High demand for “low cost airlines” due to attractive offers

Abu Dhabi: Adnan Najm

Leaders of travel and tourism companies operating in the country confirmed that the demand for low-cost airline tickets is marking a large and unprecedented turnout, thanks to the launch of attractive travel offers at competitive prices in proportion to a large segment of the public. .

They pointed out that the approach of Eid al-Fitr and the summer season has led to higher ticket prices, due to increased demand and high cost of fuel.

They found that many new destinations have attracted the attention of the public such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and East Asian countries, with the carpet pulled down from traditional European destinations due to recent events taking place near them in Ukraine, while London maintained its position its as one of the most important destinations in high demand.

Flexibility in relationships

Muhammad Al-Sawy, General Manager of Al-Badi Travel Agency, said: “Low-cost aviation in Abu Dhabi and the country is experiencing high demand and active traffic exceeding regular airlines, and low-cost aviation low is the first choice for individuals and families between different airlines; Low-cost airlines have witnessed a development in the method of handling and delivering food to passengers, the freedom to choose seats, after-travel services, weight selection, and the existence of flexible ways to deal with excess weight.

Al-Sawy added: “Being a low-cost airline, it adapts to the capabilities of a large segment of people, whether low- or middle-income, and attracts above-average individuals.”

He said that the current seasons, such as vacations and summers, mark large reservations in aircraft seats, which makes their prices rise and it is more convenient to reserve seats in advance to take advantage of their natural prices, emphasizing that the increase in ticket prices in the summer season are due to supply and demand; As the number of seats increases, ticket prices are rising.

He stated that travel movement has rebounded strongly during the current season compared to previous seasons; Where many want to spend their annual vacations abroad, especially after overcoming the effects of the pandemic that forced many to stay in the country, noting that the facilitation of procedures and the provision of vaccines for the Corona virus, as well as the regularity of work and the work of individuals and employees has prompted many to travel during the summer season.

Al-Sawy found that the summer season records demand for various destinations such as Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco, and demand for European destinations is high in Britain, Spain and East Asian countries such as Thailand and Malaysia. , and there is a demand for travel to the Seychelles, Mauritius and Australia. He noted the decline in demand for destinations close to the events taking place between Russia and Ukraine.

Convenient economic flight

For his part, Omar Al-Ali, CEO of Nirvana Tourism and Logistics Company, said: “The most important reason for the increase in ticket prices during the Eid al-Fitr and summer seasons is due to high demand and high cost. operational. due to rising fuel prices, and there are many interrelated factors that cause prices to rise ”.

He continued, “The closures and precautions implemented by a group of European capitals at the time of the pandemic have helped to create new destinations and remove the carpet from traditional European destinations; We are registering a request for destinations such as Greece, Serbia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the operation of low-cost airlines operating in Abu Dhabi, such as Wizz Air, in these destinations have helped increase demand for them, as ticket prices are reasonable and reasonable.

He mentioned that the Umrah season and travel to the cities of Mecca and Jeddah helped stimulate travel and tourism and we noted an increase in the demand for travel to Umrah. Al-Ali stated that the company is ready to launch tourism offers in Egypt and Jordan during the summer season, explaining that these offers are under study.

He explained that the destinations of Eastern Europe and Greece are of great interest by travelers for the upcoming summer season, in addition to the interest to visit Greece by those wishing to travel, as well as the presence of London, Vienna and Switzerland in the list of travelers. destinations, as these countries have eased precautions.

facilitation procedures

“There is a huge demand for low-cost airlines because their prices are lower than regular flights,” says Wael Sanjad, general manager of Palm Oasis Travel and Tourism.

He added, “Many people are excited to travel, especially with the ease of travel precautions, especially as many have not traveled in recent years due to the pandemic and it is natural that there is a huge demand for travel and tourism in the next season ”.

He said the increase in ticket prices included regular airlines and budget airlines, explaining that this could be due to rising fuel prices, as well as high demand for travel and air traffic, and that airlines have raise their prices and this may to offset their previous losses.

He continued, “There is a slight demand for European destinations, but many travelers stay away from them for fear of events happening there, but there is a demand for destinations like London, and there is a huge demand for destinations like e.g. “Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia.”

He stressed that the Umrah season has had a great unprecedented demand compared to previous years, noting that the prices of Umrah have increased, and the occupancy of hotels in the city of Mecca is complete, ticket prices are high and places are not available despite the presence of a large number of flights to Saudi Arabia.

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