Bob Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai joins the Atlantis One & Only hotel group

One of the longest desert excursions in Dubai is about to find a new life.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa closes its doors on May 8 and will reopen next year as the first collection of unique Rare Finds hotels offered by Kerzner.

Kersner, the parent company of Ultra Luxury One & Only Resorts and Dubai Atlantis, is relaunching sun pop in early 2023 after a repair.

The new resort, with a well-known designation, will feature an Asian rooftop restaurant with stunning sunset views, The Desert Spa and a high-quality alcohol-free bar, with an emphasis on unmatched food and drink.

At the center of the new family-centered hotel will be experiences and entertainment, where guests will be able to see the stars with in-house astronomers, enjoy stories by the fire or fly over the sand dunes on a balloon ride.

The main place of the desert 17 years ago

The Maiden-owned resort has been one of Dubai’s main deserts for nearly two decades.

“I am pleased to welcome the collection of rare discoveries launched by Bob Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa,” said Philip Zuber, CEO of Kersner International. “Anyone who lives in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, one day, ends up in the sun, is so special and unique, and Kersner can bring something new to that country,” Zuber said. national.

Entering the five-star luxury property, Kersner will start working at Pop the Sun as soon as the holiday is over.

“May 8 is the deadline, so we are now in the final weeks of the current release of Pop of the Sun. We will carry out a complete overhaul starting with the rooms, adding a spa and completing a comprehensive food and beverage redesign with the aim of completely reopening the resort in the first quarter of 2023.

Often referred to as an oasis in the Bob the Sun desert, Sun Bob preserves its infinity desert pool. Upgraded earlier this year, the premium group will be ‘upgraded’ even further and will be filled with new ‘unique features’.

One of them will be his connection to the dining area throughout the resort’s new day. The family-run restaurant features a bespoke design and serves theatrical dinners with fresco dining options.

Sunset rooftop lounge and new desert resort

Zuber says it’s not yet decided who will run Bob F&B’s new business, but a celebrity chef could bring in Kersner, known worldwide for his partnerships with celebrity chefs including Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Dubai’s Enrique. Olvera in One & Only Mandarin.

Whoever judges, travelers can guarantee a strong Middle Eastern component, ensuring the resort holds its place. Kersner will also add a “Bespoke” cigar room and a high-quality non-alcoholic bar serving a creative cocktail and drinks menu.

The existing Hadera restaurant will be redefined and modern Arabic cuisine will responsibly focus on ingredients and the bar will be newly licensed.

The current sunset location is turning into a rooftop room in Asia, with great fun and classic sunset views in the desert as well as dishes from all over the continent.

The Desert Spa will be a peaceful retreat where guests can enjoy traditional and contemporary treatments such as hammam and hot sand therapy.

As Dubai city expands, the resort is planned to serve more people living in and around southern Dubai. “It’s a great place to live in the neighborhood … go in and have a drink, grab a snack and use this truly unique place,” says Zuber.

More Rear Finds and Royal Atlantis hotels will open in October

“Bob Al Shams is an authentic desert experience in Dubai that first opened its doors in 2004,” said Issam Kaladari, CEO of Maiden City Corporation.

We look forward to working closely with the Kerzner team to deliver exceptional service standards and familiar experiences to foster a new life and give new life to this resort, which holds a special place in the hearts of residents and visitors to the UAE.

Bab Al Shams is only the first in Kerzner’s new Rare Finds collection, which, according to Zuber, “is expanding very fast”.

There are plans to grow the portfolio of carefully grouped international properties, each with a strong brand identity that can “enhance Kersner International’s knowledge, the way we do business and our unique approach”.

This is not the only big news for the hotel team this year. The brand is also preparing to open Atlantis, Royal Resort and Residences in October this year.

“Everything is on track and now we are close to handing over the building to us as the operator … This is a very exciting time,” Zuber confirmed.

Updated: 25 April 2022, 07:26

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