Implementation of infrastructure projects and a development plan for Sadad and Shahrakan regions

Manama, 24 April (BNA) The Ministry of Labor, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning announced that it is working on a development plan for the Sadad and Shahrakan regions in the 12th District of the Northern Governorate, which includes roads, sewage, and communal and others. projects, in order to develop infrastructure and provide quality municipal services and services, in order to meet the needs of citizens and residents.

She explained that the old villages in the western region of the Northern Governor are fully connected to the sewerage services, while the unrelated areas are the village extensions (modern areas), which are witnessing continuous urban development like the rest of the regions in all the governments and kingdoms of Bahrain.

Regarding the Saddam area, the ministry stated that it is connected to the sewage network, with an estimated rate of 72 percent.As for block 1038 in the same area, the connection rate reached about 69.5%.

Regarding the second phase of the sewage network project at Complex 1038 in Sadad, the ministry said that it was completed in 2018, after 450 properties were connected and over 4678 meters of sewerage lines were realized for the main network.

She continued: “Regarding the third phase of the project, tender documents are being prepared and it is included in the current budget for implementation and is expected to be tendered during the second quarter of this year”, emphasizing that the detailed project projects have completed.

The Ministry stated that the projects for the fourth phase of the project will be prepared through consulting services for the preparation of projects for a series of networks in the second phase.

She explained that the project falls within the strategic vision of the Ministry for the Development of Sanitary Services in the Northern Governorate, in an effort to provide infrastructure services within national priorities by covering all areas of Bahrain inhabited by the developed sewage service in a way which ensures the provision of a safe and healthy environment for citizens and comes from the will of the government to provide a dignified life for citizens.

Regarding the road sector in Sadad’s region, the ministry confirmed that it had completed a number of projects, including the settlement of Road 3811 at Complex 1038 in Sadad, where settlement work included burying the road in accordance with the level of real estate entrances to facilitate traffic in the area due to the lack of sewage network and an exit was opened from road 36 to road 3841 to serve the citizens and residents of the area by connecting the area with the road network. , and setting up an exit for Complex 1038 from road 3841 to enter and exit the new Taksim area (located west of Sheikh Hamad road). Maintenance works are also being carried out on a number of roads, including Road 3827, 3819 in Complex 1038.

The Ministry stated that Shahrakan village is connected to the sewerage network with 73.31%, the long-lived parts of the 1043 complex are connected to the entire sewerage network and the 1044 complex of the Shahrakan area is connected with 53.7%. Wastewater network for the Shahrakan region, for which projects will be prepared through consulting services to prepare projects for a number of networks, the second phase.

The Ministry indicated that work is currently underway to implement a number of main lines, namely the main sewage line from Salmabad to A’ali, and the main sewage line from A’ali to the intersection of networks E and F in two phases. its on Sheikh Salman Street, the utility of having another line, which is the sewage line The President is from the Buri region in the city of Hamad and it is hoped that his tender will start during the second quarter of 2022.

The Ministry stated that these lines constitute an integrated system for the existing wastewater system, which will contribute to improving the efficiency of the network and increasing its absorption capacity, which will enable the implementation in the coming years of a number of sewage networks in Sadad. and the Shahrakan regions of Block 1044 and connects them to the public grid, according to an integrated program specifying the Priorities and budgets allocated for sanitation projects.

The Ministry added that a number of road projects have been implemented that serve the village of Shahrekan and the people, such as the development project of Shahrekan village (first and second phase), which included road reconstruction, improving the level of lighting, installation of overland canals for use by utilities and setting some heights to reduce speed and placing instructions and signs Regulatory and warning traffic necessary to achieve the required safety.

She added that work has also been done on the project of asphalting the dirt roads 4463, 4457 and the roads around the 1044 Complex in Shahrakan. The project includes paving the road with a layer of asphalt, providing lighting poles, building some heights to reduce speed and placing the necessary instructions and regulatory and warning signs of traffic necessary to achieve the required safety. In addition to maintaining a number of roads, including 4285, 4442, 4279 in Block 1042 in Shahrakan.

The Ministry clarified that immediate measures have been taken to serve the residents of the area by preparing a series of roads to facilitate traffic in the area, noting that the strategy of the ministry is to implement infrastructure works after the completion of network projects. wastewater and beyond. start paving dirt roads, to avoid repeating drilling works in the same area.

The Ministry reaffirmed its readiness to pay attention to the aesthetic aspect in various regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain, including the villages of Sadad and Shahrakan, developing a plan for the implementation of a number of current and future afforestation projects. It was evergreen and was chosen because of its suitability for the nature of the area, low water consumption and the nature of the climate in general. Among them are the roll trees, neem, Ghaf, Sidr, Ficus and Bonciana, which are planned to include Zaid Bin Omairah Road, Road 36, Road 37, East Sadad Road, which connects Round 13 and Road 13 and other roads. .

She said that she is working on completing the administrative procedures and allocating the necessary budgets for the implementation of afforestation projects, after the completion of infrastructure work in the region, emphasizing that there are plans for many future projects in the region.

The ministry said it had coordinated with a number of other service agencies to visit the area to determine needs there, particularly the development of the road network, the development of sewage services, afforestation, public services and others.

The ministry said it has prepared a plan for infrastructure development in the Sadad and Shahrakan regions in line with development plans, separating it from financial allocations, and the ministry has included a number of projects in the road, sewerage and municipal sectors within the future plan. .

The Ministry also reaffirmed its readiness to follow the needs of citizens and to fulfill their aspirations in different regions of the Kingdom through ongoing communication and coordination with members of the city council to involve them and get their opinions during project implementation to offer them the best. services, indicating that infrastructure projects are being implemented in line with available priorities and capacities.

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