Far from comedy, what does Makki want?

Makki revealed the true face of comedy, a comedy that brought us back to the main purpose of the story, a comedy away from sketches and laughter for no reason. that many have produced in the last decade, and the mixing of social media posts and idle issues, which depend on nothing, and in its construction depend on breaking a proverb or destroying an interesting literary phrase for the sake of comedy .. The most prominent examples of them are Kafka’s letters to Milena, Dostoevsky’s sayings, and (molds) and the (cracked) cylinder with which we cracked the empty writings Influencers, Those who consider him paid (like) and (shared ) the basis of comedy. , although we are – in the same sense – faced with a situation like Hebron’s humorist and he is one of the heaviest human blood in history, but he collects a good number of reactions .. We can consider him as a provider of humor content. in one way or another.

Ahmed Makki is currently considered the treasure trove of Egyptian comedy, as his closest competitors are farther away from him, for several reasons, in addition to Makki’s ingenuity and his system of stable individuals .. which is that Makki does not forget the original message of works of art..to have a message .. This does not mean that all art should carry a deep message, but the point is that (confusion) in the school of comedy comedy is what spoiled it, no fault . Native as ostrich no more.

It is said that Al-Kabeer Aoy, the series around which we gather every morning, has faltered and split into two parts, the first part before the episodes of “The Sbeit Game” and the second part after it .. The second. the series section began with a discussion of three of the most important issues that penetrate and destroy consciousness and make its owner simply a fanatic living among humans, a robot moving from a distance or a project that committed suicide that lost desire to live, or a person whose feelings have deviated and so much more loved “bombing the fronts” than “repairing thoughts.” Mackie started discussing the first issue, which is the most important of all. the tragedy that is currently affecting us.

Influencers in the Big Oy series

The madness of influencers

The scourge of our time all over the world, the Middle East and Egypt are “crazy” fame, selling the most expensive for a greater number of likes, distributions and comments. I can list your names for three days in a row. but if we want to talk about the factor Subscriber Among them they are almost devoid of content, most do not discuss the mind but the instinct and play with the trend, and do not talk except three .. emotional relationships, food and pleasure and caressing instinct. In this, Ahmed Makki starts with the character of “Johnny”, who hates “Hudres” and he entered the race for fame on YouTube, forgetting his personal principles, so he became addicted to the internet and almost killed his brother to make money and buy a large number of “followers”. In this case, the great artist Ahmed Makki managed to expose these influencers to the public. the script of the series, but they are as close to reality as possible .. Makki used the same method to deal with them.

Feminism in the Big Oy series
Feminism in the Big Oy series

Feminism on Facebook Feminist

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We intended to call it “Feminism on Facebook” because what some informants are now raising about the issues of women in trend is a comical rather than comprehensive proposition. History is greater than this historical conflict between the natures of men and women. entered from the entry of his young wife in the series “Marbouha”, for which the internet and the site “Noura Al-Amoura” are an integral part of her personality, so it was a good introduction to this issue with illusory and illusory frames and tendencies removed from its origin and root .. Makkiu tried to calm the empty atmosphere that floated daily on the surface with his message that: Calm down, in the first place it is not so. !

Rogue and Magic in the episodes of The Great Oy
Rogue and Magic in the episodes of The Great Oy

Deceiver and magic

Far from that charlatanism and magic is an authentic comic line in the history of Egyptian art, that priest wearing a beard (eye) and a green turban on his head and a group of chains around his neck with incomprehensible symbols and in the background. of a wall hanging the head of a mummified deer or (individual) a child’s slipper He died in a mysterious accident..and so the Egyptian ivy was woven on the screen..but this time Makki chose the line of using propaganda for these absurdities for fame, and did not forget to mention the famous narrator who took this approach and was the reason for the spread of this content on screens..and in the midst of this issue therefore Mackie has not forgotten the message that he presents in the heart of every his artwork, however small, but he is – and will remain – an artist with an influential message. Thank you, oi great, name and subject!

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