10 reasons to invest in tourism in the UAE

Rasha Tabila (Abu Dhabi)

With the great progress that the UAE is making in the tourism and aviation sector and its vision for the future in the continued growth of this vital sector, and as a major global destination that attracts tourist groups from around the world, is a fertile ground for tourism investments, as it is constantly witnessing various investments in the tourism sector that enrich the experiences of its visitors and contribute to the local economic recovery.
Sector experts confirmed that there are more than 10 reasons for investing in tourism in the UAE, which are security and safety, the huge growth of tourism witnessed by the country, the strength of the UAE economy, the availability of world-class infrastructure and the diversity of terrain that the Emirates encompasses from beaches, mountains and deserts, which diversifies tourism products Offered by cultural tourism, heritage, entertainment, sport and adventure tourism, event tourism, exhibitions and conferences, air transport development by global flying carriers men directly in most countries and regions of the world and international airports, the ease of tourist visas, digital and technological advancement that facilitates investors, in addition to the successful promotion and marketing of the Emirates worldwide, in addition to the speed of recovery of the UAE Economy from the Corona pandemic, which is more common jta in the world.
Noel Masoud, head of August Hotel Consulting, says: “The most important factors in choosing Emirates for tourism investment is the element of security and safety, which protects tourism investment and the success of tourism in it and infrastructure development. in addition to the diversity of its terrain from the sea, desert, mountains, heritage and culture and the availability of different types of tourism from Riyadh adventures, entertainment, exhibitions and events.

He added: “The UAE will not stop, it will always continue to grow and develop, and its vision for the future is to continue to thrive, especially in the tourism sector, in addition to the strength of the UAE economy. , the success of domestic tourism, the ease of transport and air connectivity, through its national international carriers and international airlines operating flights to the Emirates, its services, international airports and the ease of tourist visas.
In the same context, Alaa Al Ali, director of Nirvana Travel and Tourism, says: “The basis for attracting tourism investment in the UAE is security and safety, in addition to the government facilities offered to investors.” He added: “Over the past 50 years the UAE has been able to position itself in an important and key position. In the tourism sector it attracts more than 20 million tourists each year. He says: “This increases the performance of hotels, their accommodation rates, and the average prices of hotel rooms, which encourages investment in this sector.
Al-Ali claims: “The great development the country is experiencing in its digital services and digital and technological infrastructure that facilitates investors.”
Al-Ali points out that the speed of the UAE’s recovery from the Corona pandemic, which is considered the fastest in the world, increases the attractiveness of tourism investment.
He describes: “The Emirates’s promotional and marketing plans abroad have greatly contributed to attracting tourism investment in it.”
The UAE has about 180,000 hotel rooms, which confirms that it is an attractive destination for investment in hotels.
Emirates tourism contributes to the economic diversification and enhancement of the country’s reputation in the world. The UAE has proven to the world that it is an ideal and popular destination for tourists from all over the world, as it was able to build this reputation and global. presence, through its strong foundation and outstanding infrastructure, which it has transferred to the world today, and the UAE has attracted more than 27 million visitors, and at one time its contribution to gross domestic product reached 11.9% in 2019, and the UAE aims to increase it to 15% over the next decade.
The UAE is distinguished by its outstanding infrastructure, including international airports and national carriers, which have established a leading position on the aviation map, as well as a network of roads, hotels, exhibition centers, outstanding services and ongoing projects. investment in order to offer various recreational and cultural tourism products, which have made it a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world.

The UAE has witnessed the recovery of its tourism and aviation sector, as the hospitality and hospitality market in the UAE marked a strong performance during the first quarter of this year, with the support of Expo and the return of international visitors to the UAE Arabs after easing restrictions on international travel, according to a report released by the JLL. The increase in overall market performance was driven mainly by luxury coastal development projects, which benefited from strong demand for the leisure component. The report also showed an increase in the daily average price of a room in luxury and medium-sized hotels.
In the aviation sector, according to data from the General Civil Aviation Authority, announced that the number of passengers through the country’s airports has crossed the barrier of 20 million during the first quarter of this year, registering 20.38 million passengers, compared to 8.6 million passengers. recorded in the same period of 2021. With this increase of 135%.

tourism investments
According to data from the World Travel and Tourism Council, it ranks 19th in the world in terms of volume of investments in the travel and tourism sector, after recording 27.5 billion dirhams during 2019 and ranked 27th in terms of volume growth. of investments in 2019. , compared to 2018 by 8.9%.
According to the council, the volume of tourism investments has increased over the years, reaching 23.8 billion dirhams in 2017, increasing to 25.3 billion dirhams in 2018, reaching 27.5 billion dirhams in 2019. by 2030.

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