“Pablo” attracted me to return to Egyptian drama .. Hassan El-Raddad presents “Thug Chic”

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A Tunisian actress has been able to prove herself on the Egyptian art scene in recent years, whether in cinema or drama, and although she has been absent from Egyptian drama for the past two years, she decided to return this year through the series. “Pablo”, with Hassan Al-Raddad and a series of stars. The series introduces the character “Yara”, artist Darine Haddad, with whom we had this interview.

* You have been absent from the Egyptian Ramadan drama for the last two years and have presented a Tunisian series … So, did you feel that “Pablo” is suitable for your return to the Egyptian Ramadan drama?

– The script of “Pablo” and its story managed to attract me, and I think it is very suitable for my return again to the Egyptian drama and when I learned that Hassan Al-Raddad is the hero of the play, my enthusiasm. grown to go through this experience.

* What was the reason for his absence for two years in a row from Egyptian drama?

– Last year I participated in the series “Spy” in Tunisia, and a year ago I participated in the series “Souk El Harir” in Syria and that was the reason for my departure from the Egyptian drama last year and a year ago. , this adds to the general situation in the world due to the outbreak of the virus. “Corona”, which led to the ban on travel, which affected me very personally, especially since last year I received a series of offers in Egypt. , but I could not travel to Egypt due to the flight ban.

How did you prepare for the role?

– I followed the character of “Yara” in a very short period, especially when Hassan Al-Raddad spoke to me to offer me the role, I was abroad and then the production company sent me the script and then immediately. I decided to go back to Egypt to start filming, and of course I’m at every job for myself, I use my acting coach to accurately and precisely introduce the character’s temperament and love, which I did in “Pablo” up to the character “Yara”. “became easier to prepare.

* The work appears on Abu Dhabi TV and Al Mehwar, do you think its performance in Egypt and the Persian Gulf increases its popularity?

– I was very happy to learn that the series will be shown in “Abu Dhabi”, especially since I live between the two countries and of course its appearance on an Egyptian channel in the first place and also in “Abu Dhabi” increases the chances of to see.

* What has been the most difficult work scene for you?

– In my opinion, all the scenes are difficult and thoughtful, because for the character of “Yara” is a complex role and needs work and acting, “When I live the character living it as if I were … influenced by Yara’s character and her husband’s relationship with her. ”

* The character is going through more than one stage. Have the movements in the character gained more depth?

– I gained depth in it because I lived through all these stages in fact, even in my home I felt like Yara, in order to live the feeling of every woman going through what Yara experienced and went through.

* There is more than one heroine in “Pablo” … How were the scenes?

– Behind the scenes of the series is a family, and there is an understanding between the whole work team, especially since we all had the desire for the success of the work, which made each of us commit to all the details of his personality or the series as a whole and the work we realized with “love” and I liked to deal with Hamak, the director of the series, because it helps me a lot and the stars of the work and also gives us space to be one. hand.

* You were betrayed by your girlfriend in the series … Were you exposed to something similar in reality?

– In fact, I am not married, and I do not have “Mazen” at home and I have not experienced a person similar to “Mazen” in my life, but I have definitely been betrayed and there are more women than men. . ”

* How do you see the competition in Ramadan?

– I see it as a “sweet competition”, especially since we offer another kind of drama, and almost only Hassan Al-Raddad has managed to implement it, and I call this kind of “chic thug”, and from my point of view . , the series “Pablo” is a series for all categories, can enter all homes and be seen by all family members.

* What do you think about platforms?

– Platforms from my point of view are currently the whole market, and if there is no visibility, trends and business will not reach this fast, through them the public can watch everything through his mobile phone and is not forced to wait for time. of the show, and honestly, I’m eager to know behind the platforms what we’re going to see, especially since I like to keep up with renewable technology.

* You are present in the Egyptian drama near Tunisia and the Gulf. What is the difference between them?

– I think that the actor should diversify and learn about different cultures and not be limited to one country, because the change of dramatic or cinematographic works changes the actor himself, his ideas and his personality, of course I loved the work in my country and I. I also enjoyed working in Syria and hope to work in The Gulf because Gulf dramas are important and it is good to delve into a different culture.

* Does Darren use an acting coach in difficult roles?

– Of course I have the idea to use a trainer to do a job, more important to me than makeup and hair, and if I do not use the trainer, I will not be ready for the role and “I will not be. The coach helps me live the character, who is more important to me than the other details, and “I am.” An actress, I want to live the character, the rest is not important, thank God, form is present and charisma is present, but the character complements them.

How has studying acting psychology benefited you?

– My studies in psychology bring me benefit in everything, not only in acting, but in acting, it helps me in details that I focus on especially, because I know very well that they are important for the viewer and the audience and in addition to psychology. , I have been a flight attendant for many years, a profession that made me gain a ready diplomatic experience that does not bother me: “In the sense that I am focused on my goal and know what I want, I am very spontaneous but at the same time very accurate, which is the quality found in those who have studied psychology.

* You are fluent in Arabic, French and English … Do you dream of acting abroad?

– I really hope so, but this needs an opportunity “when we meet Arabs in Arabic, we will meet foreigners in languages”.

* What do you see in Ramadan besides “Pablo”?

– In addition to “Pablo”, I watch “The Choice 3” and “Faten Amal Harbi” and I saw some episodes of “The Returnees” by Amir Karara and I liked the story, but I could not continue to watch my filming due to the circumstances , and there is a Gulf series “Masterpiece” that I really liked, as it has a beautiful quality, a sweet spirit and a different story, its name is “from Haram street”, this is probably the most regular series. I look after “Pablo”.

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