Clarification of Public Safety for Biometric Passports

The General Directorate of Public Safety has issued this statement:

One of the websites received a report in which the writer dealt with the biometric passport bid dossier and other issues. Given the inaccuracies and information contained in the report that lack accuracy and objectivity regarding the technical and technical characteristics of the passport and not to confuse this inaccurate information in Lebanese public opinion, the General Directorate of Public Safety is interested in clarifying as follows:

1- The series of recent decisions taken by the General Directorate of Public Safety regarding the tightening of conditions for obtaining passports are regulatory conditions, aimed at controlling the process of consuming the remaining stock of biometric passports and their add-ons up to providing new passports.

2- The General Directorate of Public Safety has taken and continues to take all necessary administrative measures and in accordance with applicable laws to provide sufficient passports for the following years, and has referred official transactions to the relevant authorities. to provide the necessary funds to complete the supply process and to solve the problem of the current lack of passports and their supplements.

3- The project of Lebanese biometric passports was realized through a Saudi donation, which included various security agencies in Lebanon in 2014, and based on the technical conditions book prepared by two experts of the International Civil Aviation Organization “ICAO” based on The special agreement signed by the Lebanese government with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In this regard, at that time the best technical offer was selected that complies with the specifications and technical and technical conditions mentioned in the terms of reference. of all bids that have been submitted. It is not true what the journalist said in her report about this.

4- The contract for the realization of the Lebanese biometric passport project does not give any right to any Lebanese or foreign company to access any data of any kind and that all data are located exclusively on central servers belonging to the General Directorate of Public Safety and are preserved, protected and preserved in accordance with scientific standards and foundations.Globally approved. The management of the system, especially the part related to encryption keys and programming of electronic chips in passports, is performed solely and exclusively by public security officers and soldiers. Noting here that the Lebanese biometric passport system fully and fully complies with the standards and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), it even goes beyond them in many sections.

5- Since the beginning of the work for the Lebanese biometric passport project in August 2016 until today, no case of violation or harassment of the data stored on the electronic passport chips, which contain the best and most secure systems, has been registered. fast operating and encryption software. in the market, which provides fast and safe processing for passport holders at border checkpoints in different countries of the world.

6- The Lebanese biometric passport project, which was completed in a record period, is an example of successful government projects in Lebanon as it formed a consistency between the cost of achieving it (which is obviously much lower than what was mentioned in article) and the outstanding service that citizens receive inside and outside Lebanon, and the revenue that the state treasury receives in return.

7- What was stated in the report that “Major General Abbas Ibrahim has not answered since 2011 the author’s questions about the reason for awarding the contract for biometric passports in Lebanon by mutual agreement … and what are the measures taken by the general. The Directorate of Public Safety should ensure the protection of personal data of citizens. ”… It is incorrect, but in 2011 the issue of biometric passports has not been raised yet, except that the issuance contracts are not in the competence of the General Directorate of Public . Security, because its responsibility is limited to defining and approving technical and technical conditions. No one has the right to ask about these measures, which have a confidential character and the attempt to detect them is subject to legal prosecution due to the confidentiality that imposes the protection of these measures and personal data.

8- It seems that the lack of reception of the journalist who prepared the report, as well as its provision with technical information and other issues, was the reason for her exposure to the General Security in a visible attempt to distort her role and created suspicions in the face of Lebanese, to whom the Directorate never failed to provide services.

The clarification of the General Directorate of Public Safety aims to eliminate the impurities, misinformation and abuses aimed at the General Directorate of Public Safety, its role and authority defined by law.

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