The Ministry of Interior announces the receipt of applications for Hajj application from today until May 6.

The Ministry of Interior sent sincere congratulations to the great Egyptian people on the occasion of the approach of the Hajj season for 1443 AH / 2022 AD and announced the start of accepting applications for the Hajj by lot, starting on Sunday. , which corresponds to the date 24.04.2022 AD, until Friday, which corresponds to the date 05.06.2022 AD. via the Internet or by calling the dedicated voice service. The public lottery will be held through the electronic system for the pilgrims of the security directorates according to the schedule that will be announced by the general administration for administrative matters..

Regarding the procedures for accepting applications for the lottery pilgrimage application, the following conditions and procedures must be followed:

Application procedures and requirements

Applications are submitted by the citizen personally to each police station or police department without being limited to the place of residence or through the website of the General Administration of Administrative Affairs. ( On the portal of the Ministry of Interior through the international information network (internet) or by calling the voice service on the number (02-27983000) according to the data of the valid national number card. “, Placed on his national number card, taking into account all precautions to limit the spread of the Corona virus pandemic..

In the light of the unification of the subject that registers the data of applicants for Hajj, the citizen must choose the authority through which he wants to perform Hajj (lot – tourism – solidarity). The application is only once for any of those organizations organized by Haxhi .. Once the application door is closed, the application is considered included in the lottery. Only that party and no other request will be accepted for him in any organization that organizes Hajj. The request can not be canceled and applied to any other party after the draw..

Applications are accepted according to the forms prepared and available at police stations and police departments and on the above page, provided that the citizen personally signs the application. After reviewing the original card and entering the national application number for Hajj, taking into account the emphasis on attaching the declarations and copies of the required documents for each case with the application form for Hajj.

The application for Hajj must include a detailed statement of health status and type of disease, and travel to the following categories is prohibited to perform Hajj rites for this year, as it is most at risk of infection and infection with the virus. corona ”and its complications, respectively (advanced oncology patients – patients with renal insufficiency and those on dialysis – patients with pulmonary fibrosis – advanced cases of cardiovascular disease – cases of advanced liver cirrhosis – disease and Alzheimer’s according to approved medical reports) .. It is also required to supplement immunization with basic doses of “at least two doses” of internationally approved vaccines (Covid 19), with the General Administration of Administrative Affairs A copy of the certificate for that vaccination as a condition for obtaining a visa, with a warning to the pilgrim to keep the original certificate to receive it with you during the trip.

Performing Hajj this year is limited to those who have not performed Hajj before in their entire lives, with the need to submit a movement certificate from the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality..

The Hajj applicant and his / her companion (if any) must sign the certificate included in the application that he / she has not performed Hajj in his / her lifetime and agrees to the conditions and controls governing the lottery pilgrimage listed in the application. He is in good health and that he is free from all diseases approved by the Ministry of Health until he receives a medical report certified and stamped by one of the hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health after winning the lottery..

Anyone applying for Hajj must have full legal capacity to perform the rituals and be of Egyptian nationality and the age of the males among them must not be less than (25 years old and even less than 65 years old), and he is exempt from the age condition. accompanying one of his parents, where his age is not less than (18 years old and even less than 65 years old). 1443 AH .. As for women under 45 years old, it is required that they have a legal Mahrem not less than (18 years old and even less than 65 years old) on 5/11/11 / 2022 which corresponds to the 10th of Shawwal 1443 AH, provided that the companion or mahram has never performed Hajj in his entire life. With regard to the spousal Hajj application, the escort must be for the applicant (from the age of 25 to less than 65 years) and relatives up to the fourth degree, and is required to submit a Relationship document “in case of gain and if it is not possible to establish the validity of the kinship relationship between the applicant and the non-compulsory companion, the possibility of Hajj for non- only the compulsory companion is canceled without any responsibility by the Ministry of Interior, and the possibility of Hajj for the applicant is retained and in case the applicant is not required to perform Hajj Possibility of proving the validity of the kinship relationship between the medical provider of the settled people and his obligatory companion, the winning applicant is required to appoint an alternative companion with the same conditions and if not is able to do so, the entire Hajj application will be canceled without any responsibility by the Ministry of Interior..

