Amal Al Zaabi: I did not plan to deal with addicts

Al-Ain: Rashid Al-Nuaimi

Fate, and with it determination, decided the future of Amal Rashid Al Zaabi, who was accompanying her to become a housewife caring for her family after graduating from high school, but she seemed to feel that had an exciting remnant of her life story that began to explode on her twenty-fifth birthday. At the time, she picked up a newspaper with an advertisement for vacancies in medical specialties and found herself joining one of them, obtaining a nursing certificate and then applying for a master’s degree from Sharjah University in the field of leadership in education for health professionals.

When Amal Al-Zaabi arrived in the second grade of high school, she found encouragement from her teachers, especially after her excellence in English was displayed. She is in a government institution. The idea to study came to her day and night, and she revolved around her mind and told her that there are other chapters in the history of her studies, specialization, and work that are not yet clear.

Amal Al-Zaabi says: I got married and became a housewife and found myself unable to continue this role, but the obsession to study followed me, so I entered security and secretarial courses and on my twenty-fifth birthday. I sat down thinking about my future and my purpose in this life, and thinking about how I fulfill my dream, and when morning came, I found an advertisement for the Health Authority that required various medical specialties, including nursing, so I applied and I was admitted to the College of Technology under the Nursing Program.

people’s lives

Amal Al-Zaabi was afraid of graduation, but by studying she loved him and was supported by her previous love and connection with the subjects of biology, mathematics and physics, and her desire to learn everything related to the human body . Therefore, specialization attracted her and revealed that her role in the future is important because it relates to the lives and souls of people and is a humanitarian message that aligns with her orientations in this life.

Amal Al Zaabi during one of the lectures

And for the period of study she says: I was with the students trying to prove our excellence, so my grades were high and distinct. Although I did not dream of studying nursing, I found myself receiving deeper and more loving information and training, and patient insights give me more optimism, determination, and determination, especially for us as citizens than anyone else.

We were closer to them, which made me specialize more and turned my specialization from a job into a humanitarian message that gives the impression that it serves a group that needs care and whoever it communicates with, so our presence softens the atmosphere. and gives them much pleasure.

She adds: During my college days, I liked to form study groups and gather students to think about our projects, and I liked to exchange ideas and encourage them to collaborate and call me a mother, because at that time I was married. and we had children and homes and more responsibilities than the average student, so we supported each other in completing the study journey.Overcoming various difficulties and obstacles and meeting group graduation requirements without losing any students.

field of work

After completing her studies and graduation came work time.Amal Al Zaabi revealed that she was appointed a nurse at the National Rehabilitation Center and dealt with addicted patients and it was a new experience that was not expected to go away. through. She says: Nursing does not include the field of addiction, which should be added to ensure a more specialized and accurate performance in treatment.

She adds: I worked at the National Rehabilitation Center and was obsessed with development and advancement, so I always attended lectures and courses and I liked to attend and be in the pedagogue position, but I was ashamed, so it was put in courses. in training requirements and needs. I was looking for a master’s degree in a field related to education and it would benefit me in my field of work until I get a specialization at Sharjah University that deals with teaching medical professionals, but the challenge is that my job is in Abu. Dhabi and I are related to a home and family.

And for that stage she says: I have consulted with the family and received support from them in studies and from my responsibility at work and I enrolled at Sharjah University and the study has been difficult due to my 9-year absence from it. , but the presence of colleagues, the education system and its subject matter, in addition to the passage of the “Corona” period, contributed to my superiority. , as the field was not specific to nursing and nurses.

Giving and challenging

Amal Al-Zaabi advises anyone who thinks to complete his studies by identifying the things he loves and is able to surrender, and then go to them after knowing what suits his passion, in addition to seeking the development of specialization according to the needs of the labor market. She demands that every married girl not stop her dreams about it; There is room to combine study with family and reach the best levels, including the young because family should not become an obstacle to study.

She says: “After the Corona experience, the study conditions changed and the concept of a technical teacher familiar with the various distance learning programs was born, so it became necessary for us to increase the dose of study technologies that help e-learning.” . , so I was keen to enroll in courses in this area, which is important to keep up with the latest in these areas. .

Finally, Amal Al Zaab’s dream came true, she says, and she arrived to work at the training center at the National Rehabilitation Center as a responsible nurse, take lectures and attend conferences, and is proud of what she has reached.

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