Lincoln Star concept unveiled in preparation for launch of three brand new electric cars

With an aerodynamic silhouette, sleek design and an extremely exciting cabin, the Lincoln Star Concept made its world debut, hinting at the brand’s design language for its upcoming electric vehicles. The Lincoln Star paves the way for three new all-electric vehicles for the brand by 2025, which will be followed by a quarter by 2026.

Concepts of Lincoln Star

The Lincoln Star concept combines Lincoln luxury with advanced electrical engineering to create unimaginable customer experiences, through a range of interconnected digital transformation features.

Inside and out, the Lincoln Star Concept introduces a new design language and with Lincoln core standards for beauty, elegance, people and performance, these principles will help guide the design of the next Lincoln, which will bring out the most more than half of its global zero. -emissions of vehicle production.

Whether on or off the road, thought-out design details, connected experiences and intelligent solutions create the best customer shelter for the Lincoln Star, which offers even more aesthetic, intelligent and sophisticated features.

The sophisticated Lincoln Star’s design language is conspicuous, with the exterior, lights, charming cabin, stunning screens and sounds to create a comprehensive customer experience, as well as the use of intelligent technology that enhances comfort, driving pleasure and entertainment even while traveling, Lincoln’s unique way.

Cars - Concepts of Lincoln Star
Machine – Lincoln Concept

The designers worked to create harmony while using the lamps in a new and modern way. The illuminated crystals, as well as the rear doors, seats and exterior features, give the model more attractiveness and the new Lincoln Star on the front lights up like a jewel. greeting customers as they approach giving a new meaning to the sequence Welcome to Lincoln.

The new Lincoln Intelligent System takes the definition of “digital assistant” to a new dimension, enabling experiences such as infrastructure capabilities and a connected vehicle, as well as pioneering features of next-generation driver assistance systems such as Help With See and Park.

Through elegant design and attractive color combinations, the interior is uniquely divided into front and second row areas, to give a great experience, with very wide folding seats, reclining position in the living room, support for individual seats, organized storage for appliances and slippers, mood settings controls and a premium glass cooler.Integrated rear seats.

The sense of space is enhanced by the 3D-printed metal mesh on pillar A along the windshield and pillar D on the Lincoln Star rear window, visible from the inside out. These transparent columns, along with a full roof with digital shadows and natural light, have been integrated into the interior to enhance the airy feel of the space.

Lincoln Star - Cabin
Lincoln Star – cabin

The elongated and curved horizontal screen creates a digital panorama in which content flows seamlessly into an integrated central control screen and then into the second-row screen, creating a unique experience for all residents. Harmony to create a modern and luxurious experience.

The cabin features three intelligent modes that coordinate sound, wind and lighting throughout the cabin, creating symphonic harmony with clear animations and high-resolution screens, to provide a pleasant driving experience whether you are stuck in traffic or just driving enjoying a few quiet moments after work.

The “Beach Breakfast” mode uses the soft sounds of the ocean, the scents of the sea fog, the soft and warm glow of the sun with dynamic lighting everywhere to copy the experience of a beach walk at sunrise.

Mindful Vitality aims to revitalize the senses, with fresh, wild sounds, dynamic abstract artwork, soft lighting and floral scent that reflects the third “Dusk” evening mode using a soothing nightclub coordinated with night sky video and a scent of evergreen.

Using the space that the combustion engine no longer occupies, the front luggage offers plenty of storage space, adding to the feeling of space inside. Thanks to the electromagnetic glass that changes from transparent to dark, the front luggage is immediately distinguishable, leaving light when the vehicle is in motion and darkness to hide valuables stored when parked.

Under the front luggage compartment, the lighted first-floor floors flow smoothly, creating an airy and open cabin. Inspired by airplane aircraft, the arm-shaped floating instrument panel emphasizes horizontal balance, while the Lincoln one-touch pedal enables effortless operation.

The interior also features the Lincoln Attaché system, a digital concept of rear door bags that not only provides secure storage for tablets and laptops, but doubles as a charging cradle for devices and can easily detect wireless incoming content for customers, up to rear-imagined. Luggage space. In the style of the lounge that transforms into a comfortable outdoor seating to enclose the destination.

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