seasonal destinations launched by (Fly Dubai) over the past year have been very popular among travelers”, expecting more growth and demand for these destinations. He noted another good demand for new destinations like: Salzburg, Budapest and Ljubljana.

He revealed that to meet demand during the upcoming summer season, flydubai will operate flights to summer destinations, including: Batumi in Georgia, Bodrum and Trabzon in Turkey, Tivat in Montenegro, Mykonos and Santorini in Greece.

Al Maktoum International Airport Flights

In response to a question about the transfer of a number of flights to Al Maktoum International Airport, regarding the development period of the northern runway at Dubai International Airport, Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of Fly Dubai, said that “choosing the time to start This project is suitable, especially since it comes after the Eid al-Fitr period and before the start of the summer season. ”

He added, “the destinations were chosen to ensure the greatest possible tranquility on the airline flights and to offer convenient options for passengers.” Al Ghaith continued, “The project mainly aims to improve the runway and support the vision of Dubai, one of the world’s leading aviation hubs. Therefore, we look forward to the completion of this project and the improvements it will add to our operations center at the International Airport.” in Dubai. “

He revealed that flydubai will operate flights to 35 destinations from Al Maktoum International Airport, within the carrier network of 95 destinations, urging passengers to make sure of the airport from which their flight will depart during this period.

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