The application for Hajj is submitted via the Internet or by calling the Citizens’ Claims Center at 02-27983000. It is considered as proof by the applicant that he is aware and agrees with all the terms and conditions announced for the Hajj lottery. on the Internet and the instructions published by the Directorate of Security and this is a recognition of his contractual commitment. No responsibility on the part of the Ministry of Interior.

It is permissible to travel with one of the parents or legal guardian (for a woman under 45 years of age) who has never performed Hajj in his entire life in case of renunciation or death of the eligible original, and in case of renunciation or death of the legal guardian of a woman under 45 (applicant) is allowed on her travels if she is able to provide an alternative Mahram that meets the conditions.

The travel destination of the winning pilgrim is determined individually according to his / her place of residence indicated in the national identity card, and for the request for spousal pilgrimage, the travel destination is determined according to the place of residence of the applicant marked on the national identity card. and not the companion.

Hajj request letter costs are paid to centers and departments, while for electronic request or voice calls, the financial value specified for the Hajj request is deducted through various automated payment methods (credit card – contracted electronic collection agencies) and the claim is not considered admissible until its financial value has been paid.

It is not permissible to give up the possibility of Hajj or bequeath it to others, regardless of the degree of his kinship, and children can be assigned only to one of the parents under the age of 65 and not vice versa, provided that the assignor (one of the parents) ) enjoys good health and is free of diseases approved by the Ministry of Health and has not previously had to perform Hajj throughout his life and to whom the instructions and rules governing Hajj apply, provided that the documents are required ( birth certificate – application for waiver – payment receipt – copy of national identity card) are sent to the General Administration of Administrative Affairs for examination and necessary actions for inclusion of the application in the unified Egyptian portal for Hajj. Also, requests for renunciation of one of the parents are not accepted after the expiration of the deadline for reimbursement of expenses and it is not allowed to waive the waiver in these cases, otherwise the possibility of Hajj will be canceled without any responsibility by the Ministry of Interior. of the possibility of Hajj, regardless of the degree of kinship, have no right to request their grouping or accommodation together as long as each of them submits a request for Hajj individually without any responsibility to the Ministry of Interior..

Information required to apply for Hajj

Full name according to what is written on the national identity card valid for at least six months, its fourteen-digit number and mobile phone number, given that the personal phone number data is verified accurately as it is a means of communication with the pilgrim after the victory and verification of health status in detail.

Data of the objects (national number card, kinship for the applicant according to the above conditions, health condition, personal mobile number) and registered with the same number of the applicant (duplicate) on the portal and the applicant and the escort sign that the registered data is accurate and with their responsibility.

3% of older applicants

3% of Hajj visas are allocated to older applicants, up to less than 65 years old, and their companions, “if any”, in each district separately. By acclamation and what follows is included in the general lottery given that the elderly person is first listed on the unified Egyptian portal for Hajj as the initial “applicant” of the pilgrim and then listed sequentially accompanying him..

Seniors and their companions who apply for a lottery pilgrimage to the department or commissariat are warned of the need to first fill in the seniors data on the applicant-designated form and the premises data on the premises-designated form. , to request the marital pilgrimage so that the application is included in the part of the winners with acclamation “3% of the elderly.“.

In case a spousal request for Hajj is submitted, both are determined people, who enjoy good health and are excluded from all diseases approved by the Ministry of Health, then they should be accompanied only by one of the relatives up to fourth degree, provided he is in good health and able to care for them (from the age of 25 to under 65) and has never performed Hajj in his entire life..

In the event of renunciation or death of the (original) designation person who acquired the opportunity of pilgrimage, the Hajj visa issued to the facilities will remain valid if they agree to the conditions to be met at the facilities, provided that the waiver or the escort of the deceased is obliged to notify the Directorate of Security, which in turn will notify the General Administration of Administrative Affairs.

And in case of death or resignation of the escort for the appointed people (director) from the opportunity to perform Hajj, the director should submit a request for replacement of utilities with an alternative accompaniment to the assistant director general for finance and administration. works in the Directorate to agree on the replacement of facilities in accordance with the instructions and conditions before the end of the payment period..

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