Aya Al-Bitar: The furniture in our house shares our stories

Sharjah: Zakia Kurdi

Stories were her approach from the beginning. The design should not be limited only to the beautiful and harmonious look, but also to the relationship with the pieces of furniture with which we live our lives and share our days, customs and stories, those stories. that start from the beginning of the idea, and take our furniture, that resemble and express us. And maybe you have mastered a special dialogue with our feelings, so began the story of the Saudi furniture stylist Aya Al-Bitar with the design, about which she tells us in the next lines ..

About her mark in the world of design and the secret of her success and distinction in this field, Al-Bitar says: Although I have studied industrial design, I have focused on furniture and household products and try to draw a unique story for each product. .The product should not only be beautiful and of course I take care to distinguish the work in execution through high quality and the ability to beautifully mix different elements such as wood, shell, bone and others. .

She explained that mixing elements is certainly not new, but the method of building a new simulation of this mix is ​​new, as it introduces new unusual elements to combine them into one product and the style that characterized it through the use of stories and details of the past and their re-presentation in a contemporary style that attracts a generation Today and yesterday, he relies on his style in handicrafts, in addition to using the latest technologies and materials used in the world of today’s products. with an entirely new hybrid product that has its own mark.

three elements

Al-Bitar says: “The adaptation of the fusion method should be based on 3 elements, namely (depth, culture and craftsmanship), and by culture I mean product culture as manual and material work that unite different civilizations, and there is depth in history, it is possible, so I take an element from heritage and work to create this integration between heritage history and civilized history, so that the younger generation can assimilate it, and it is not so. a historical dialogue, but primarily an artistic composition.I combined it with the art of embroidery for Palestinian women and studied the common features between them, as both relate to women and depend on geometric shapes and colors, and I tried to mix them to build my story based on this mix in a group I called “The Voice of Aja” that I published about two years ago, and I wanted to show that we as human beings are considered a mix of several cultures, we . we do not necessarily live in the place where we were born or raised, and that is why we are the mix that shapes our stories, just like these designs. ”

In her latest collection, “Mare”, Al-Bitar has expressed the beauty of the purebred Arabian horse, which is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest horse breeds in the world and sheds light on the most important characteristics that distinguish these horses. and how they came to represent the Arabian Peninsula.

She explains that the horse saddle itself is now used as an aesthetic element in the decor and because it is colorful and original, it felt like it resembled her work and what she does, so she wanted to be the main inspiration in her collection. .

Dreams and stories

As privacy and exclusivity have become more popular and sought after in the design world today, Al-Bitar focused on this trend in the style of work of its design studio. She says: The idea is based on listening to the client’s dreams and the story he wants. pieces of furniture or gift wanted to show, and she says: Some come keeping their memories of a region or a scene, like “Abu Dhabi History in the Eighties.” “When we indulge in resemblance to others, we lose privacy, and so does the privacy of our relationship with our home furniture, to which we breathe life and personality through these stories.”

Outstanding projects

For the most prominent stories she designed, Al-Bitar recalls that there are many private and government projects that have had distinct histories, including the Diriyah project, which was a set of gifts, which were boxes, and focused on the design of the boxes at the famous “Salwa Palace” in the region, so the box told the story of Salwa, and there is also the “Al-Ula” project, and different boxes were required. The design carried the terrain of the region, and I applied it with a different set of wood, using several different techniques and raw materials. Social media is one of the important ways for the idea, or the product as well, to arrive, and for its role in the success of the project, Al-Bitar says: “Communication sites have played a big role in marketing and strengthening us. ideas and products This communication was mainly during the “Covid-19” pandemic, when we all worked from home, at that time we started to share with the followers the stages of design and production of parts and I felt that they liked it. to know the stages of work, not just to see the final product.

Journey into design

About the ten-year journey into the world of design, which began with designing a medical session that was her graduation project and her first product, Al-Bitar says: It was a sweet story that started from that session, and I started to designs. individual products with special requirements, so the next design was the “prayer and worship camera” and I started entering the market in an innovative way based on the use of traditions and heritage elements in creating the aesthetics of our contemporary homes. I then started designing my collections and telling stories through them. Today we have many projects and we are working to expand and spread our ideas in the world of design, and we are proving our position as an Arab company capable of transforming ideas and dreams. beautiful true, inspired by the highest international specifications, we do not have to go to international brands to do our things for us, today we are able to offer the best.

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